"I was told Kingston was transferred to another medical complex. Where did you transfer him to?" Ha, Yeon slams the desk.

"I was not even aware. He was transferred without consulting me. He was comatose the last time I saw him. I should have got rid of him when I had the chance." Simeon slams his desk. Kim and Ha Yeon take their seat and continue

"On the subject matter of getting rid of Kingston, I have a way we could pull it off. I was planning to do it alone at the right time, especially in the period of political matters but this accident has opened a door of opportunities to me, we must strike right now that he is in a coma"

"Don't tell me you are the one who tried to kill Kingston. Simeon raised a brown eye.

"No, I wish I was, but fortunately, I am not the one who has the balls to plan an attack on him."

"Beats me; I am not the one. I don't see why Marylyn would do so. I don't think she noticed anything about her mother's death because I made everything clear. So who mig
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