"Time of death 11:57 am" Simeon announced to the guest and family.

Simeon walked outside dragging the cigarette, taking a smoke. He smirks" Hahaha hahaha. It was this easy" he continues laughing while he drops the cigarettes into the trash bin along with the poison syringe and walks into the complex.

A tall man with pale skin in a dark suit dressed in complete black walked to the trash outside the complex. He puts on a black glove, picks up the syringe Simeon threw, and puts it into the transparent nylon.

He walked through the crowd of people mourning in the hospital. He puts on a white medical mask, picks up a random doctor's coat, puts it on, and enters the VIP room where Madam Magdalene lies. He injects another empty syringe into Magdalene's veins, draws out a handful of blood, and puts it with ice into a bag. He touched Magdalene's hand and said.

"My lady, young princess Yukimmura, I hid, shall obey your last command. It was an honor serving you, Madam Magdalene Yukimura."
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