The Almighty Lord Janssn

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The Almighty Lord Janssn

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A parasitic virus that turns humans into vicious creatures was discovered. Alexander Jansen, a CEO who joined the Parasitic Creature Eradication Organization, was killed in a tunnel after successfully concocting a potion. When he wakes up, Jansen comes to the year 2070 where the parasitic virus has hit almost the entire world. Jansen learns that his family and the victims of the virus have become personal weapons for monetary gain. A system with monster-fighting power abilities emerges. When Jansen's power crumbles and the Parasitic Creature Eradication Organization betrayed, Jansen starts the fight from ground zero. To avenge his family's death, how does Jansen rise up against the Parasitic Creature Eradication Organization? How will Jansen fight the most powerful man in the world—who is hiding behind everyone and wants to kill him?

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1. The Accident
"LET GO OF YOUR HAND, MR. FRANK!""SHUT THE FUCK OFF, JANSEN!"Jansen was already out of breath when Frank's hand grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. His body was cornered after being slammed against the wall.Jansen's heart was beating quite fast. As he tried to compose himself, he was transfixed by the glint of ambition in Frank's eyes.Meanwhile, there was no one else in the area at the edge of the forest. Even if Jansen tried to shout for help, no one would hear him."I told you to take me up on my offer to work together! This business is going to be very profitable, Jansen," Frank said in an emphatic voice.Jansen shook his head. His grip on the document automatically tightened. He hid the folder behind his back."Use your head, Mr. Frank. You're using virus victims as your own personal weapon to make huge profits. You're crazy!"Frank grinned after hearing Jansen's words."You're too naive. Do you think the spread of the virus will be stopped? Sooner or later, they'll die!"
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2. Come to Future
[CONGRATULATIONS, ALEXANDER JANSEN! YOU HAVE CHOSEN LIFE AGAIN!][WAIT A MINUTE! THE SYSTEM IS SYNCHRONIZING...][15%][27%][33%][47%]"Argh. Where am I?" Jansen asked as he held his head.With a groan of pain, Jansen tried to get up from his position. He flinched briefly as he massaged the back of his aching head.[89%][95%][100%... SUCCESS!][HEALTH POINT: 47% [DANGER]][PROCESSING PAIN HEALING][DONE!][HEALTH POINT: 100% [VERY HEALTHY]][CONGRATULATION! YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN ONE POWER-ABILITY AS A GIFT!][POWER ABILITY: STRONG IMMUNITY][This power ability is a form of immunity that heals pain without the need for medicine. It will work automatically when you get attacked by half-human parasite monsters].Jansen suddenly gasped in panic at the sight of a blue beam in front of his face. He spontaneously waved his hand repeatedly to repel the blue light. But his efforts were unsuccessful."Hey! What is this?! Gosh!" Jansen grumbled in annoyance and a bit of fear.[Alexander Jansen
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3. A Life-Apocalyse
"What's going on here?" Jansen asked softly.In front of him now, Jansen witnessed a residential scene of abandoned two-story buildings. Many trees, broken cars, and building debris were scattered everywhere.People looked shabby and frightened. There were several tents of makeshift health posts. Some people carried family members and friends, while others were busy treating people infected with the virus."As you can see. This is how people live now," said Matthew beside Jansen.After a brief encounter with the monsters a few moments ago, Jansen was escorted by Matthew to the neighborhood. But Jansen did not expect that the living situation of the townspeople was this bad."They live in these abandoned buildings?" Jansen looked around. "Yes. There is no security. They only rely on logs to block the door to hide. Every night, some monsters will start arriving," Matthew replied.Jansen sighed heavily. He felt furious remembering what the Parasitic Creature Eradication Organization ha
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4. Meet After Years
"What are you doing, Jansen?!" Matthew exclaimed when he saw Jansen approaching the infected woman. Jansen ignored Matthew's rebuke and stopped in front of the infected woman. With his breath catching, Jansen focused his concentration on the woman. A split second later, Jansen saw a system hologram screen in front of his face. [VIRUS TYPE DETECTION] [NAME: T-ABYSS VIRUS] [DESCRIPTION: A virus that multiplies rapidly in just one hour. It makes the victim aggressive, uncontrollable, has trouble breathing, and becomes extremely strong] [STRENGTHS: In bites and scratches. The T-Abyss virus will cause sensitive fluctuations that make it aggressive every time the victim sees prey. The level of sensitivity to the sound of movement is very high] 'Aggressive agitation every time the victim sees prey?' Jansen thought. "I'M FINE! AARGGHH!" The woman's voice sounded like it had changed to a male baritone. Jansen watched as two other men arrived with ropes. While Matthew and another man
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5. They Turn Into Monster!
"WELCOME TO THE TRAINING CENTER! ENJOY THE VARIOUS TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES THAT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER. Jansen was speechless as he entered the lobby of the Training Center building. As he walked with Matthew and nearly 148 other selected individuals, Jansen took in the futuristic design of the building. There was a large LED screen stretching across the gate that separates the lobby from the inner building. To the left were six glass-tube elevators, several flying robots, and a high ceiling that curved slightly inward. In the center of the lobby was a circular reception desk, guarded by giant robots on each of its four sides. What surprised Jansen was that there were four humans standing guard at the reception desk. What were they there for? Several weapons were mounted on the right and left sides of the ceiling area. Jansen was confused as to why these weapons were pointed at the lobby floor where he was. "Matthew, did they deliberately place these weapons near the ceiling?
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6. The Little Battle
"Alexander Jansen, the head of the organization would like to see you." Jansen stopped his movements while practicing resistance techniques. The direction of his gaze spontaneously shifted to a guard coming toward him. Jansen turned his gaze to Matthew, who had been training with him. Matthew gave a nod of his head as if to let Jansen go. Although they both looked confused. "What's the need?" asked Jansen, who walked up to the male guard. "You can only know after dealing with Mr. Frank. Come on, follow me." Jansen's brow furrowed even more after the guard man answered. He felt a little irritated because the guard man in front of him was not friendly at all. Unable to resist, Jansen followed the guard. He had been thinking about Frank, who had become the leader of the organization. Even during training, Jansen couldn't fully use his concentration. Part of his focus was on Frank. He remembered that before he almost died in the tunnel that night, Frank had been chasing him to get
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7. New Mission: Find Secret Room
"RUARRRGGHHHH!" "STOP!" Frank called out an order and the parasitic half-human monster stopped its attack. The half-human monster's tentacle arms instantly moved backwards after being twisted relentlessly by Jansen.Jansen moved out of the way with his breath catching. Sweat poured from his temples. He stared at the half-human monster that had turned back into a human. 'What kind of monster is that?' Jansen thought as he watched the half-human monster before him. In all the time Jansen had been researching parasitic virus monsters, he had never found a parasitic monster that could control shapeshifting. The first parasitic virus that Jansen discovered turned humans into full-fledged monsters. So how did the parasitic virus develop into this? "You," Frank said, pointing at Jansen in exasperation. "You haven't answered my question." Frank approached Jansen. As Frank moved, the system screen in front of Jansen's face changed appearance. [WARNING! YOUR HEALTH POINTS ARE REDUCED BY
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8. What's Secret They're Trying to Hide?
"Ah, shit..."Jansen walked backwards with a dumbfounded expression on his face. His entire body froze watching the figure of a man staring at him intently. The form of the man beside him was human, but Jansen saw that both his hands were covered in sleeves. Jansen already felt an uncomfortable feeling. His mind pictured the half-human parasitic monster in Mr. Frank's room a few hours ago. "No one is allowed to wander around during the late hours of the night. Rules are rules," said the stranger beside Jansen. The stranger's tone implied a small growl. Although his gaze was intense, there was still a calmness to it. "I didn't do anything. I just accidentally saw this room," Jansen replied awkwardly. "Go away. Don't let me forcibly evict you," the man retorted threateningly. Jansen did not move immediately. He held his hands low as he watched the man in front of him from the ground up. At that moment Jansen's curiosity was somehow drawn to the two arms of the man in front of h
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9. Searching For Document
"What did I just witness?" muttered Jansen under his breath. Now Jansen leaned one side of his body against the wall. His adrenaline was pumping after witnessing what was inside the giant incubator room of the monsters. In all his years of research on monsters, he had never built an incubator room to confine monsters. So why was the Parasitic Creature Eradication Organization doing that now? [JANSEN, YOU HAVE A MISSION TO COMPLETE!] "Argh!" Jansen growled in annoyance at the sound of his system. Jansen raised his head and looked irritably at the system's blue LED beam in front of his face. "Why are you giving me a mission to the document room again? Who exactly are you? Why did you bring me to this year?" grumbled Jansen who spoke to the system. [Jansen, you must calm your anger. You must complete all the missions to get your questions answered] Jansen let out a harsh sigh as he laughed sarcastically after hearing the system's words. In his opinion, it was not something that d
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10. Should He Tell About His Origin of Existence?
"Hey, did you know that today is the start of the parasite monster training?" Joseph asked in an enthusiastic tone as soon as he finished getting ready.Jansen had just entered his dorm room while drying his hair with a small towel. He saw Ryann acting like she was about to punch someone. Jansen stopped walking for a moment, looking at Ryann in confusion. "Oh, hello, you!" Joseph greeted Jansen as the smile on his face spread. When Ryann stopped jumping up and down while punching the air, Jansen resumed his steps towards the closet near the bed. "I don't think I saw you last night. Where did you go?" asked Ryann in a friendly tone. While preparing his clothes for today's serious training, Jansen replied, "None of your business." Ryann frowned somewhat surprised at Jansen's answer. During the silence, she exchanged glances with Joseph, asking about Jansen's reaction through facial expressions. "Oh, right. We're not close enough for me to know what you're doing," Ryann replied
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