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Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World
Alternate Universe Adventurous Action
Venerable Soul
Earth in the year 30134 AD was nearing the brink of a total collapse because of the rapid depletion of minerals and metals that could be found at it core.Humans who were exceedingly frantic on how to stop this from happening, became terribly shocked when a rare mineral dropped out of a massive wormhole that unexpectedly appeared somewhere on Earth, simply signifying that another universe which they never knew about existed.Then very quickly, humans started mobilizing themselves to enter a simulated portal that would lead them to that parallel universe where the mineral fell out from.But in the end, only a boy called Max, a half-human and half-vampire hybrid was selected to go, mainly because of his astonishing, exceptional capabilities which were; countless numbers of Kron Particles endlessly supplying him with immense amounts of a catastrophic energy, a powerful reactive physiology that would enable him to easily adapt to the conditions of almost any world, then Vlessaract energy that continuously modified his body's make-up, giving him near-infinite, vast superhuman powers. Then armed with highly-destructive futuristic weapons, and equipped with high-speed bikes, vehicles and jets to cross really massive distances very quickly, Max will try to subdue every opposition that he will come across in this unprecedented world.But, would he be able to really accomplish his mission there in time? Since he was sent to a boundlessly vast world that possessed shocking numbers of mighty, ancient beings who were seen by their people as godly phenomenal entities that could unleash fearsome, seemingly magical powers that were totally capable of reducing entire massive islands, continents and even small, minor worlds to dusts.So, accompany Max as he tries to overcome all odds and obstacles that lay in his path to take astronomical quantities of that mineral back to Earth before it could implode.
Teenager Brave Warrior
Whether it is a fairy tale or truth, no one has ever captured one or come close to having physical contact with one. Some say it is just a myth of tired Good Knights meant to uplift their team’s spirit, so they do not worry too much. It was primarily meant to lifts the spirits of single males in hopes that they would find these beautiful women. Others say it is the work of magicians working for the Evil Knights trying to trick the Good Knights, to lead them away from their team, and kill them. The truth is, no one truly knows.
Kingdom of the Weak
Future Intelligent Upgrade
An encounter with death changes the course of Remian's life. With death literally floating over his shoulder, he set out for the Frontier... Discord:
Subject 0025
Future Cyberpunk Brave
Aurielle Lin
Twenty-five was a 14-year-old boy born in AD 3012. He had no name, and that was how they call him: twenty-five, a lab rat. A thousand years from now, the power grip over the countries had exponentially stronger, everything had changed. He was not a hero as he had always cowered before his tormenters, and nobody had expected him to be one. Everyone had believed he would die, soon. Then one day, his heart stopped beating as expected…
Last man on earth when there is no earth?
Mature Crazy Action
Discovering that he is the last man… … he realized his life might not be so bad. But what’s the point if he’s trapped on that godforsaken planet? After a long bad day ending in the most unexpected way, a young man wakes up in an unknown location with most of his memories missing. Saved from dying as a pickled corpse by a strange alien he's then told that "Humans are a unisex species." and that he looks nothing like them. Apparently the human male population went extinct while he was asleep, leaving only females behind. Not only that but it seems he's stranded on an uninhabited planet with an alien as his sole companion. A new life. The burdens he has to shoulder couldn't outweigh his happiness at the chance to restart. But the more he learns about the universe around him the more he realizes. It's not always rainbows and sunshine.
Future Brave Intelligent
GAME9INE Mobile potable ear Gear company. Game 9INE brings the virtual world into reality. you can see cartoon characters walking on the street, faires etc April 2024. The company release the first game The story line of these was that the king of Eurupia has a daughter who was spirited away into the demon lord's world. The king's orders his knights, guilds and all Military to defeat the demon lord and bring back his daughter. His daughter was never found and the demon lord was killed however that demon lord was the son of Satan. No 2024 The version 2 of the game story is that Lucifer's and his army returns for revenge his son on Eurupia. The game promise to be streamed live around the world and a gold coin for any monster killed is a million. Tommy Ryan, son of billionaire Tech lost his wealth and everything in a car accident planned by his uncle. He saw the face of the killer and he must avenge his mother's death. Crippled and the only way out of their situation his surgery and the game. He enters the game with his father,Eric, his best friend Jerry Tobi along millions of players. They soon discovered that the army of Satan in the game where real demons from hell who has taken the form of Npc and Monster game Characters any body who dies with in the game. Their soul is lost forever and the demon takes over their body and mind and able to walk in the real world. The only way to escape from the death game is to save the Inventor of the game DAVID MARK trapped with in the game. Join these young heroes as they clear 9 death stages of different worlds and setting to win the game.
The Special People
Brave Warrior
Isaac knew he had to end the fight as soon as he saw this.He aimed his knife at his attacker with the last of his energy.A piercing ache ran through the warrior's body as the blade sunk into his body.The warrior's hand was gripping the handle that protruded between his lower ribs when he looked down at his abdomen.They both fell to the ground together.Despite his pain, Isaac, who was aware of his destiny, did not fear.He began to laugh with what little air he had left, and as his life dwindled, he said, "I will return..."
Alternate Universe Cyberpunk Brave
Every day brought this moment closer with the inexorability of a metronome, but still humanity was not ready. Neither the experience of previous tragedies, nor the tremendous work done for his own salvation, nor the simple fact that the date of this event was known long before everyone realized its inevitability did not save him from a wave of despair in the face of an inevitable threat. The countdown has begun, what must happen will surely happen, we will step towards the great cosmos and all its horrors, the only question is the price that humanity will have to pay four centuries before the Age Beyond.
The 50: Post AI Apocalypse
Future Intelligent Adventurous
The story is about the adventures of fifty students in senior high, they traveled from a world controlled by machines into the past, the time of the start of the apocalypse, and they got stuck there. they will face many troubles in adapting to the new life, make new friends and enemies, and amidst all that, they will rediscover themselves, the loving ones might leave each other at some point and return afterwards, or continue forever with new ones or alone. Though they came from future, they would be separated into ones supporting and ones against the rebellion machines are starting, which will add more complexity to the events and more suspense and action. I hope you like the mix I made here, as I always wanted to read something like real drama but in a sci-fi cloak, hoping I achieved it here. I'm waiting for your reviews and comments, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed :D Updating Schedule: 3 Chapters daily.
His Eternite
Billionaire Possessive True Love
| Completed Novel |- Hot bad boys - Sex scenes and Aliens -After struggles in his love life, Bad boy-Terry who is regarded as a wicked sex machine becomes a billionaire but the government is after him because he survived an alienic experiment, making him the worlds most wanted human alive, hence not just the government and his dark past is after him but aliens too, so he has to rely on his powers to survive and find love again with the woman he desires.