His Eternite
His Eternite
Author: Renglassi
Preface 00

- Notes from Renglassi -

Hello guys! This is a very long story I have written, which of course is very interesting and even so I have edited this book, i cant say its totally perfect but its best you will ever read I hope, lol, so please give my book a chance and I won't disappoint you while you read, love you! ❤️

- Warning -

- Sex and erotic scences! 🥰

- Very hot bad boys that could melt ice 😊

- Aliens versus human War! 🤩

-  Steamy dark romance and Drama! 😌

-  Please support me with coins and reviews 🥺❤️

- Books blurb -

After struggles in his love life and carreer, Terry becomes a billionaire but the government is after him and would do anything to make sure that they get him because he happened to have been the only survivor in an alienic experiment, making him the worlds most wanted powerful Billionaire, hence not just the government is after him but aliens too.

Fellow Aliens!!!! 🤧🧐

Its time to read the greatest Romance novel!! 🥰🥺❤️

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