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The Lich's Master
System Adventurous Fantasy
🏆 ["Sliver Medal" in System Category of "Meganovel Annual Writing Contest 2022"] 🏆 ‘Perhaps being stuck in a game isn’t so bad!’, Kyle thought moments before he was mistaken for a hidden boss by a rather dim, but quite powerful knight. That was the moment he learned what immediate regret meant. Kyle was an ordinary student at an insignificant university. Being the pinnacle of ‘average’, his life was as mundane as it could get, that is, until he found himself unable to log out of the full dive game that had recently released. Life in a game wasn’t too bad, that is if one’s not hunted day and night by the players, who mistook him for a special hidden boss with near human level A.I. And no amount of trying to convince them that he was, in fact, human helped. He survived a while until a knight kicked him though a boss door in a dungeon. Usually, facing a lich at such a low level would be a death sentence. By all means, it should have been. But lady luck smiled on him for once in his absolutely mundane life, and he found himself in the possession of said lich. About as confused as he can get, Kyle’s new life took a rather awkward and bizarre turn. And as such, his life of adventure fille with colourful and quirky characters, ferocious monsters and downright terrifying encounters began!
Chronicle Of Darkness: The Evil Player Ascension
Dominant Demon ruthless
Dark Crafter
Daemon was a genius gamer and multimillionaire celebrity, because of this he was one of the world's top gamers respected for his brilliant combinations of techniques and his prowess of war arts. Even after three years of playing, he found it difficult to become a top ranker in a VR MMO. He only discovered three years later that his experience was always halfed by theq game's programmers, who were well aware of this. In his rage, he teamed up with Evil NPCs to slaughter many players, causing the game to lose customers on a daily basis. The game programmers began programming Evil bosses to kill Daemon; fortunately, he reincarnated with a system, The Evil Cultivation system, that allowed him to cultivate ina game rather than the normal experience process. The journey of the player who defied the rules of the game has begun. [Side quest] Player kill One Thousand players. Reward: A secret path to a treasure cave in the game. penalty: Meridian blockage. Time limit: 90 days
Re-life: Life as a demon patriarch
Manipulative Twisted World Domination
Daoist Xu
Peng Shui later known as Gu Lin Fang, a crazy, selfish and Delusional pr*ck, who is hung up on the idea of becoming the ultimate villain, being tranmigrated into a game of a future world, he suddenly finds that he's in situation where he can realize that dream. Now the question is how he'd go about doing it!. let's watch as he moves from a wanna be villain into the biggest boss. PS: I don't own the cover art xD...
In Game: Survive or Be Killed
Revenge Action Fantasy
The world has changed, because of money, resources are now slowly decreasing, to decrease the population and because of this, leaders all over the world decided to make a survival game. They called it "In Game." Experimenting people is now legal to make people become stronger and powerful to fight in what they called the national and international game. To reach the top and become as the most powerful person and to make their country the strongest. Animals that they made into monsters are now waiting outside the walls, forest, desserts, and even inside of the city to capture and eat their prey. Time where you know when you will die or how will you die. No freedom, undeveloped life, children can't go play outside anymore and forced murder. Do you still want to live in this situation? After so many years, one person with her group will come to change the course of time, will they be able to bring it back to normal? In the past where they could do whaterver they want, to do not include killing or torturing people by force. Where everyone will be happy and no longer have to suffer, where everyone have freedom to do what they want.
MMORPG : The Return Of The Legend
Adventurous Upgrade Game
GAME cannot be separated from people's lives A Famous MMORPG GAME, The strange World II becomes the game that dominates the top A GAME that can make anyone get Wealth, glory and even Fame In-game ranking affects everything The Holder of the Number 1 position, his existence is so mysterious that he doesn't even want to gain fame Suddenly the Number 1 left GAME The Strange World II for no reason Time after time passed The Legend number 1 returns to the game With his new identity Ready to shake the arrogant and arbitrary players
Badgirl Hunter Family
'Game on' was quietly launched all over the world, infiltrating all virtual game servers. The game transported humans to a bright new exciting virtual world full of cultivation, mystery, and power. But what people didn't realize was that this game was a training ground,  for the Apocalypse, and not a virtual one, as humans would soon be teleported to this cruel new world, and when that happened, humans would only have one life, unlike in the game, resulting in a situation in which countless humans died because they couldn't stand up to the monstrosities in this new world. Vanya, who had led a sad and feeble existence during the Apocalypse, was sent back in time with all of her memories intact. Follow Vanya's exploits as she uses what she knows about the future to save her brother and other humans from the Apocalypse, as well as to discover why weak humans from Earth were transported to this horrible world known as Pangu world.
The Legendary Sun Archer
Optimist Adventurous Fantasy
'Life is never fair for everyone' Lee Seung Tsu works part-time in an internet café and is responsible for taking care of his little sister and grandmother. Lee Seung Tsu was born into a poor family, so he has to work hard for his family. Nevertheless, Lee Seung Tsu never abandoned life and always tried for his family. He simply wanted to ensure that his younger sister could attend school without worrying about their financial situation. The opportunity presented itself with the launch of a game that uses virtual reality called Authority. A game which is called a new era of fusion of the real world with the digital world. Through virtual reality technology, the gaming authority provides absolute richness for players who can master the game. Through the game Authority, Lee Seung Tsu tries to make his dream of being the best in the game come true. Lee Seung Tsu wants to raise a lot of money from the Authority game to support his family's needs.
Re; Hell Gate
Tragedy Magic Fantasy
Leiu, 24-years-old, is a person who is struggling between finding a decent job with regular income and providing care for his family. After spending a long time working part-time jobs, he finally has enough money to buy the new VRMMO game that's about to be released.This is a story about his adventures and progress in this new game.
The Loser No 1 : Trapped Inside Alorexa
Reliable Warrior Second Chance
At the final stage of the Sixth Trial, Azzim and his friends are trapped inside the Gatekeeper’s Lair. It’s the lair of The Great Zarkhan, the final boss they need to kill to activate the portal gate to The Seventh Trial Realm. For some reason, they need to get to the Seventh Trial Realm to clear all the trials as a requirement to reclaim their freedom. But things don’t go as their plans. The four of them got crushed by The Great Zarkhan, An Ancient Class Dragon, The Gatekeeper of The Sixth Trial Realm. Even after Azzim successfully killed the boss, he and all of his team members are all in a dire condition, inflicted by Zarkhan's poisonous Nethertoxin. He manages to save all his friends by taking them out through the portal gate. But Azzim were stumbled and trapped, couldn't even move with HP lower than 1 %. Just as he is about to die, the system gives him a favor, a second chance to retake the trial with an unfavorable condition.
Away From Eden
Intelligent Fantasy Alien
Stanford High was the most in-demand school not only known for its elite alumni but for its party games which are traditionally played during reunions. Who would not dream of attending the reunion when days after you would be hailed as the world's richest and most famous? The party invitation was deemed more than a lottery ticket in the world that's run by those at the top of the hierarchy and was hell for those at the bottom. Carsen Adams was dumped by his fiancée, who thought she had no future with a rookie investigator like him and left him for a wealthy man. One day he received a party invitation and was chosen as a game participant. This is the chance he was waiting to step onto the ladder of the elite, yet his work requires him to go undercover and destroy the very instrument that exploits their world. But more than surviving the cruel post apocalyptic world system, Carsen was unaware of the mystery of his roots. If he discovers who he really is, would he be able to save humanity from this cruel game of survival, and bring the world back to how it was before?