"We see nothing! We hear nothing! We do nothing except we are asked to do something"

"We are only a family butler as you already know. We intend not to do more than that" Alfred bows his head and Miss Kim is amazed.

"Wow! This is good! I love this" She claps her hands in awe of how professional the butler of the Yoon family was.

"Well then! Miss Kim, please excuse us" The butlers and the maid take their leave grabbing Alex to his room and Kim strides the stairs back to the room upstairs. at the same time, the commotion had woken Marylyn up from her bed. Her eyes spilled around, She could hear the voice of Alex and a strange voice struggling with him. She mustered all the strength to get up. She falls to the ground.

"Alex! My son" She mustered all the strength in her body and began to walk towards the living room where his voice sounded from. She walked into the living room and it was a mess. The broken glass table and wine rack were destroyed. She panicked and moved to Alex's r
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