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I Can Enter Any Body For Twenty Days
Cyberpunk Optimist Nerd
Flower Spirit
Jack. I was dead mysteriously but found myself before someone so powerful. I regretted my death. Because no one wants to be dead so early and tragically. And that happened right when I was on my way to meet my love of life. But as I resisted being dead, he gave me chance a second chance to know the real meaning of life by sending me indifferent bodies for twenty days. It was as simple as it sounds to be...! This story is all about my journey to various bodies and the things I learned from their lives while living in them. Watch out for my mysterious revisit to the earth but with some conditions through this book. ****** Era... I was dead, they killed me. What did I do to them to be bullied to death? I can't accept my death...! I won't accept my death...! I yelled...! Burning in vengeance...! Why should I accept my fate when I did nothing wrong other than being nice and patient? But now I was standing before the greatest power and he decided to give me a chance. A second chance. But...! He didn't do it the normal way, he gave me a host body and challenged me to find out the real secret behind my death and to satisfy my revenge. Watch out my story in this book if I was able to find out the secrets...! Thank you for choosing my book. Do leave a review or comments, anything will be appreciated.
Allison; Taking Control
Future Brave Intelligent
Allison walked along the port side of the flush deck toward the bow. When they saw their captain walking by in the dim light, several hands raised their foreheads in salute. Standing just above the bowsprit, he came to a stop and gazed out into the night.It was comforting to hear the steady, even sound of the ship's hull piercing the Atlantic wavelets as it surged forward.
246: A Killer's Promise
Regret Protective Thriller
JJ Dizz
A killer known as The Reaper is tasked to carry out a mission at Experiment Labs. However, with a fateful encounter and a newfound promise to protect, his world would never be the same.
Dark Eater
Vampire Magic Badboy
The line between fantasy and reality has been thin throughout the ages. In his lifetime, he had enough suffering. As the dark era had covered the whole continent in blood and chaos, there he stood. Wishing to be reborn. "With this sacrifice, I call thy name." Yet, when the millennia had passed and the new era folded its curtain, bringing a new-found hope and dreams as the fantasy faded within everyone's mind, there he was. Surviving as a creature that lives within the age where everything seems foreign to him. Until one day, he met a girl. And the new chapter of his life is opened.This is the story of the monster of the night who meets an ordinary girl. However, perhaps things might not be so ordinary after all.
The doomsday conspiracy
Brave Intelligent Sci-Fi
Robert Bellamy, an agent of the ONI receives a mission on behalf of NSA: to locate the witnesses of the crash of an experimental meteorological balloon in Switzerland, for which he is only given the date, the place where it happened, and the fact that the witnesses were passengers of a bus tour. He is given an unlimited budget but is told he must work strictly under cover. After he finds the first witness, he discovers that the meteorological balloon was actually an alien spaceship. He tracks the witnesses one by one and reports their names to NSA. Without his knowledge, the names of the witnesses are then communicated to the intelligence organizations of their respective countries, and each of them is assassinated shortly after. These actions are coordinated under the name "Operation Doomsday", under the leadership of a figure known only as Janus.
Detective Action Mystery
Detective Vanilla Lawson examines the evident unintentional demise of researcher Dr Richard Bennett, just to uncover an intricate snare of mysteries and misdirection. At the point when Dr Bennett's girl, Lucy, coincidentally finds her dad's weighty research, she turns into an objective, setting off a high-stakes attempt to beat the clock. As the Detective, Government Agent Michael Stevens, and a mysterious lady named Jane Monroe dive further, they uncover a scheme that could reshape science and put lives in peril. With risk every step of the way, they should interpret reality before strong powers quiet them until the end of time.
Nothing Wrong
Drama Dark Mystery
Simon 1982
Step inside the twisted mind of Harr. Bored with his mundane, monotonous life, Harry’s only form of escape is his dirty little fascination with death. Not his own, but everyone else’s. When a random act of bravery gives him an opportunity to sample his greatest desire, it fuels his temptation, and his urge to act on his impulses reaches fever pitch. He wants to kill, and it’s getting harder every day to resist.
Seven Targets
Crime Intelligent Detective
Joshua Oguche
Detective Daniel has been assigned to investigate the murder case of three business proficients whose wives alongside kids were also kidnapped.This would be his last case before retirement.He is astounded when he finds out that the first piece of the puzzle to deciphering the case is in the hands of a juvenile under his roof. Robert his first son. Would Robert remain voiceless or Detective Daniel would dig out the information himself? Mysteries are further unraveled when detective Daniel found out that the drugs they recovered from the dead victims apartments as validation of their illegal businesses were arranged there by the perpetrators of the crime, to conceal the factual reason for their death,which was sponsored by the Turkish government. What would be his next action when he also finds out that the same commander who assigned the case to him has a hand in their death? The unraveling of enigmas you might diagnose it!.
The Burnsfield Project
Werewolf Mature Intelligent
Jason Boyce
Gregg wanted to be a police officer all his life. He accomplished that goal but he was forced out. After being approached by a trusted source, Gregg enters a whole new realm of crime fighting. A secret government program leads Gregg down the path of the unthinkable and raises many questions about how things operate behind the governmental curtain.
Crime Optimist Intelligent
Mystery, action, killer, and bloody romance, prepare your heart before reading, some scenes may disturbing. ******* The deepest mind of humans is scary, you can never know how deep it was even it's your own mind, and everybody really has dark matter floating around their chest and just wait the very right time to explode. Dakota Sorrenson, a profiler, a young man with the deepest mind who knows how the dark mind works, thought his life never going to be so weird more than he was until a package with hand arrive at his office, someone being playing the mind with him. While Sam Danson is a fine young cold head detective, his sharp and deep analysis of the criminal is different from how Dakota sees it, together they try to figure out every step of the sadistic crime with an unthinkable method has been done. This is getting darker and full of mystery, unsolved crimes and unthinkable results, it's full of nerve cracking, get ready for the worse than you can even think about.