Luz quickly turned towards the machine, huge balls of sweat dripping down his tender skin.

“What are the results of the analysis? Report,” Alex said, also walking towards the machine.

“DNA result came out positive. With 99.9% count. This can only mean that sample B belongs to either the child's father or mother. Congratulations to them,” the laboratory system announced.

Luz shivered, huge drops of tears rolling down his cheeks. If magic is not to be trusted, what about advanced science? He had been carefully watching Alex throughout the process and can swear that nothing shady took place.

“Dad! You are really my father! How is this possible?” He whispered, falling to his knees, tears and snot running down his face.

Alex knelt before him, pulling him into his arms, while silently rubbing his back as he allowed his son to vent.

After a few minutes, Luz finally recovered his composure, and wiped his face with the edge of his sleeves, sniffing at intervals.

“How did you find out?” Luz whi
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