Lower Floor

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Lower Floor

By: Virginia OngoingOther

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Amanda is a writer like many others who wants to leave her mark on the world through her stories, however, she has realized that not everyone can be the next Jane Austen, so she is content with having an extra job and being able to write relatively what you want Everything seems to be going well for her, despite having put many dreams aside and having a most unbearable neighbor, at least until she receives a rent increase notice and realizes that she alone cannot pay for it. By chance, he ends up living with his annoying and apparently rebellious neighbor: Emiliana Basile, a beauty with tanned skin, long legs and a sharp, poisonous tongue, with whom he has fought countless times since he lived in Italy. How will he manage to live with this woman without one of them ending up in jail? And more important still... Can she ignore the undeniable spark that jumps between them?

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Chapter 1
Amanda"The words flowed from her lips, illuminating her radiant gaze, showing him that there was no beauty more ethereal than that emanating from her pale face. Then he took her in his arms, their foreheads touching, thinking that if this was a sin, he would gladly burn in the flames of hell.""Luminous gaze?"I let out a scoff and tore the page from the notebook, crumpling it into a ball and leaving it on the floor, where a small mountain of paper was starting to accumulate. I searched for a new page and began writing again.I was one of those people who needed to put their ideas on paper for them to take shape. If I tried to do it on the computer, I'd draw a blank. I hadn't even written three lines when a shrill sound startled me, causing me to draw a huge line across the page, ruining it completely.I dropped the notebook onto the table, frustrated and angry."Again? This is the third time this week," I thought, exasperated.Almost instinctively, I got up from the chair in front o
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Chapter 2
EMILIANAThe trial was about to conclude, and I couldn't have been more pleased with how I had conducted it. I was confident that the judge would rule in our favor. I turned my gaze to find Mrs. María Contreras, my current client, with a worried expression. I discreetly reached out and squeezed her hand to provide some support.We all stood up as the highest authority in the room exited through a door in one corner of the courtroom. He gestured for us to sit down again."After hearing both parties, I am ready to give my verdict. However, I want to hear the closing arguments. So, Attorney Basile, you have the floor," he indicated with a wrist motion.I stood up and moved closer to the podium. Normally, we didn't need to do this; I could have spoken from the desk. However, I felt more comfortable and in control of the situation this way."Until the child reaches the age of majority, the child has the right to be supported by their parents," I pointed out that point succinctly since it h
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Chapter 3
AMANDAWe took a seat at one of the picnic tables on a beautiful day: clear skies, birds singing, children playing and tormenting their parents, who had the mistaken idea of bringing them into the world but still loved them with all their hearts, as they were a part of them.I hated days like this; so much sweetness made me want to vomit, especially if I hadn't had my daily caffeine fix.My so-called friend, Joshua, was watching me with an amused expression, noticing my discomfort. If I had less self-control, I would have punched him, but being the lady that I was, I settled for showing my teeth in an almost animalistic gesture. Yes, I was the epitome of grace and elegance.Apparently, my action genuinely scared Joshua because he shrugged and handed me one of the coffee cups he had brought. I looked at the drink with adoration, as if God himself had appeared before me in this form, snatched it from his hands, perhaps a bit too aggressively, and took a long sip. My mood improved consid
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Chapter 4
EMILIANA"Are you kidding me?" I asked Camilo. The idiot denied it, letting me know he was dead serious. I ran a hand over my face; I could already feel the migraine starting to pound in my head.How had this idiot come up with the idea to commit me like this without consulting me? In moments like these, I hated knowing every single law; otherwise, I could have killed him and pleaded ignorance of the penal code to the judge. And yes, I'm aware that "not killing your neighbor" is something you can't just overlook because it's basically one of our societal pillars."It's not that bad, Emi. I just asked you to accompany me to my younger sister's performance," he said with a relaxed expression, leaning further on my desk. I inhaled and exhaled several breaths of air to calm myself down before doing something I would regret later."Allow me to correct you: you told Kat that I would be delighted to go... And you hadn't even mentioned it to me!" I shouted, banging my fists on the table. I co
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Chapter 5
AMANDAThere were many things I regretted in my life: being too picky when it came to dating someone, not being able to function without a good cup of coffee, leaving everything to the last minute, hiding when something bothered me... Well, the list was extensive.However, I was sure I would never regret anything more in my life than what I was about to do; I must have been crazy to let Joshua convince me to come here.I looked at the sign of the pub where they had printed the name in golden letters: Shamrock, it was an Irish bar we used to come to when we had free time.I understood that the owner was a friend of one of the guys in the band, although I couldn't quite remember which one exactly, I could hear the lively music and laughter of the other guests from there.I checked my outfit for the fifth time that night to make sure I looked good enough; if I ran into my ex, I didn't want to give the impression that I had stagnated since we broke up.I was wearing straight-cut khaki pan
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Chapter 6
EMILIANA Was liked by that girl, of that she was completely and absolutely sure. She wasn't arrogant, but she was aware of my attributes, and I could notice how she looked at my lips with desire while she smoked, although I don't think she even realized it herself. Her body reacted to my proximity, and internally, I felt satisfied that it did so. At least, she wasn't entirely indifferent to me. I thought I saw her suppress a moan that was trying to escape, though perhaps it was just my inner desires playing tricks on me. "Do crowded places scare you too?" she asked, blushing like a frightened little mouse. But I didn't let myself be fooled; I knew her well enough to know it was just a facade of innocence. I smiled, amused by the idea she had come up with. "In reality, I hate people," I asserted, moving away from her because I sensed I was making her uncomfortable. I leaned against the wall and finished smoking my cigarette, dropping it on the ground and crushing it with my boot. "I
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Chapter 7
AMANDA I needed to get a spiritual cleansing as soon as possible, and I might even dare to ask Joshua for the number of a shaman because officially, no one had worse luck than me. Let's put everything in context. I was chatting with my neighbor, a woman I couldn't stand, and the feeling was undoubtedly mutual. Yet, my body had reacted strangely to her presence. For a moment, I even forgot my own name, and all that existed was Emiliana, with me acting like a satellite orbiting around her. I could only breathe easy when I distanced myself from my neighbor and returned to the bar. But my mind refused to forget the image of her lips. Unconsciously, I brought a finger to my own lips. Were they as soft as they looked? Probably. My heart was pounding, and I was sweating as if I had run a marathon. Being distracted, I didn't pay attention to where I was going and ended up colliding with someone. I looked up, ready to apologize, and there, I confirmed with absolute certainty that I was cur
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Chapter 8
AmandaEmiliana's apartment looked like something out of an interior decorator's magazine. Everything, from the door to the window on the right that faced the street, revealed the amount of money and time that had been invested in it.Strangely, it didn't look like the cold, single woman's lair that the woman walking behind me seemed to suggest. I saw the built-in kitchen separated from the living room by a roughly two-meter-long counter. The living room had a white couch, a glass coffee table in the center, and a 50-inch TV in front of it.I liked the small decorations that showcased Emiliana's intense personality. There was also a dining area with enough seating for six people."What do you think?" she asked, taking off her coat and leaving it on the couch. "Can I take your trench coat?" she inquired, standing next to me.The fabric brushed against the burns on my wrists, making me wince. Emiliana looked down, furrowed her brow, and focused on them."We need to treat those," she sai
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Chapter 9
**AMANDA**The next morning, I woke up with a pounding headache. I had left the curtain open, so the sunlight was filtering in, worsening my discomfort. I yanked the fabric shut, but it seemed I miscalculated the force I used, and I almost ended up with a broken head due to the rod by the window. Fortunately, I moved quickly enough to avoid it.Now the whole room was bathed in the charming rays of the sun, a real delight."See what happens because of you?" I hissed aloud. Talking to myself and an inanimate object showed that I still wasn't entirely in my right mind. Unfortunately, once I was awake, I couldn't go back to sleep, and attempting to do so would only worsen my migraine.I got out of bed, preparing to tackle the mess. Once my room was relatively presentable, I went to the bathroom. I was one of those people who liked to shower first thing in the morning; otherwise, I felt like I hadn't really left the bed. Given how my day had started, a shower wouldn't hurt.The water was j
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Chapter 10
EMILIANAI arrived at work twenty minutes late, and the secretaries watched me, amused and puzzled because punctuality was not one of my traits. The weekly meeting we had among all the senior lawyers at the firm was about to start, and if I didn't hurry, Alejandro Cagliari would not hesitate to reprimand me in front of everyone.The conference room was at the end of the hallway, and on my way there, a tall, slender brunette joined me, looking at me with amusement since we were both running late. Miranda Smith had been working with us for three years, the least experienced in the business. I had recruited her myself after being a guest at her graduation thesis defense."They're going to kill us," she said, juggling the various folders she had with her. "Alejandro doesn't handle waiting well."I furrowed my brow. "Neither do I," I muttered under my breath. I had never been known among my colleagues as a sociable and charismatic person, quite the opposite, actually."Which reminds me...
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