Level Up In Valhalla

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Level Up In Valhalla

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Neo Tyran, a city where the legend of the Hunters of Olympus comes to life. These exceptional warriors are patronized by the gods, divided into factions that compete for human talent. Martyn Tryggvason, known as “impure”, has lived a life marked by contempt and marginalization. No god has been interested in him, condemning him to an existence in the shadows. But one day, he wakes up in another place with a message in mind: [Welcome to Valhalla: the Norse gods have chosen you]

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    good title

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Chapter 1: Impure and hunters
“Hey flunky, hurry up, we don’t have all day to deliver a simple soup” A loud voice could be heard coming out of a restaurant. “If you keep lasting any longer I’ll have to throw you out on the street Martyn” Said the man to what seems to be one of his workers.“Right away I will sir” Martyn replies instantly, he had had a hard time getting the job and didn’t want to lose it.“Right take that soup to the beech woman” Flashing a smile of authority, the man pointed to the customer in question.“Here you go ma’am, I hope you like it” Reluctantly Martyn hands the soup to the woman, but on his face he had to show a fake smile.“Wow, until at last my food shows up, I thought I was going to starve, for an “impure” you have a lot of nerve to make me wait.”But unlike what he expected the woman simply discriminated against him, the simple fact of being an impure would take you to the bottom of society.(You ungrateful bitch, people like you should be happy to eat something like that, we barely
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Chapter 2: Talk with Odin
“Wait, wait, wait are you Odin?” After hearing the man’s words, Martyn couldn’t help but be shocked, maybe he had gone crazy from suffering so much and was imagining things in his mind, but this dream was too real.“Yes, just as you heard I am Odin, the supreme god of the Norse faction, I believe you have heard of us in your city.” The one eyed man replies to Martyn with a smile."Yes, of course he heard of you, the Norse gods, a group of gods with so much power that they can rival the Greek gods, but when mankind went through the “first great accession” you abandoned mankind, from that moment on talking about Norse gods is a crime in Neo Tyran.Martyn’s words do not leave a great impression on Odin who even seems to have known what the boy was going to say. “Yes young man, it is just as you say, we Norse gods thought there would be no salvation for mankind anymore, but the other gods did not think the same as we did and must have given the abilities to mankind in exchange for honor,
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Chapter 3: Welcome to Valhalla
“Wait, you want me to kill that thing, aren’t you looking at my body? I’m a wimp compared to that beast” Martyn would instantly put up resistance, his first test seems to be the end of his road.“Come on, I gave you a knife, the hunters of the land kill beast from the “great uprisings” with them, this is a normal wolf” Although Tyran was listening to Martyn’s complaints he paid no heed to them.“Yes, but I’m not a hunter” Martyn was still showing resistance, the wolf had not moved since Tyran summoned it, surely because of the presence of the gods.“Come on Martyn it’s just a wolf, if you don’t defeat it we won’t be able to trust you to represent us” Odin spoke to see the boy’s doubts.(Shit, I’d really hate to have to face this thing I’ve never fought a beast in my life, but this is the only chance I have to change my life) -Still with doubts the boy held his knife with determination while looking at the beast.“Fine, I’ll do it, I’ll kill it.” Filled with conviction, Martyn was read
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Chapter 4: Welcome to Valhalla part 2
(Have I gone crazy? I’m sure I’m hearing some kind of voice in my head) Martyn skeptical of what he hears, decides to close his eyes.[First test][Help the children][Reward: 10 experience](Shit, it seems like that dream wasn't as unreal as I thought, but how the hell do you want me to help the kids? I don't have enough strength) Matyn knew more than anyone what his limit was, when he got two marks when he was 10 years old. He tried to fight the other children, but their blessed abilities were too much for him.[Warning][If you fail the test, the Norse gods will not lend you their power.](Holy shit are you serious? I don’t seem to have any other choice) Somewhat hesitantly, Martyn decides to approach to help the children.“Hey, mister, what’s going on?” With his typical fake smile, Martyn approaches the center of the scene.(I just have to calm him down and give him some money, that’s enough to accomplish this mission) Thinking his plan in his mind, Martyn prepares to fulfill his
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Chapter 5: First hunt
“They want me to kill some spirits? But I’m not a hunter” Martyn grumbles to see what his second test will be about, he didn’t have the required gifts for that.["What are you worrying about kid? This test is at a comfortable level for you."]“That voice, Tyran, is that you?” The boy recognized the voice instantly, it was the voice of the god who put him through his first test.["Yes boy it is me, in this test you will also be in my care, but I asked Hela for some help and she lent me several of her low ranking spirits, I thought you might like this better than fighting more of my wolves."]The god was still talking to Martyn who was gaining some more confidence.“I don’t really like the stuff, the scary stuff, but it’s better this way, I don’t want to get bitten again” Martyn replies to the god with a satisfied face. “But as I said before, I have no idea how to win, I’m not a hunter.”["That’s why you don’t have to worry kid, you still have one of my knives, remember?"]“Yes I had it
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Chapter 6: Hunter test
"Well, I already did, what's supposed to happen now?" Martyn spoke quizzically. He had already completed the test several minutes ago, but he still couldn't get out."Would they want me to see the rewards for completing my mission?" Somewhat quizzically, Martyn decides to claim the test reward. He hadn't done so before, as he wanted to keep it to himself.[Test Two: Temple Cleansing][Reward earned: 20 stat points, a random skill]."Well, it's best to start with the stat points." Knowing what he should do, Martyn opens the stats tab in his window.(I must think well, I have 20 points and I must know how to spend them. I think I should start with vitality, in the last fights I had I was asking for health instantly and I was feeling tired.)[You have added 10 stat points to vitality].[VIT: 3 > 13]"Well, now I feel much better. Let's see how much health I have now." Feeling less tired than before, Martyn decides to see his improvements.[HP: 10/130]"Great, I increased it to 130 points
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Chapter 7: Hunter test part 2
(The hunter aspirant test is usually very different between factions, the Roman is no exception) Martyn who is a fan of these tests already knew a little of what the test was about."Yes my friends, I know you are excited for this month's trials, and I am too, here you will be able to show off the skills the gods gave you when you were 10 years old!"The crowd becomes euphoric thanks to the man's words, it seems that most of them were eager to show their skills, who knows maybe a great talent will appear.[You have completed objective number one of the test.](Wow, that easy? I thought you would ask me for more things) Martyn showed a smile to the window, everything seems to indicate that this mission will be easier than I thought."Alright, easy, easy, I know many are already looking forward to being tested, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in action, but first you must sign up for the first phase!"After saying these words the man takes out several sheets of paper and hands it
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Chapter 8: Hunter test part 3
(This… this is crazy, I had understood that the hunters test was a little difficult but…) Martyn thought and looked with some caution at the giant spider.On the other hand, the giant monster was only looking at its next prey, its long legs were capable of intimidating anyone.[Warning][You are against a monster that super your level].[It is recommended to escape, in case you don’t and you manage to defeat the monster you will be given an additional reward].The system’s orders made it clear what Martyn was thinking, if he fought that monster he might die. “Alright little buddy I’m off.”Without much to say Martyn starts running to the opposite direction where the monster was, but the monster doesn’t seem to like it and chases Martyn.(Shit, I thought it was a passive type monster because of the way it looked at me, but it’s a hunter type monster) Martyn thought while hiding in the forest.In Neo Tyran there are several types of monsters, there are the passive types that are a type
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Chapter 9: Hunter test part 4
"Hey, this isn't funny at all, I swear I'm going to kill you" Minutes had passed after their last encounter, but Martyn was still wandering around the forest.(There must be a way to hunt that son of a bitch down, wandering around that forest is no fun at all) Martyn thought as he used his dagger to cut through the leaves and bushes.(For now the best I can do is not fall for his game) Martyn decides to stop and rest in a tree. "Come out wherever you are."As an attempt to try and dialogue with the monster, Martyn decides to call out to it, but the latter didn't show itself."Well we'll do it your way then, you bastard" Angrily the boy decides to open his system and see what he could play with.(I still have some stat points left, let's see what I can spend them on) Martyn started to analyze what would be the best investment he could make in terms of stat points.[You've added 10 stat points, to intelligence.][INT: 2>12][Mana: 200>1200]After thinking about it for several minutes, M
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Chapter 10: Hunter test part 5
"You feel like visiting the tomb don't you?" the troubled boy reluctantly looked at the man who was planning to teach him a lesson.In Neo Tyran it is normal to find people like that, people with a very good blessing take advantage of others who don't have that power."I'll have to stop you now, take it as a favor I'm doing you, you don't have the firewood to be a hunter anyway."The exchange of words was rather quick, with that last statement from the man the white haired young man was on top of him."Speed? I trained hunting sea beast on the frontier, this is nothing to me" The big man throws a punch at the boy who in response sequence uses his hands to glide.Water beasts are known for their incredible speed, if you are able to fight in their area which is the sea it could be said that you are quite fast.(The white haired boy is still faster, but the man uses his strength to his advantage, they haven't used their blessings yet).Martyn watched the fight analyzing every point, now
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