Chronicle Of Darkness: The Evil Player Ascension

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Chronicle Of Darkness: The Evil Player Ascension

By: Dark Crafter OngoingGames

Language: English

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Daemon was a genius gamer and multimillionaire celebrity, because of this he was one of the world's top gamers respected for his brilliant combinations of techniques and his prowess of war arts. Even after three years of playing, he found it difficult to become a top ranker in a VR MMO. He only discovered three years later that his experience was always halfed by theq game's programmers, who were well aware of this. In his rage, he teamed up with Evil NPCs to slaughter many players, causing the game to lose customers on a daily basis. The game programmers began programming Evil bosses to kill Daemon; fortunately, he reincarnated with a system, The Evil Cultivation system, that allowed him to cultivate ina game rather than the normal experience process. The journey of the player who defied the rules of the game has begun. [Side quest] Player kill One Thousand players. Reward: A secret path to a treasure cave in the game. penalty: Meridian blockage. Time limit: 90 days

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  • Nation 06


    nice novel you got there

    2022-12-19 22:07:51
  • Zhartrest Asher


    I agree though he's working on two novels one of them tends to get neglected

    2022-10-07 11:38:10
  • SkitLee


    VILEX is rapidly becoming good with his novels.

    2022-09-16 15:47:04
  • Soo Jin


    There are more than 10 chapters with the same content. You should fix it.

    2023-01-10 01:27:04
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61 chapters
Daemon was a genius player who became a ranker in all of the videogames he played, earning a lot of money and fame as a result. Nonetheless, even three years after the game's release, he found it difficult to become a ranker in one VR MMO. He was devastated; most of the time, he became enraged and refused to play the game for a week, but he always returns to it after a day. But one day, he discovered something that shocked him. His experience was cut in half!Every time he completed a mission, raided a dungeon, or even killed another player, his experience was always halfed. He is currently a level 186 player, while the top ranker was only 377. He would have been the top ranker by now if his score hadn't been halfed. He decided to report the bug to the game programmers after discovering it, but who knew they were even aware of it? They apologized to him and even agreed to pay him $30 million to resolve the issue and restart the game by deleting the previous account he used.Is
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Demon God
Different memories flashed through his mind as he held the helmet for the first time. Despite feeling enraged and cheated in his heart, he still has a soft spot for this game. Through this game, he met his girlfriend Emerald, and he created his own guild, which was only a silver tier, but it was still something that other players aspired to achieve. The programmers are vile, but the game world is fantastic; he adored it, and his greatest wish was to become the top ranker. His neural network was combined with the helmet's designs as he wore it, and his consciousness entered it.What he saw next was a multicolored light portal that his body was passing through to the dark dimension, where his Avatar creation would begin after he had finished watching the game story, which would most likely last less than an hour. A window appeared from thin hair, and the game's story began to play, with subtitles in English and Chinese. He paused (||), there was no need to view the game's s
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Martial artist Vuan
Greenhorn City is a semi-developed city where technology development has started to take place. It is headed by a city lord and it's divided into certain small communities.If Daemon is correct, the place he is in right now is one of the small communities called "The Right Hand is Green," named after a mysterious monster that once raided it and had green hands.Looking around, he saw a lot of faces. Some of the evil NPCs he worked with back then were in this place. He noticed one of them.He is called "Vuan". He is a martial arts instructor who later became a villain. An event was held for the players to search for him, but he wasn't found.Many players believed that he was eaten or that he had probably gone to another dimension, but it was all a lie as Daemon was the one who hid him in his previous life.They met at the time when Daemon had discovered the reason behind his misfortune.Back then, he was the strongest martial artist. "It's better to make him an acquaintance now."
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Player Kill
Celine was sociable with everyone, she is beautiful but that did not make her to act hard to get instead she conversed freely with everyone, especially Daemon. Nevertheless, Daemon wasn't that focused on her than he was on the other guys. There was something he felt from them, they don't even look trustworthy to start with in the first place but levelling up was more crucial to Daemon than to trust this guys. ... [You have entered a Grade F Dungeon.] Not just Daemon but everyone else received this notification as soon as they walked into this dungeon. It was a large retail outlet which has been infiltrated by monsters, from the looks of it, the party was asked by the owner of the place to clear the dungeon. Immediately they stepped in, the first monster appeared, it was a goblin. [Goblin] [Level 5] [HP 50/50] Only monsters who can use magic will display a MP stat. And immediately it appeared, the leader of the party took out his sword and charged at the goblin w
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inferno sword
'Great! 6 completed, 994 to go, I didn't get any EXP but that's understandable, now it's time to take down the big foe, with Celine's help I can fight it at close range while she casts her healing bluff on me.' He pondered. The goblin came to a halt after witnessing the deaths of a few of his opponents. The smaller goblins lack intelligence but excel at sneak attacks, whereas the gigantic goblin possesses both strength and intelligence. It was strange to the goblin that his enemies died before he could use his hidden cards on them. Growl~ It lets out a low growl.It was perplexed, and it did not have the time to think things through as thoroughly as it should have with two small humans in front of him. Growl~ Its growl this time was one of rage rather than confusion. "Celine, cast a healing and a strength bluff on me while it destroys it." He instructed Celine before grabbing the mayhem sword and charging at the giant goblin. Simultaneously, Celine began chanting
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Daemon and Celine left the dungeon together.The quest item, the axe, which the giant goblin held, was taken by Celine because she is kind-hearted and she did not want those players to suffer too much penalty for failing the mission, which was likely triggered by the owner of the retail outlet.Back then in his previous life, even when she was in the top 3 priests and the top 98 in the overall ranking, she didn't prove hard to get before becoming a member of his guild.Daemon did not become a ranker back then, but because of the presence of Celine, who was a ranker, his guild became popular. The number of guild members he had was more than 300.[You have cleared and exited a Rank E dungeon]."Thanks!""No need to thank me," He gave his response expressionlessly. He wanted to leave when Celine stopped him to ask for his name."Daemon."He told her his name."Can I send you a friend request, please?" She asked cheerfully."Sure, why not? It's a good thing to have the future to
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Yin essence
The red bear; Daemon still didn't know where it came from. He could only guess that it was either summoned by the community head before he died, or maybe the community head was a bear entirely that took the form of a human.Nevertheless, he still has to kill every being in this place, or his deed here will be known to the church and a curse might be laid on him to stop him from using magic.The beer made a loud sound that immediately drew the attention of everyone present."A beer has appeared!""What? where?""The penthouse, let's hurry, the community head is there with the guy from the church."The guards ran at full speed to the penthouse with their weapons.Nevertheless, they were shocked to see a red beer with fluffy fur that was red and almost translucent and the community head who was lying on the ground, dead and swimming in his own blood."What the heck happened here?"They were shocked as they saw their master lying in his own pool of blood. The bear's limbs were ju
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Bronze Lord body
Three hours later, Daemon returned to Vuan, whom he had met while practicing a martial arts technique. He gave Vuan the technique book, and the latter later broke down in tears, which were difficult to describe as tears of joy or happiness.[Reward: +20000 Exp was awarded][Level up] [Vuan affiliation +50, friendly relationship, 100% chance of receiving quest]"I'll teach you a body tempering technique as a reward for your bravery and willingness to learn."Daemon appreciated the fact that he had leveled up; now that his experience had been cut in half, leveling up was one of the things that made him happy.There was only one level left before he could leave Greenhorn City and embark on the adventure of the game.Both he and Vuan spent 12 hours in the game practicing the body tempering technique known as "Bronze lord body."This technique was fantastic because it was an upgradeable defensive passive skill.Physical attacks from level 5 and below will not be able to draw his
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Grade D Gate
Daemon's mind was filled with different emotions right now, one of which was unexplainable rage for the situation he was in right now. Even with the system's assistance, he remained enraged. Of course he is, and why shouldn't he be? Why is this so? Why was it that other players who were not as hardworking or as intelligent as him were granted full experience while he, a gamer by profession, was denied his hard earned experience? Levels are only the power ranking in-game, not the amount of money one has. Although! Most wealthy men will either pay a random person to assist them in leveling or purchase a pet to assist them in leveling. Daemon, on the other hand, is not like that.Of course, he was rich; his bank account was 8 digits, something most people hope for.In fact, his total net worth right now is 33 million. With one million, he could purchase a hundred gold coins because a gold coin costs 10,000, a silver coin costs 100, and a bronze coin costs just 1 dollar.W
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King of Aves
The insane lord did not speak about his stay inside the gate, the monsters he faced or what the place was like; the only thing he gave was the photo of the dungeon and the loot he got from clearing it.Nevertheless, seeing this place right now, only one word appeared in his mind to describe this place — apocalypse.This place just gives one vibe, the vibe of destruction and nothing else. The sky was already very red, giving the vibe of a bloody world nevertheless the smokes from the house and the unavailability of human states that the aves are really the Sovereign in this place. What if the aves really want to be on top of the food chain? if they posses magical power, it will be very possible giving their numbers that might even be the same as humans. Before he could get a proper view of this world, his first foe arrived.It was a dove, but it's body was as big as a cat and its wings were large and even had bladed ends.[Talking dove king][Level 20] [HP 3000/4000] [MP 5000]
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