Bailey's pov

Stunned, I stared at him wide eyed. He always shocks me when he speaks about our future. He was always sure that we were going to be married and be that high school couple like our parents. And honestly, I believe it too. I can't imagine my life without Kaleb in it.

I don't think there is such a thing anymore.

His neck flush with a light pink and he stumbles out of his lips. " Well if you want that. I'm not saying you will have to give me kids-

I leaned forward and kiss him hard, cutting off his words. He groaned, pulling me closer. " I love you Sam."

He moaned. " I love you too Bailey."

As his hands roamed my body, they squeezed my ass. " Ready to moan my name?" He whispered on my lips, nibbling the bottom.

I nod, gasping as I teasingly rolled my hips, knowing I was making his dick swell more. " Quickie right?"

Kaleb bit my lower lip, dragging it into his mouth to suck before speaking. " It might be a little longer than a quickie."

His admission came out sheepishly.

I r
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