Mysterious Billionaire: The Son-in-Law They Never Wanted

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Mysterious Billionaire: The Son-in-Law They Never Wanted

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Davin was treated unfairly, living with his in-laws the Windsors, even his wife disregarded him because they thought he was just a useless husband without a single penny, she cheated on him and divorced him because he complained. Her new partner sent some men to kill him. Just then, when they all thought he was gone, dead and no more coming back. He rose like a god, his true identity as a war lord. Lord Darius and the emperor of a powerful martial art empire. He would make them kneel and punish them for all they did to him.

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  • Kairos pen


    so captivating and intriguing, I enjoyed every bit of the chapters..I can't wait to read more......

    2024-07-01 23:54:44
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Chapter One
How dare you present such cheap and dirty necklaces to my daughter as a gift on her special day?!” Victoria boiled in anger, staring wickedly at Davin.All the guests present in the party turned their attention to the scene. Today was Maya Windsor's 25th birthday party, hailing from one of the most influential families in the city. It was a very big one.“What did you expect from a scumbag like him, I'm pretty sure that thing isn't even up to $100” Isabella chipped in.The entire family broke into laughter, each throwing taunting words at Davin, the fella on the other hand remained silent, his fist clenched tightly as he bowed his head slightly.He then looked in his wife Maya's eyes, waiting for her to say something, wanting to know if she'll stand by him this time around, of course she wouldn't, she had never supported him, but yet he hoped she could today.‘Come on Maya, say something’ he said to himself.Maya looked at the necklace in her hand, though it was cheap, but it was stil
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Chapter Two
Davin held his cheek, it was now red.“What was that for?” Davin asked, staring at Isabella with hatred. How dare she hit him, if not for one thing he'll have made her crawl on her knees, he was far older than her.“Do you need a reminder before you clean up the house? Can't you see the party is over and the place is a mess?” Isabella said she was so confident that there was nothing Davin could do to her, with just a gesture she could send her bodyguards to beat him up, he was super vulnerable to her.“Don't you ever hit me again” Davin warned, Isabella was shocked by his reaction, she had never seen him so angry and fierce looking before. Although her bodyguards were around she could swear she felt afraid a bit.“Or else what. What will you do if I hit you again?” Isabella asked.Davin ignored her, he then walked away, arguing with an amateur like Isabella was pointless. He got a broom and started cleaning up the entire mansion, he knew even if Isabella didn't remind him, he'll still
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Chapter Three
Argh”“My head…” Davin awoke with a start, his head throbbing . He took in his surroundings and noticed the cold, damp and Stony wall. A prison cell.“What? How did I get here” he asked in a puzzled state after realizing what happened a few hours ago, he almost killed Derek. “Goddamn it” he cursed.Not too long after a lady officer walked to his cell and released him, he had a visitor.***Davin took a seat beside Victoria, his expression remained calm as always, despite the ongoing commotion, his breathing was slow and steady.“Do you realize the trouble you've put yourself into?” Victoria started.“Trouble? What trouble?" There was no trace of emotion in Davin’s words, just a steady resolve.“Derek is the heir to the Madison business empire, and you dare offend him, you are lucky you aren't dead by now” “Oh” Davin raised a brow.“You think this is funny?” Victoria stamped her feet, the Madison business empire is the second biggest company in the city, and almost twice more influent
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Chapter Four
Derek arrived at his house, a fancy mansion decorated with expensive materials. He walked inside, his eyes moving at all corners as though searching for something.“Where were you at?” Magret asked from behind.Derek was shocked, he turned.“Mo…mother? You're still awake?” He asked with a shaky voice.“Yes I am” she said, waking him with a suspicious look.“I was just out with the boys” he lied, trying to avoid eye contact.“What did you do this time around Derek?” Magret covered her mouth in shock, after seeing the little blood stains on his suit.Derek noticed she had seen the stains in his cloth, so he then tried to cover it.“What have you done Derek!” She asked again.“It's none of your business!” Derek yelled back at her, as he rushed to his room.‘My dear son. You're really going to stray, I hope you'll realize what you're doing is wrong someday. And I hope by then it isn't too late’ she heaved a sigh as droplets of tears ran down her cheek.Derek used to be a good and lovable m
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Chapter Five
The Lord's Mansion.The helicopter landed gently on the large compound of the Lord's prominent mansion. The compound was lined up with hundreds of men dressed in a red and black outfit, they were the Lord's men. Very powerful martial artists that were feared all over the world, a single Lord's man could take down ten average men, they were only sent for important missions.The door of the helicopter was open and Davin was carried out with carefulness and rushed inside the mansion.Davin was placed on a royal bed, James had already arranged an ancient healer to fasten up the treatment.The healer stretched his hands on Davin's wound, he closed his eyes making some silent incarnations. Suddenly an emerald light appeared from his palms, and then with an instant Davin's wound was sealed like it was never there in the first place. But he was still unconscious."How long will he take to recover?" James asked."It shouldn't be more than 24 hours, I'm surprised he was still alive despite losi
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Chapter Six
THE WINDSOR'S MANSIONDerek arrived at his soon to be in-laws house, he was welcomed warmly, Victoria was the first to walk up to him."Welcome Derek, I'm so glad you decided to visit, however I would like to discuss something private with you if you don't mind?" Victoria requested giving him a signal."Of course I miss Margaret." He smiled and followed her to a corner.Maya could only imagine what's so important that her mother can't say in front of everyone."So what did you do?" Victoria asked in haste."I don't understand." Derek raised a brow."I'm talking about Davin, what did you do to him?""Oh, about Davin, his case has been settled." Derek replied with confidence."For real? You mean you've finally gotten rid of that wretched man?" Victoria was excited."Yes, he's not our problem anymore.""Wow thank goodness, I know I could rely on You?" Victoria had always wanted a son-in-law that was as rich and powerful as Derek, so she would be able to get rid of anyone in the city who
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Chapter Seven
THE LORD'S MANSIONDavin had recovered fully, he was in his study with James, discussing all that had happened when he was absent."While you were away Lord Darius, we hadn't been having any war threats, and so we focused more on the family's business." James said."And how's the progress?" Davin asked. He was now dressed in an expensive suit, and his hair neatly combed. He was now appearing like the billionaire he always was."The business is doing well, Lord Darius, we have expanded our reach all over the world, holding 20% of the entire world's revenue." James explained giving the computer to Davin to see for himself.Davin was amazed, the profit coming into the Lord's business empire was almost immeasurable, having 20% of the entire world's revenue, they were no doubt the richest family currently, not only do they have hundreds of companies they also have shares in others which weren't theirs."There have been a lot of improvements." Davin was impressed, there weren't so many comp
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Chapter Eight
"You don't need to get upset Mr Luther? How about ten trillion dollars? Will you refuse to sell it even if I offer you such an amount?""What the hell? Stop joking around man, do you know who I am? You can't be joking around with me.""I'm not joking around Mr. Luther, I'll ask again, will you sell it at that amount? Or how about I make it twelve trillion? Is that good enough?"Luther was dumbfounded, Davin was calling the amount like it was just some little change. No single person is worth twelve trillion. "I'm waiting for your response Mr. Luther I came with my card." Davin said, bringing out his black card."I hope this isn't some kind of prank?" Mr. Luther asked to be sure."I'm dead serious."Mr. Luther stroked his jaw, selling his company at that amount isn't such a bad idea, in fact it was a double profit, and he could even build a bigger one with that amount, why would this man even want to buy it when he could build his own. So many thoughts ran through his mind."But why'd
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Davin sat in the Beta office as he sipped on wine, watching the day get darker, a smirk formed on his face as he knew the Madison Enterprise would run out of time very soon. The thought brought him peace and satisfaction. He was going to make them pay for every single thing they did to him.On the other hand, Derek sat in his office, the weight of loss and debt pressed him down. His mind raced, searching for a way out of the mess he found himself in. The thoughts of Mr. Luther, the CEO of the Beta company, would do this to him, swirling like a storm in his mind, confusion evident on his face as he couldn't wrap his hand on what could actually be happening.Derek sat there for hours as time passed, his mind far away from reality until a knock came from the door,“Come in,” Derek answered.A lady came in, a grin vibrant on her face as she walked into the office majestically as she held an envelope,“Good afternoon sir, I'm here to ask for your permission to go on a one week break. ” Sh
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Chapter 10
Maya was worried as she tried Derek's line again and it went straight to voicemail.Different thoughts started going through her head.‘Is he still mad at mom for what she did the other day at dinner or maybe he's at a business meeting and he has just been busy lately' she thought as she tried to console herself.She tried his line again but it still went straight to voicemail, she finally gave up and decided to go look for her mum.As she got out of her room she heard noises coming from Isabella's room, it sounded as if Isabella was fighting with someone. She walked closer to check what was happening, before she could open the door she heard a loud sound.It sounded as if someone got hit, she quickly opened the door and saw Isabella on the floor.She looked away from Isabella to the man Isabella was arguing with, as she processed everything, realization hit her.“You slapped my sister?” Maya walked furiously to the stranger standing above Isabella, as she threw slaps to his face.Th
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