Chapter 30: Answers

Creed? As in, the mysterious person (or AI?) who had been sending all those messages? This was HIM? Elisa and the others stared at him, unsure of how to react. However, that issue was quickly solved by Creed himself, who barked, "Didn't you hear what I just said? Go and hide yourselves!", startling the four kids out of their shocked trance. Elisa then asked, "Umm, where exactly are we supposed to hide?" Creed whipped his head around to her direction, saying, "Anywhere! Go anywhere that will keep you kids out of the Fallens' sight." He then pointed at something behind them. "Like those rock formations. That should be an excellant hiding place from the Fallen." Just as he finished speaking, a loud screech sounded above. As they all looked up, Creed sighed and then said, "Nevermind."

A giant bird was flying above them. And not just any bird. Elisa and Joan recognised that screech as the sound made by the Giant Teratorn! It looked down at them as they gazed upon it. Creed moved his arm an
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