Chapter 197 - Infiltration

When the first touch of twilight appeared on the far horizon, at last, the convoy of Humvees stopped at the middle of the road which led to the mountain range outside of the city. Unlike when it was high noon where many types of tourists and students came to the mountains, there was almost no one around this road at this time. Only a few vehicles would be spotted on their way. 

One of the soldiers got out of the car and walked to the very front of the line. As he chanted, he raised the plate-like item with multiple magic circles engraved in it. Performing some hand signs, he finally placed the plate on the ground and still continued his chant. Before long, a bright blue light emerged from thin air and formed a large oval shaped gate, hovering right on top of the plate. 

Backing away, the soldier went back to his car and the

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