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Kiyoshi is a young samurai cursed at birth with a demonic sword containing one-third of hell's army sealed away in it. He travels the war-torn lands as a mercenary and assassin, living a life alienated from the rest of the world. Until one day, a unique and dangerous job escorting a pregnant elder mage name Nzuri has the samurai questioning himself and what life has to offer. With everyday just being one mission after the next will the cursed samurai finally find peace in his life or is he destined to live a life of destruction and chaos. Only time with tell with dangers around every corner, but what can be more dangerous than a samurai that can bring the apocalypse but just having an off day?

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  • Kyle Dursma


    awesome story keep it up author please finish this book most of the books I've read go months without updates this book is worth finishing it's great

    2022-10-21 16:51:02
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Eradication Mission part 1 (THE BANDIT CAMP)
A lone man in a black cloak and a black Kasa hat walks the vast desert that seems to be endless. As he walks, a strange voice speaks to him from his sword. "Do you need our help this time?" remarked the disembodied voice." No, it's just a simple eradication mission" replied Kiyoshi as he looked down at the bandit camp from above a Sandhill. As Kiyoshi walks down the Sandhill a bandit scout spots him from a tower,Kiyoshi takes out a bag of gold coins from his pockets and holds it up in the air in the direction of the scout as he walks into the bandit camp. As Kiyoshi enters the bandit camp everyone in the camp stops what they were doing and all eyes were on Kiyoshi from the youngest child to the elders of the camp watched Kiyoshi with fierce and deadly intense eyes, with everyone at least having one hand on or close by a weapon with most of them living in beat-up tents and old rustic sheds with only structure being proper housing was old wooden homes, as Kiyoshi walked by eve
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Eradication Mission Part 2 ( THE ULIMATE WEAPON)
The blood-curdling screams of his name could be heard throughout the entire camp. As Kiyoshi turned, he saw a shadowy figure continue to scream his name with rage and anger "Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi, Kiyoshi ".The shadowy figure continued calling out to him. As he begins to walk closer to the shadowy figure, his feet sink in the blood-soaked sand, creating miniature pools of blood that drowned and covered his feet with each step. As he continues to make his voyage towards the figure calling out to him, he finds himself surrounded by the tearful and sorrowful widows and children of the men that he had just killed.Looking at them, he can see the terror in their eyes, but more so he can see the hatred for him building inside them even among the children. Three quarters to his destination, he can finally figure out who it was. It's Maxwell, but his appearance has changed a bit. For starters, he now sports a pair of spiked iron shoulder pads, which were a crimson color, and on his hands
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As their battle comes to its climax, Maxwell gets flashbacks to the moment that led him down this path. It was many years when Maxwell was just a young lad, about 8 years of age. He and his friends sat on rocks by the swamp, their skin and clothes dirty and torn. Maxwell's fiery reddish hair was in cornrows. They sat by the swamp throwing rocks at Croco-slugs. Grotesque abominations. The slugs. Grew up to twenty to thirty feet. They had teeth like crocodiles, but much longer.They had silver hard plated scales on their backs and the center of their heads, which took no damage to gunshots or even blunt weapons. Their tails look like crocodile tails and their slime was acidic, melting everything besides the other inhabitants of the swamp that grew accustomed to it. The boys continued throwing rocks at the monster as they slowly swam across the swamp unfazed by the rocks being thrown at.Then suddenly, a voice started shouting at the boys. "Get down here you little bastar
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Early the next morning, Maxwell and John headed to a field in the middle of the forest. John told Maxwell to step back a couple of feet away from him and wait on his word. There were several sticks wrapped in cloth next to him and, without warning, John began throwing the stick at Maxwell at blazing speed. The projectiles were upon Maxwell, but he dodged them with ease and within a fraction of a second. But before Maxwell could come to terms with his current situation, John approached him faster than the projectiles and he threw a variety of kicks and punches some moves Maxwell didn't know that the human body could do, causing Maxwell to go on the defensive. He evades all John's attacks with ease because of his slight frame and remarkable agility and reaction time.As the fight goes on, Maxwell looks for an open and tries to roundhouse kick John in the rib cage, which was rejected as John caught Maxwell's foot and launched him into a boulder. As Maxwell tries to recover himse
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"Maxwell," John called out to Maxwell as he leave. Maxwell turned to face John. "Go to the center of the forest. There is an old tree stump. There, I left something for you." remarked John. "For me?" replied Maxwell. "Yes, I think you will need it," remarked John. "Thank you," replied Maxwell as he left. I Maxwell reached the center of the forest. He saw the stump with something wrapped in cloth on top of it. Maxwell picked up the item and unwrapped it. It was a sword, a unique one at that. The blade of the sword was black and silver. Curved in design, with the base of the blade being its widest point as it narrows down to the tip of the blade.The handle of the sword was iron with gold wrapped around it. The gold had animals engraved in it. Maxwell only recognized the animals from the stories John told him about his homeland. He can recognize the lion, elephant, and zebra. As Maxwell examined the sword, he saw a piece of paper attached to it. Opening the paper, he saw a note
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As their climactic battle ends, the man with backs turns to each other, awaiting the results of their last clash. The air stood still as the women and children surrounding them looked on in anticipation, hoping but yet still fearing the final out-coming. A sudden burst of blood jets off Kiyoshi's shoulder with the two men standing still as a huge slash appears. The slash is long as it runs down Kiyoshi's shoulder to the lower part of his chest, with parts of his bond showing because of the depth of the cut. As Kiyoshi bleeds on the ground, holding his own to his sword with one hand, Maxwell laughs monstrously, claiming his victory, as he continues to laugh a sudden and sharp pain in his midsection takes him and he too drops to his knees. He grabs onto his midsection and realized his hands were wet. Looking at them, he saw blood confirming he was indeed cut as well. With the pain intensive, Maxwell realized the cut was getting bigger and that he needed to hold it together to
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As Kiyoshi walks through the town once more, to take his leave. He sees one of the slave traders in a corner with one girl they have captive. The slave trader curses and argues as he claimed the girl was unsellable and that he was losing money because of her. He chokes the girl and even though her blue hair was blocking her eyes, Kiyoshi could tell she was terrified. In a flash and with blinding rage and fury, Kiyoshi cuts off the trader's arm causing it to hang around the girl's neck like a pendent as his hand was still around her neck. Kiyoshi removes the arm from the girl's neck and throws it on the ground. He signals to the girl to run, and she takes off. With the rest of his arm bleed the slave trader crawls on the road trying to meet the others. Kiyoshi walks over to the trader, pressing down on the trader's chest with his foot and slits his throat. As the trader bleeds out on the ground, the other slave traders took notice and began gathering their weapons to attack. With his
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A few weeks later, Kiyoshi arrives in a new town called Temirchi. A town that is renowned for the amazing blacksmiths that it had produced over the centuries. But for now, it is home to Kiyoshi's new mission. As Kiyoshi follows the directions given to him by Sairon, he can see that the town is filled with old, outdated but very well-kept buildings and houses, which could be at least two centuries old, Islamic-style architects. Smoke fills the air as blacksmiths work on their craft from every corner and every other building. As Kiyoshi continues on he can see fishing boats returning to dock from the Qora Dengiz sea with rough and dark waters pushing the small vessels around. The atmosphere of the town is quiet with no one in sight, which could be because Kiyoshi is passing through the back alleyway of the town, avoiding major roadways as requested by the client.As he walks through the back passageways, he notices a red flag with a black and yellow dragon circling the sun. "Wh
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Within the depths of sleep, Kiyoshi begins having the same dream he had in the cave. Him playing by the river bank until he is being bullied and attacked by a group of boys. His eyes turn a demonic red and right before the day sky turns dark, he awakes from his nightmare. Cold sweating and breathing heavy Kiyoshi was too bothered to notice the breakfast laying next to him in bed. Next to him was flatbread and cream with honey-infused hot tea and on the side were dried fruits. Kiyoshi confused pondered who left food for him when Ashri walked in. "Hope I didn't disturb you, just wanted to make sure you got the breakfast I left you," remarked Ashri. "You made this for me?" asked Kiyoshi. "I sure did!" replied Ashri, excited and with a dazzling look in her eyes. "Looks like someone has a girlfriend," giggled Lilly. "Shut it" whispered Kiyoshi. "What" replied Ashri. "Oh, nothing, I was saying it looks beautiful and thank you," replied Kiyoshi to a confused Ashri. "Your most welcome," rep
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As the two beings stared at each other, Kiyoshi repeated his statement. "What do you want, Devivial?". The demon on the throne smiled and replied, "Nothing". "It's always something with you, demon. Just split it the fuck out already so I can be on my way." Replied Kiyoshi annoyed by Devivial, who is clearly playing around. "You're always so mad when we speak, but to answer your question, I realized you have a deep affection for that human girl. What was her name? Oh yes Ashri,". replied Devivial with a devilish grin. "And what if I do? How does that concern you demon". replied Kiyoshi, who was annoyed by the entire conversation. "I was just thinking that maybe you want my help," proclaimed Devivial. "Your Help?" asked Kiyoshi confused. "Why will I want your help, demon?" Devivial smiled. "You can use my powers or even set me free and we will make quick work of that stronghold and keep Ashri safe. Isn't that what you want Kiyoshi," remarked Devivial. Kiyoshi, who became angry, replie
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