Path to Godhood

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Path to Godhood

By: Royal writer OngoingSystem

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Path To Godhood. A gift has been given to earth from the heaven, change in race occurs among almost all the human even amongst wild common animals. The world face a total chaos due to this race change, mothers runs away from their children while children also the same, husbands run away from the wives so did the wives. Everyone now depends on their changes for survival and magic earned by it. Those with stronger magic rules while the weak one bow or run. ___ This story revolves around Daniel Coleman our MC who try to survives, at first he is with a system and nothing more, no skills or ability, nothing at all. In this chaotic world, how does he survive?, what does the future has in store for him?.

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  • LaxmusDrone


    Love the novel ... The storyline and characters are so perfect. Waiting for the next updated

    2022-07-13 21:19:28
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14 chapters
2. Beginning of a new era (2)
           “Ahhhhh.” Daniel’s once dark and rough skin were now light and smooth, his former short black hair were now falling on long reaching his neck length, silky and smooth, looking into the mirror he stared at his fancy and glittering bottle green eyes, though all of these features were an awe, but the one feature that scared him was now his long and pointy ears.   Yeah, he thought of the fact that he reincarnated but it was too impossible since he still looked much like himself, it was just all these chronic changes   What is happening to me?, that’s right the text said an elf, oh no, I’m an elf, I’m no longer a human, my beautiful human race is gone, who am I?, what’s my name.       All these thought ran through his mind, he was freaking out, he immediately began to sweat profusely which his heart pounded with fear          «
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3. Beginning of a new era (3)
      Running recklessly through the forest, Daniel tripped unto the ground making a loud thud, he instantly stood back up and continued running to unknown directions. The sun was already setting as the dark clouds multiplied rapidly in the sky, it was vivid that a great storm was coming. After many minutes of running a long distance in the forest, he leaned himself on a tree while breathing heavily. The sun had already set and the forest now made strange and frightening sound, the forest trees and leaves were now dark green due to the absence of light in the atmosphere.       After about thirty minutes, Daniel gradually began to hear cackle noises and running footstep, he immediately stood upright and turned his head backward where he gazed at the red light from the burning flames that vastly approach to toward him.      Thump! Thump!      Daniel immediately began to run upon sighting the li
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4. Companion found
     Just six months ago, Daniel was forced to be a slave for a powerful elven lady who forced group of elven people to become her slave, the lady was extremely powerful and cheerfully shew her wrath to those who disrespected her“You stupid elf, you want to join your mates in the pit, eh.” The large man roared and gave Daniel a hard slap on his face which immediately turned red, the large man pushed him out of the scene and began walking toward a wide corner.….“Settle here dummy.” The large man scoffed and pushed Daniel into a small dark room making it almost impossible for someone to see     Thud!     The man slammed the door leaving Daniel to stand in front of the door, he stared at the complete darkness and heaved out a sigh, he walked zigzag to a corner in the room and sat“What’d you do to be in here.” A thin soft voice asked in the darkness, the voice seemed kind of blur but vividly defined that it was fro
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5. Feast for beasts or burning furnace
     Daniel’s heart throbbed with his ears properly concentrated on the words of the mistress waiting for her next statement“P-please, H-have mer-cy on us.” Stella thin voice mingled with fear, her body trembled rapidly with her eyes already red and sour with tear“Oh yes, this is the correct face before death.” The man who dragged them in mocked pounding on his feet“Okay, which would you prefer,” The mistress eyes narrow while a wicked smirk immediately appeared on her face “Yourselves as Feast to wild creatures in the forest, or get thrown into the furnace.”   Daniel and Stella finally locked their gaze to each other, they already knew what they wanted, but they looked into each other eyes to remember their selves“Fifteen seconds to decide.”“We prefer the forest.” Daniel’s voice was blur but steady with his words. The mistress instantly gave a thunderous laughter after hearing their decision, after some seconds she stopped laughi
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6. Silvanir : An haven for elf
        Ricky instantly turned around and began to hurry away from the scene. Within seconds the surrounding was not visible to Daniel, Stella and the angry creatures that banged on the door of the cage.          Crack!      The wooden lock of the cage final shattered leaving the door to open easily for the beast which jumped out of it immediately like they were happy to be free “Let use the spark burst skill.” Stella’s voice ranged in Daniel’s head like she talked directly into his brain, this was the effect of the though share “Good idea.” Daniel replied almost immediately with his gaze fixed on the flame devil which slowly advanced toward him while the metal foot for Stella “Spark burst activate.” Daniel shouted in his heart hoping that Claudius, his tentadrone will hear his call.       Instantly, a hive of golden fireflies appeared in front of the fl
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7. Red hound
        Roger cat walked gallantly across the stone tiled pavement of the street, there were lots of tall houses or special buildings around as well as the local bar, inns and tavern also visible. The surrounding was noisy with the singing and chirping of strange birds, crying of off-spring or cheering and shouting from the beautified taverns or hotels along the way. The surrounding had a scent of various kinds of fragrance from sideways flowers, ales, and others unknown to him. The hoofing of large furry creatures which helped in rolling the wheels of chariots or carriages of nobles, warriors or peasants also sounded across the street. Moreover, the street was were also visible of various posters holding information about sales, wanted criminal or nudist.        After about an hour, Roger finally reached a large area of land which was cleared neatly, leaving its bright short green grass in absence of its rough hedges,
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8. Brilliant mischief
  “Oh, okay.” The lady jotted down his words and turned towards them “All other necessary things will be done after your guild is complete.”    Daniel’s jaw dropped, it was almost impossible to find a complete guild members within three days. He turned around frustrated and instantly made his way toward the exit door furiously while Stella followed him quietly. Getting outside, the man who guarded the door stopped them with a dirty smirk on his face “They kick you out eh.”    Stella instantly gave a death glare at him upon hearing his words, her face already fumed with anger while her eyes narrowed “For your f*ucking information, we made our guild and we are going to return here in two days.” Stella angrily poked at him while Daniel watched her in agape  “Bet me, motherfu*ker.”      Stella now made the lead as she immediately turned around and hurried down the stairs leaving
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1. Beginning of a new era (1)
“F*ck off sucker head.” Daniel ran through the narrow pathway of the dusty street, behind him were three hefty men who chased after him, they were standing about 162cm off the ground having large Tommy and plump body shape . “We’ll see who you are calling a sucker head after we catch up with you dummy.” “You better keep running squidwhash.” “Yeah, you pr*ck.” The men cursed, there voice deep, grumpy and showing all features of anger. Daniel continued running helplessly through the pathway, these three men who chased after him were the greatest bullies of the town to the extent that salesmen and women would sell for them free in other to avoid unnecessary beating, they had gotten in and out of jail multiple times due to their terrorism to the town “Just leave me alone, please.” Daniel begged seeing that this pathway only lead to a dead end, though there were some beggars who slept or sat hopelessly on the ground near the trash box. There was no where to run, Daniel leaned aga
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9. Tentadrone
    Roderick nodded his head and dropped the coins into the deep pocket of his trouser. “Don’t tease me because of your build dummy, I’m a bit muscular myself.”       The man growled at Roderick word and instantly attacked him with a blow on the cheek.     The crowd instantly let out a cheer after seeing the plump red button that appeared on Roderick’s cheek. “Damn you man.” Roderick let out a shout and countered the attack with a heavy blow on the man’s cheek. A heavy fight instantly burst out in the room, drawing the attention of the others who were chanting names.     Amidst the fight, two more arms immediately sprouted out of the man armpit rendering more multiple blow to Roderick who was left with red round bruises “I thought use our ability is restricted in this tavern.” Roderick managed to breath out after receiving serious beating from the man quadruple arms. “Now lend me som
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10. Apollo [1]
**** “Wake up Daniel.” Roderick tapped Daniel repeatedly on the shoulder while he muttered his words quietly. “Roderick.” Daniel muttered after few seconds and finally sat upright on the bed with baggy eyes “Roderick, I want to ask you for a favour.” Roderick slowly stood up from the bed and moved toward a rustic themed armchair and sat on it while listening to Daniel words attentively. “Em, could you please j-join a guild I and Stella made.” Daniel muttered shamefully, scared of how Roderick would react. Gosh! What was I thinking Daniel head was about to explode, how could he ask his helper for such a thing. But unfortunately, it was impossible to reverse his words. “Soo.” Daniel asked abruptly after some few minutes of silence “Ehm, well that was not a proper way to invite someone to a guild party, but anyways, yes!” Roderick finally answered within few seconds. Daniel instantly sprang up from the bed, jumping and rejoicing. [Congratulations, one more t
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