Money Games: The Tycoon Overlord

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Money Games: The Tycoon Overlord

By: MKmanyr OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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''Everyone shall pay.'' Treated like dust who amounted to nothing. Austin Blake saw his world break into fragments after his long marriage was torn apart by the people he called his blood. However, no one knew that the ordinary delivery man had a twist to his identity. ''The hidden heir has returned to his empire, and even the devil cannot escape his wrath.''

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32 chapters
1 The Pauper
''Your promotion is already in progress,'' Manager Tom muttered, his hands flipping through the bunch of papers on his desk.Upon hearing this, Austin's heart couldn't help but quiver, realizing what that meant.He had been working for this delivery company for about half a decade now, and not even for once was the talk of promotion ever brought up.He watched as Manager Tom's round eyeglasses fell to his big nose bridge, as he pushed it back to his face.''Your next delivery is in an hour, make sure you get the job done perfectly.'' Manager Tom raised his head, his eyes finally meeting Austin's.''Remember, the item belongs to one of our VIP clients, and I assume you know what that means…'' the bald manager said, his eyes knitting with underlying intentions.''Yes, boss,'' Austin replied with a slight bow.''Good.'' Manager Tom nodded.Having nothing to do in the medium-sized office any more, Austin headed to the door, his face plastered with a big grin.Bam!Manager Tom's eyes locke
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2 Humiliation From All Sides
lAustin stood there, rooted to the spot, his heart pounding against his chest with every striking moment.‘’W-what’s going on here?’’ He stammered, his voice barely audible, getting drowned in the cacophony of pleasure and ecstasy that filled the room.However, his ashen face and the bulging veins on his arms spoke volumes.‘’Uh?’’ Oscar, the tall, well-built man who pinned Lana to the wall, arched his brows.His tongue remained in Lana’s mouth. But out of the corner of his eye, he saw a man who appeared to be a statue.Yet, seeing the figure in a delivery man's uniform, his knitted brows relaxed, making him snicker.‘’Baby, what if I tell you that I have something more special prepared for you…’’ Oscar caressed Lana, making her body shiver as though his hands were wrapped in a tiny electric current that coursed through her skin.‘’No, that can’t wait for later. It’s you I crave now,’’ Lana whispered, but her voice soon trailed off, realizing that they had a guest in the room.‘’H-how
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3 The Lost Heir
Upon seeing the black SUV overtake him, Austin came to a halt, his gaze stuck on the graceful woman who walked out of the car.Her long, wavy, ink-black hair fell to her chest. Her red bodycon of luxurious material, revealing her tight curves and snow-white skin.''It's been ages, no?'' She smiled, her red lips curving into a knowing expression at the sight of Austin.However, Austin didn't reply, his eyebrows arching, confused at the sudden turn of events.''How did you locate me?'' Austin asked, removing his helmet.''Of all things to say?'' The woman chuckled, taking calculated steps towards Austin.''Rebecca, I said how did you locate me?''''Okay, okay… you win.'' Rebecca raised her hands, faking a pained look.''Can we at least get into the car? You know…'' She looked into the sky, snickering as she pointed at her skin.Knowing the kind of woman that Rebecca was, Austin could only look in silence before eventually agreeing to her request.''Fine,'' he said, shrugging as he walke
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4 Rejection And Ridicule
The car screeched as the driver pressed the brakes, bringing it to a halt in front of Austin's flat. Well, his former flat.Releasing a long breath, Austin opened the door, but Rebecca's voice stopped him.''Do you want me to come along with you?'' She asked, her soft voice filled with sincere worry.Turning back to meet her gaze, they both exchanged eye contact for a brief second before Austin shook his head.''That won't be necessary,'' he said, slamming the door.Knowing what awaited him inside, he didn't want outsiders to see the kind of humiliation he suffered daily. Most especially the people from his father's den. They wouldn't let him have peace of mind afterwards. And with the new plans in his head, he couldn't allow such embarrassment to repeat itself.Letting out a sigh, Austin shrugged, as he strode into the all-familiar flat. Taking a sharp turn from the courtyard, he walked into the sitting room, but he soon paused in his tracks.There, he saw Alicia, his mother-in-law,
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5 A Dream?
''Phew.''Austin slumped into the car, his eyes looking distant, coupled with his swollen lips, a testament to how much he had bitten his lips.After a brief silence, Rebecca sighed, her eyes not leaving Austin.''How did it go?'' She asked, her eyes furrowed.However, another seconds of weighing silence padded, yet, no response came from Austin.''Those fuckers, what did they do this time around? Do you want me to intervene?''''Just give the permission, I can make those dimwits beg for forgiveness on their knees,'' Rebecca said, her contorted face full of resentment.''I can even-''''It's okay please.'' Austin waved his hands, interrupting Rebecca halfway.''I can't go back to that gloomy house, not now,'' he mumbled, dropping his shoulder.However, different thought processes were coursing through his brain. He might've hidden it from everyone, but deep inside he felt hurt, pained, and betrayed.Although he acted strong before Rebecca, posing as though he wasn't that bothered abo
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6 Lana Being A Biatch
Austin's eyes lingered in the direction of the familiar figure for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders, as he followed Rebecca into the room.''You still haven't told me what this whole meeting is all about,'' Austin said, the door closing behind him.''Jeez, you saw those reporters?'' His eyes widened, still marvelled about why a bunch of reporters was flocking them.''You make it seem like something alien.'' Rebecca smiled, throwing a teasing gaze at Austin.''Well, to satisfy your curiosity… this is a family bidding meeting,'' ''A family bidding meeting?''''Yes, renowned, wealthy family come together to do… you know, business shit.'' Rebecca winked.''Oh…'' Austin nodded, a part of him still finding it difficult to connect the dots.However, he didn't have an opportunity to think much about it, as they soon entered the large hall connected to the room.Inside, all eyes turned in their direction, each person sending a warm gesture to the new arrivals.Austin's heart could
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7 Lady Katerina
Katerina Blake, a relative of Austin, walked down to the scene with poise, her face, forever impassive.Her evening dress clung to her body, revealing her tight curves, and silky skin that bounced back the evening's subtle glow.Upon sighting her, Marcus felt a familiar sensation down his pelvic region, making his face flush. ''What a sweet angel, if I may ask who you are, though?'' He asked, his face softening with a smile.Unfortunately for him, his question fell on deaf ears. Katerina walked past him, not even sparing him a glance.The air around Marcus turned awkward, realizing that a lady had just ignored him, and he couldn't help but grimace. His face wrinkling with displeasure.Lana, on the other hand, also glimpsed at Katerina as she harrumphed, unable to hide her envy, seeing a beautiful lady with a refined composure.''And why did you call this thing a VIP, wait don't tell me he has been going around, posing as a fake, hahaha.'' Lana burst into laughter.''Pardon me, but it
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8 Creating A Scene
Lana's utterance sounded like a jarring bell in the silent setting, quickly grasping the attention of others. All eyes, falling on her.Katerina paused her speech, her hand still on the mic as she sent Lana a cold look, irritation written all over her face.Yet, she didn't lose her composure or act brashly, considering the important personalities present in the hall.''Who is she?'' a man in a brown suit asked.''I wish I knew.'' The blonde-haired lady sitting beside him shrugged.''Most likely one of these naive heiresses of those tiny families.'' A third company chided in, a man in a black suit, holding a glass of wine.''My thoughts too,'' the first man said. ''This is why I was against the new system, some of those hillbillies think we're equals, leaving their manners unchecked.''”Regardless, messing with Katerina is an unwise decision, even the other powerful families tend to avoid getting in her bad book,'' the lady whispered, glancing left and right before heaving a soft sigh.
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9 Ambition
''Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Mr Austin Blake as he comes onto the stage.'' Katerina's sonorous voice rang in the hall, making everyone hold their breath for a second.Clap!Clap!A resounding applause rang from one corner, and it soon spread across the hall, submerging the atmosphere in a standing ovation.The guests cheered, seeing the young man climb the stage, his face not at all aloof.Over to Marcus and Lana's table, their bulging eyes and sagging jaw said everything they were feeling inside.''W-what is going on?'' Lana stammered, her eyes fixed on the young man on the stage.The same could be said for Marcus. He had encountered way too many surprises in his life, but this was off the chart.''What… isn't that your ex-husband?''''I think so.''''You think so?'' Marcus rolled his eyes, his attention still on Austin.''See I'm equally lost here, he's supposed to be homeless by now… or could it be that you worked the way for him?''''Worked the way for him? Damn, do you
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10 Shameless Folks
''I will-'' Just as Lana opened her mouth to speak, Marcus covered her mouth with his two palms, making her gag. He shot her a cold gaze, his veins bulging with fury. ''You're not fucking qualified to go on that damn stage, you dead brain.'' Marcus blurted out, his voice sounding hoarse, exhausted from all the drama. ''Not only did you not keep shut like I warned, but also picked on that woman again, wait… is your brain leaking?'' He released his hold on her, his eyes glinting with fury. ''Keep your doll in check, or she will face the consequences of her rash behaviour,'' Katerina warned in a cold tone, unfazed by the little scene the duo once again created. Lana, on the other hand, still felt as though she wasn't done speaking her mind. But the fiendish look coming from Marcus made her stop whatever thing she planned to do. Seeing that he had got the situation under control to a certain degree, Marcus heaved a sigh of relief. However, his mind remained unsettled, thrown into t
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