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In the age of kings and queens, where tyrants reign and the weak suffer, "The Rise of Atlas" unfolds against the backdrop of relentless wars and epic battles . Amidst this chaos stands Aerys, a humble boy destined for greatness. As kingdoms clash and empires crumble, Aerys emerges as the unlikely beacon of hope, the sole promise of a new era marked by generations of peace. Guided by his burning desire for peace and fueled by an unyielding spirit, Aerys embarks on a perilous journey, facing daunting challenges and formidable adversaries along the way. With the fate of realms hanging in the balance, Aerys must navigate treacherous politics, forge unlikely alliances, and hone his skills in the art of war. But as he rises to power, he grapples with the weight of destiny and the sacrifices it demands. "The Rise of Atlas" is a tale of courage, redemption, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. It is a saga of epic proportions, where one boy's journey becomes the catalyst for a revolution that will shape the course of history and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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Ayres ,Ayres ....Aerys! father what's with the yelling, I could hear you hear you all the way from the fields . you're asking me what the matter is? that damn bastard you call a son went into my courtiers again and mishandled my sword putting holes into everything he could find. my blood as well as yours runs through him ,he is no bastard and I'd appreciate it if you could show your grandson a little more love and affection, hes already scared of you as it is ,have some sympathy sympathy? he wont get that from me more less love and affection, a slave would be more deserving. The next time I see his hands on the sword of my father and his fathers before, be sure I'd have his head on a stake .now leave. foot steps receding Ayres father attica was the son of author the old a wise and noble man who cherishes his homeland and always strife to keep the people of Meidvere safe.The leadership of the village has been passed down from generations and generations in thier family and attic
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Battle of wills
The vreion envoy left the shores of Meidvere rather early, and this made everyone wonder what the new tension could bring for Meidvere as well as the south.Lord attica ,lord attica!“What is it ,why the fussI went into the cell this morning to serve aerys food,but then I found his chains loosened and his no where to be found, and his clothes covered in cleared out of his roomThe All father of Meidvere was in a state of shock. His grandson, Aerys, had disappeared, leaving only his loosened chains and empty room behind. Attica knew that the weight of the village's fate now rested solely on his shoulders. He turned to his father, the aging Author, and said, "We cannot depend on the mercy of Trevor Vreion. We must forge our own path."With a newfound sense of urgency, Attica set forth to rally the villagers. He told them that the time had come to stand up for themselves and their future. They could no longer be dependent on the whims of others. The villagers, once cowed by the power of
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Aerys was taking to the steapest part of the mountains where there caves used to hold prisoners , he was chained both by hand and legs held to the wall like a piece of order was giving by trvor that he should be tortored and jamie saw to this explicitlyInside the cave, Aerys was unchained and thrown to the floor. Jamie gave him a cold, cruel smile. "Consider this your new home, slave." he said as stripped and floged him mercilesslyAerys lay there, feeling the cold stone beneath him. He could hear the sound of dripping water echoing through the cave, and the distant howling of wolves. Despite the darkness and bleakness of his surroundings, Aerys knew he had to find a way to escape. He needed to warn the people of Meidvere about the Vreions' cruel plans and the danger they posed.aerys had already spent weeks being totured and carfully studying the terrain of the cave ,planing his escape with his litlle strength left.”you have an innocent face ,but youre not that innocent are y
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Days passed since the escape of Aerys and lyra and the manhunt for them still continues to no avail, and trevor returns to his home with little good news for his brother. On arriving at the docks of cree ,trevor was welcomed by the generals of cree and a parade ,soon after he had an audience with the king as he was summoned cutting short his homecomingAs Trevor stood before the king, he felt the weight of the situation pressing down on his shoulders. The king's gaze was intense, his eyes gleaming with questions."Tell me general Trevor," the king began, his voice booming through the room and all the elders eyes set on trevor, "Is it false news i hear you have failed me in the south, allowing a rebellion brew against my name. The commoners now think they have rights and challenge me for it, “but my king” trevor said trying to defend himself…silence ,you have failed our house, you are week just like your father. I want meidvere and the south to bow to me and if not they better yet lie
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As Seth spoke, Aerys and Lyra listened in silence, their hearts heavy with the weight of his words. The fire crackled, casting flickering shadows on the walls of the cave, and they could hear the distant sounds of the jungle coming to life with the rising sun.Despite their own sorrows, they felt a profound sense of gratitude for the few moments of peace they had found together. They knew that their journey was far from over, and they would need to rely on each other to navigate the dangers that lay ahead.The three of them spent the day resting and recuperating, tending to Lyra's wounds and sharing stories of their pasts. They talked about their dreams, their fears, and their hopes for the future. A strange bond began to form between them, as they discovered that their shared experiences had made them unlikely allies in a world that was often cruel and unforgiving.Day broke and they kept moving as Seth accompanied them as he knew about skull island more than any of them. They were h
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Lord Allen, its good to see you again. Its been so long ,i have news i have gotten the location and time for the next shipment of gold. We could do a number on them by destroying it making sure its nit used to fund their army.“i knew sending you undercover into vrieon territory wasn’t a bad call ,thank you Jonas you have served me well. jonas smiled,feeling a sense of pride in his work.”glad to be of assistance my lord.Ill gather men and make the necessary preparations for the attack on the shipment”.Aerys listened intently as Jonas and Allen spoke in hushed tones outside his tent. He had a bad feeling about everything and knew that he had a lot to learn about the inner workings of the Dark Order. As he lay in his tent, he couldn't help but wonder if he was truly willing to fight for this cause this way. Despite his misgivings, he knew that he had no other choice but to do his part and hope for the best.As the days turned into weeks, Aerys and Lyra continued to train and learn from
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As Aerys and Allen continued their fierce duel, the cave echoed with the clash of steel and the grunts of exertion. Aerys fought with all the strength and skill he could muster, driven by a mixture of anger and disbelief at Allen's betrayal. How could he have been so blind as to trust him?But despite his rage, Aerys couldn't deny the truth in Allen's words. He had seen firsthand the atrocities committed by House Vreion, and he knew that they were capable of unspeakable cruelty. If Allen truly was a defector from their ranks, then perhaps there was a chance for redemption.As the battle raged on, Aerys found himself pushed to his limits. Allen's years of combat experience gave him the upper hand, and Aerys struggled to keep up with his relentless onslaught. But deep down, he knew that he couldn't afford to lose. Not now, not when everything was at stake.With a burst of adrenaline, Aerys redoubled his efforts, matching Allen blow for blow. He could feel the fire of determination burni
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Lord vreion,so many of our ships has been ambushed and lit on fire ,we need to take care of this problem. “We will ,general. This rebels need food and money because they lost a lot during our attack, so…that is what we would give them.The general staired in confusion wondering if trevor is suffering from a concussion as he showed his disapproval for his thoughts asking him if he could hear himself speak.“Its a ploy ,we load our biggest ship with gold and grains set to be shipped out at noon as they would find out after they gather thier information. Its the biggest yet they’d definitely try to raid it and they wont send lackey's this time around, Allen will come himself and so will my price.if we take out the head the, body can’t see nor can it move ,talk less of being alive. Listen carefully, pull in all our men in the nearby boarders and arm them .I want two ships one for the plan and another sailing for the red sea.”As you command it lord vreion said the general as he stepped
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