19. Showdown 1
The lawyer and other groups had joined him with my grandfather's share. The board had taken bribes and not only that.

Paul had created videos of their corruption and theft as evidence to blackmail them. They had no choice but to obey Kingston. My mother was pissed off. She tried talking this out when my father when he got home. If she could take the shares in the fashion company, she might have a chance however my father slammed and beat her up. I too became a recipient of male violence. Each day my mother strives to get her company back.

This was the beginning of male violence in our home. My mother became weaker and weaker. She didn't have time to quarrel with my father. She was bedridden and at some point, my father brought home a female assistant named Kim. He was busy enjoying life and paid no attention to us. I had believed they were having an affair. That assistant disdains me. She hated me with passion. It was as if she had sworn to destroy me for no reason and the about th
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