Hot Bodyguard, Sassy Heiress

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Hot Bodyguard, Sassy Heiress

By: Bright Akpan OngoingOther

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Jane Morrison stands next in line to inherit the Morrison fortune. A near-death ambush escape leaves her dad with no choice but to hire a bodyguard. Security Guard, Marcus Connelly, struggles to hang on to life as his previous job's complications cost him his partner's life and causes him to flee and seek homage in Austria with his family. He is drowning in debts and yet to get on his feet when a light at the end of the tunnel shines on him; a job as a bodyguard to a wealthy heiress. He is determined to keep her safe and impress her father, but her rudeness, arrogance, and pampered attitude pose a challenge. What was meant to be a guard-and-mistress relationship, grows into a union that would yield patience, love, and trials that would enable them to pull through obstacles like an evil boss and a greedy fiancé.


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Chapter One
Shots fired! Get down! Don't move! Her driver kept screaming as she lay snuggled between her seatbelt and the leather Bentley seat with her trembling hands wrapped around her ears and her head to the floor. Everything went numb as shattered glass sprayed all over the back seat some even sticking on her hair. Her hearing was fuzzy as the heavy artillery her supposed assassins used rang out uncontrollably, piercing the unusually serene highway air.The driver kept on swiveling and controlling the car as much as he could with a bullet stuck in his arm and before she could scream, the dark-tinted SUV which was in a hot chase with them ran into the convertible, sending them flying into the woods and ending up stuck in a ditch. She finally made it to my driver who pushed her out of the car signaling her to run."There she is! Get her! Quick!" The leader of the assassins ordered with a thick British accent as he raised his tattoo-ridden arm in the direction in which she limped off. Hardly ha
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Chapter Two
Marcus was more than elated. Back at the forest when he sighted the crashed Bentley, he could tell the lady was rich, but he never for once thought she'd be the daughter of the most wealthy Mogul in Austria. He was about to work for a man so powerful, a snap of his fingers would take out his best of enemies. No more finance issues. No more threats from lenders. This meant a heavy burden was going to be eased off his shoulder. But first, he needed to get along with this lady who sat staring at him as she was his lottery ticket."Hi," he greeted me for the second time."Look Marcus or whatever your name is, my father, likes you, I don't. But thank you for saving me. I don't need this whole bodyguard thing but it appears I don't have a choice. Go and spit whatever you have to say to him because I need to rest," said Jane as she returned to her sleeping position on the bed.He was dumbfounded. How could this rich brat even think of talking to him like that? This girl needed to be taught a
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Chapter Three
"Goodbye mum," Marcus screamed from the car as he and Emily zoomed off, one to school and the other to his newly found job.He was so determined to show off his professionalism so here he was thirty minutes earlier than usual waiting for the remote-controlled gate to gain him access to the building. This wasn't even the second time he was there, yet the view didn't get old in his memory.As he alighted his truck, a chalet directed him to the security room where the team suited him up and linked him into their radio communications.She finally came out clad in a formal blue lady suit. He thought she would call in sick and unable to make it, but she was balancing on her heels with poise as the clothes clung onto her curves, throwing his hormones into a chaotic tantrum."Good morning Miss""It's ma'am to you, and get in," she corrected as they boarded the bulletproof SUV ride."Damn! She just had to start on a bad foot," he thought as they zoomed off with another vehicle trailing behind
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Chapter Four
For most of that Friday, Jane remained indoors. Her initial plan was to spend her free day outdoors at some packed bar or driving down to a beach or something, but after breakfast, she had found herself changing her mind at the last moment and retiring indoors to sort out some paperwork that was left over from the previous day.The mansion felt empty and silent except for the beeping notification sound from her phone. Mr. Morrison had stepped out immediately after breakfast to another business trip, promising he would check in on her regularly. She took in a deep sniff of the air and could still perceive his strong masculine cologne still stuck to her after they had hugged goodbye. She knew his absence must have grown on her by now but she couldn't help missing him. Sighing away the growing sadness, returned to burying her face in her laptop screen.Jane's errand in Berlin was a tasking one and as such, she thought it better to use the extra time to do her research, and equip herself
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Chapter Five
The moment Sophia's dark SUV hit the road, Jane rolled down the windows. The air-conditioning in the car was functioning, but her preference at the moment was some northeastern Australia light breeze fanning her face and rustling her loose hair. Sophia tried to coax her into pulling the windows back up in fear of paparazzi or possible enemy spies spotting them but she paid no head, but only leaned back on her seat, taking in the early morning Queensland scene.Men, women and kids, piled the streets. While some were lined up on the sidewalks, hurtling to get to their various places of work or school, others when taken impatient and constant glances at their watches, anticipating when the next bus was about to drop by or sitting in their cars honking incessantly at their fellow drivers while they rushed through the road at breakneck speed. Idleness at such a bright hour of the morning seemed to be a grave offence, and no one looked ready to be charged with guilt.The bright yellow sun w
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Chapter Six
Marcus was restless as well as nervous as he shifted uneasily on his seat in the guards' quarters, but mostly nervous. He had been on missions even more demanding and extremely dangerous than travelling to a country for a month, but right there where he stared staring in mild rage at his phone screen, his heart saw no peace and neither did his head.His nervousness could be likely attributed to the fact that it had been a long time since he had been out on one of these missions. Not that he was afraid the lapse in time would affect his effectiveness, but he knew the trip to Berlin would be a tough one considering that she barely listened to him. His line of work entailed that those protected want to be protected and also are ready to listen and adhere to instructions. Much to his worry, Jane was the direct opposite of those attributes.Meanwhile, the reason for his restlessness was that for the past hour and a half, she had been calling her phone consistently and she was picking up an
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"Sorry to interrupt sir. But Miss Jane is awake and is requesting to see you," the court-looking servant announced, reading Marcus' mood and keeping some yards away from him.Marcus stared at the floor in thought. "But it has been barely an hour since she slept.""It's been an hour and a half sir. Did you sleep off as well?" The servant gave a quick chuckle but when her eyes met Marcus' solid gaze, she coughed nervously, the smile disappearing from her face."Alright then. You can leave. I'll go see her now."When the maid was out of sight, he heaved a sigh and rose his tired frame. The nervousness once more returned but he shook it off and made his way confidently into the house."Did you pack my shoes?""I sent you to get a lavender-flavoured cream. What is this?"These were some of the loud rants that made Marcus halt in his steps outside Jane's bedroom door. sensing the aura too heated to go in, he stood outside listening in and stepping outside while maids rushed in and out, brin
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Most of the clients who booked their Marcus and Brian's protection services back in the days when he still held prestige in the protection industry were high-class citizens like politicians, celebrities, popstars, business Moguls, and sometimes drug lords, and as per demand from their various lines of work, they had to move around frequently. To ensure that their convoys were not attacked, they carried their bodyguards along. Hence, flights and boat cruises were a regular occurrence for him. But oblivious to him, Jane did not feel the same way.A torque of tension seemed to flow in her throughout her journey to the airport. Marcus would ask several if there was something he could do to make her relax, thinking she was still not at peace with the trip, but every time he was told to shut up and focus on looking for threats on the cold dark highway route they ploughed.A few people knew but Jane despises planes. At first, she thought when she eventually got on one, the fear would fade of
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Jane woke up to find Marcus wrapped around her sound asleep. “So much for being a professional bodyguard” She mumbled to herself as she tried to free herself from Marcus’ arms. She tried pulling free but his hold was strong. She twisted a small potion of her hair into his ear, Marcus jerked up immediately grumbling loudly attracting the attention of the flight attendant and some of the passengers. “Is everything okay?” The flight attendant asked, walking towards him. Marcus forced a smile at the woman. “Yes ma’am everything is fine" he said. “Alright then” the flight attendant replied with a practiced professional smile and turned to leave. “So this is how you intend to protect me in the face of danger, yeah?” Jane asked, dusting her body as if Marcus’ touch had contaminated her. “Sorry ma’am” Marcus' apology was sarcastic and he made no attempt to correct nor redefine it. Jane looked at him furiously. She was about to launch into a full lecture of why and how she is the boss a
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Jane woke up to the sound of chirping birds and the morning sun beaming at her. She stretched a little and rolled down the bed. She was amused to find her favorite slipper and robe neatly kept beside a tray containing her favorite tea with well-made pancakes."That's strange." Jane thought as she put on the robe and slippers.She went down the stairs while sipping a cup of tea. She found Emilia in the living room all dressed up and going through her iPad."Good morning Miss Jane." Emilia stood up to greet immediately when she saw Jane."What is good about the goddamn morning?" Jane mumbled as she sat on the couch opposite where Emilie stood.Emilia smiled. "Well then, I will need you to be ready for our first meeting in the next 1 hour. We have a long day ahead of us and I will suggest you use your time wisely." Emilia wasn't sure how she was able to sound so courageous and in control. She had never talked to Jane like that, she hoped that whatever reason Marcus had for making her do
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