20: Showdown 2 Slogan
Alex points to his broken bottle and Kim feels irritated. Her eyes narrowed while her face flashed in anger

"I see you quit a stubborn thirteen-year-old child. Every child I have beaten would normally fall or coward out in fear however here you are on your feet and a bastard dared challenge me" Her voice sounded louder

"You not important slut, what is more important is my mother's gown. You have no right to put it on prostitute" Alex's words cut like a knife and Kim begins to walk towards Alex. Alex takes a defensive battle stand against any kick however Alex gets more than what he bargains for as Kim walking towards him suddenly begins to acrobatically spill and rotate her body with a high hill in midair like such athletic skill.

Alex was confused because he couldn't calculate if it was an axe-spinning kick or a punch that was coming his way. He only felt a thousand strikes in a forceful kick on top of his head that made him bite his tongue. Alex felt his entire body crash to th
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