15: THE PLOT 1
The glass door of the prime medical complex opens up. Doctors and nurses rush Kingston into the hospital, attending quickly to his injuries. A beautiful blonde, pale-skinned woman lavished in fine dress drove into the vicinity. "How is my husband? Where is Kingston? If anything happens to him. You all pay with your life." She narrowed her green eyes, threatening the nurses as she hurriedly entered the medical complex.

"Jun Hee You shouldn't do that? We are all worried as well; however, the doctors are the ones you must sugarcoat to do their best at this very moment and not threaten them." An average paled-skinned woman with short hair and flashing glasses cuts in. Jun Hee scans her eyes on the short woman in an expensive red trench coat with black cloth wolf life fur on the collars of the coat, and the lady continues.

"Are you worried because you dress like someone who is attending a wedding party? It's not convincing. If anything happens to Kingston your husband paul will lose his
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