Power Of The Angel Of Death
Power Of The Angel Of Death
Author: Leto
The Boy

It's already midnight. There is silence all around. Turn off the lights in every house. There is no noise in Dhaka city filled with noise now. Everyone is sleeping in their house. But there is no sleep in one's eyes.

A boy is standing on the edge of a six-story building in Dhaka's big buildings. It looks like the boy is 17 years old. The color of his skin is black. The boy is shorter than others of the same age as he is. The height is like 4.4 feet (1.34 m). The boy's height will not increase anymore. Because, according to the doctors, the boy's growth hormone is less than any normal boy, which has stopped him from being tall and fat. The boy has to wear glasses as he sees less in the eyes. The face is filled with various spots. Ugly to look at.

This time the boy is in class 10, his name is “Aldwin”. This house belongs to him. Like every night, today too, after everyone has fallen asleep, Aldwin is sitting on the roof and sitting on the edge. Grills are provided for protection at the edge of the roof so that no one falls down. He sits leaning against the grill and stares blankly at the sky. Every night, after everyone goes to sleep, Aldwin quietly comes to the shade and sits here and thinks about all the things that happen to him every day. Today is no exception.  

"What happened to me today? I woke up like every day. Even today, my own mother has only abused me while sitting at the dining table and having breakfast before going to school, even after waking up at the right time and being like a good boy.  But this is nothing new. I understand my mother and father. For me, they all had been humiliated a lot. Which I understood a long time ago. I can't finish counting how many times I've heard that they made a mistake by giving birth to a child like me. It's not their fault, either. Where I don't like myself, how will they like it? If there were children like me, they would also consider me a burden. However, like every day, I went to school after being abused by my father. I went to school and wrote all of Shafiq's writings today. I did everything in the class. Shariful took away my glasses even today. He then asked me to walk down the stairs without glasses. Without glasses, I fell down the stairs as I looked low in my eyes. They laugh at my condition. Even after doing many more things, like every day, everyone in the class laughed at me today. Even though I didn't do anything because Rana was in a bad mood, Rana reduced his anger by torchering me. But it's a daily occurrence. Nothing new has happened today," Aldwin thought, standing up with a sigh after thinking so much in his mind.

Standing up, Aldwin turned to the grill and grabbed the grill with both hands and looked down at the bottom of the six-story building. I can't see anything in the dark below. The cold wind is blowing. The weather looks like the storm will start raining in a while. 

Aldwin is physically weak compared to other teenagers, looking black, ugly, no one makes friends with Aldwin. At first, Aldwin did not understand why he did not have friends of all his peers, but he did not. But as time went on, Aldwin understood the society. He found out why he didn't have any friends. Why did everyone avoid him? Why is Aldwin everyone's laughingstock? 

When Aldwin was studying in third and fourth standard, many boys used to come to play with Aldwin. They used to roam around with Aldwin. Later, Aldwin realized that they all used to be friends with him to use Aldwin because Aldwin's father had money.

Realizing this, Aldwin stopped mingling with them. Since he is not like other ordinary boys, both her mother and father consider Aldwin a burden. The words said by neighbors and relatives cannot be said, or they cannot be talked about. They are called Tiwari, laughter, sarcasm, etc. Hearing everyone's words, both Aldwin's father and mother always said numerous things to Aldwin in anger, pain, and hatred. Also beating. Of course, Aldwin does not hate them because of what they do with him. Unable to say anything to anyone, they express their anger at Aldwin. 

Aldwin started to understand the rules of the society from an early age. Every day in the class, everyone laughs at Aldwin. Aldwin is also not good at studies. If there was someone else in Aldwin's place, he would have committed suicide a long time ago. Otherwise, he would have broken down mentally and went into depression as he tolerates the hurt, humiliation, and laughter given by everyone. But Aldwin hates no one but one. And that one is Aldwin himself.

"God does not create everyone in the same way. Someone is rich. Some people are poor, and black. Someone is fair. God has created everything beautiful and ugly, black and white, rich and poor, tall and short. So, why doesn't anyone like black, ugly people even though everyone likes fair, beautiful people in society? Why don't the poor get the respect they get when the rich get respect? Why? Why? Why? Why?

I have heard that there is a reason behind every human being born. Is that really so? If that's true, what's the reason for my birth? I didn't want to be born. So, why was I born? If I was born, why amn't I beautiful? Why am I black and so short? Why do I have to bear the humiliation given to me by everyone? Why do I have to hurt everyone? If I wasn't like that, I'd have friends too. I was as happy as everyone else. "Standing on the grill on the edge of the six-story building, Aldwin looked down and thought about the words in his mind. 

The words remained in Aldwin's mind. No one could hear the words. They didn't understand the feelings of Aldwin's mind. While looking down, a smile suddenly appeared on Aldwin's ugly face. As soon as he smiled, Aldwin's big and hollow teeth came out. He sat up on the grill and smiled and hung his legs in the air. Aldwin looked down as he hung up. If I move a little, Aldwin will fall down. And if he falls from here, he will die directly. But Aldwin did not sit here to commit suicide.

It's been 767 times today. I have sat here 767 times to commit suicide. But I didn't do it even once. I won't do it anymore. 

Because life can only be found once. I wasn't born of my own free will. I still remember the hardships I've had since I was born. The pain will never go away. However, I don't want to die. Because when you die, it's all over. I want to live. But I would rather not live like this. I intend to kill those people for whom it’s difficult for me to live. Yet I don't have that much physical strength. And I don't want to kill anyone. I wish to kill countless people, but I can't regret it. How close I am to death. If I move a little, I'll fall down. Haha haha! And if you fall down, death is certain."

After saying the words to himself, Aldwin started to move with a loud laugh

The grills are shaking. Aldwin looks like he can fall down at any time. Aldwin's smile won't go down. Because the 6th floor is empty. At present, there are no tenants on the 6th floor. After laughing for a while, he stopped smiling and stopped moving. At the moment, Aldwin's face became lifeless.

"Day by day, I feel like all my feelings are running out. But what when it's over? Everything in this world, the beauty of the outside, is the real beauty. And there is nothing of that beauty in me. It's not just beauty, I don't have any talent. I want to know why I don't have it. But from whom should I know? Who will answer me?"He sits quietly on the thin grill and looks up at the sky with his lifeless eyes. He doesn't remember the last time she cried. Earlier, white used to cry a little bit. Yet now, no matter how much pain in him, the water does not come out of his eyes. Both his eyes were dry. Crying or the mind is light. So perhaps due to not crying, the feeling of whiteness is decreasing.

The desire to kill has come to Aldwin's mind many times. But he does not have enough physical strength. Everyone's abuse, humiliation, hurt, pain, anger has made Aldwin mentally strong. 

"It looks like it's going to rain. Let's go to the room. You have to get up early in the morning or tomorrow there will be more problems." said the words to himself and took a deep breath. 

As Aldwin turned back to get off the grill, his right hand slipped between his two hands holding the grill. Within seconds, Aldwin lost balance and fell down from the roof. Aldwin didn't understand what had happened to him. 

Aldwin just understands and is stepping downwards. Aldwin is falling down from the 6th floor. The chances of survival are less than 0.001%. It seems that the time is going very slowly. White wants to scream. But he knows very well that there is no use in shouting. 

"What happened? I feel like I'm going down. Am I going to die like this after suffering so much since I was born? Should I laugh? Are you messing with me? Does God hate me so much? Even after suffering so much, I wanted to endure everything and live, so god is killing me? But why? Haven't I done anything?", he thought to himself as he fell down.

It has already come down to the 3rd floor. And in a few seconds, Aldwin will fall to the ground. And immediately Aldwin's life will end. He accepts his death. Because he knows there is no way to live now. 

"There are a few seconds left for my death. I wanted to survive so much pain, but God is killing me. I don't know what will happen after I die. But if I get a chance to live a new life again, I want strength, beauty, intelligence. I don't know if I can be born again. But if I can be born again, I will not tolerate anything else. I will finish everyone who wants to hurt me. "As he is thinking of the words, Aldwin's eyes seem to be coming out of the flames. 

Aldwin's eyeglasses have already fallen down. So, Aldwin is looking at the fog. Yet, he kept both his eyes open. Despite knowing that his death is certain, there is no sign of fear in him. 

It looks like 2 floors,

Then the 1st floor.

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