The Billionaire Pauper
The Billionaire Pauper


Reuben took the parcel from the front desk and walked hurriedly to his motorbike.

He had only a few minutes left for the due time for delivery, and this client seemed like a wealthy and arrogant person from his voice.

In all his one year of being a delivery Captain, he had always tried his best to deliver his parcels on time and in good shape to avoid being scolded by angry and frustrated clients and worse, his company.

This parcel seemed unusually lighter but he had no concern about it because his only duty was to deliver.

He qúickly flipped the parcel carefully into his backpack and swiftly tucked it on his back.

He took his checklist to find out that the supposed parcel was a pack of condoms.

He frowned. ‘ Who orders a whole pack of condoms?’ He thought.

At that moment, he got angry at the receiver of the parcel..

‘ Well maybe there is a reason to celebrate’ he said.

Suddenly, he remembered that the day was his first marriage anniversary with his wife Louisa.

He smiled faintly. The thought of the anniversary made him happy.

He's got a surprise for his wife to make this a memorable one.

With the happiness, he got onto his motorbike and roared the engine to life. He put on his helmet and gloves. He quickly sped onto the road following the map's direction on his phone.

He soon got to the hotel with the address stated on the parcel. He was allowed entry by the security officers seeing him in his company's attire.

They automatically recognized him to be a delivery man.

He got to the reception and was directed to the room of the recipient of the parcel courtesy the receptionist

He got to the door and glanced at his time.

He was two minutes early.

“ Right on time" He said and smiled as he knocked on the door heavily.

The door opened. He looked in and was shocked to his wits. He stood there with his body heavily shaking and staring at what he saw.

A man and a woman holding hands and kissing.

He stood there watching them as if he had seen a ghost.

The man looked at Reuben and fired at him.

“ Who are you and why did you interrupt my business you fool? ”

Reuben stood just staring at him.

His heart began to pump faster than usual

He was visibly angry

The man looked at the woman and realized she had also frozen in shock.

He looked at Reuben and then at the lady.

“ What's going on here? ” he asked with a surprised look at the lady

“ Reuben!! What are you doing here? ” the lady finally spoke, looking surprised.

Reuben still kept quiet.

“ Wait, what!? Do you guys know each other? the man asked, looking surprised.

“ Well Louisa is my wife,” Reuben said, shaking his head.

A smile waved across the man's face. Reuben looked surprised. He had expected the man to look remorseful but that was not the case.

The man laughed hysterically

“ You?? Oh so you are the lucky chap huh. A delivery guy! Well mister, I must say you were very lucky to have come in contact with this woman. ” he said.

Reuben said nothing but just kept staring at the duo.

“ I'm no lucky chap man. Louisa is my legally married wife. You are aware and yet you are going out with her?” Reuben shouted in an angry tone

Suddenly the man's mood changed immediately. He pointed a finger at Reuben

“ Now look here young man. You better apologize to us right here and now before I report you to your company for rude behavior and make sure you get fired.

“ I have no apologies to make. We all know who is supposed to. You are kissing my wife right in front of my face and you expect apologies huh? Oh so so you were going to use the condoms on my wife you fool. ” Reuben replied pointing a finger at the man

“ Apologize now or I will call the security to throw you out!! " The man threatened as he took out his phone

Reuben looked unmoved.

“Why did you do this Louisa?

“You want to know?? It's Because you are just a stupid poor man I have as a husband you fool" Louisa replied

He was filled with rage. He pointed an accusing finger at his wife

“ I trusted you Louisa! Now you do this. I'm so disappointed in you… " He could not finish his sentence as someone tapped him from behind.

He turned to see three security officers.

“ Sorry sir you need to leave now" one of them said

“ I'm not” Reuben retorted

Before he could say another word the officers held his belt and hand and began dragging him out.

“ Hold on guys,” The man said, smiling wickedly.

The officers stopped.

The man walked to Reuben and opened his backpack. He took out the parcel and signaled them to take him away

“ You will regret this Louisa!! ” Reuben fired as he was being dragged out.

The man laughed hysterically with the pack of condoms in his hand.

The security officers took Reuben to the car park and ordered him out

Reuben sat on his motorbike but not after giving the guards a piece of his mind

Just before he set off, he received a call. He picked it and waited for the voice of the caller.

It was that of an old man.

“ Hello Reuben, it's time for you to take care of the companies and organizations as the CEO” The caller said without exchanging any pleasantries. Reuben immediately recognized the voice.

“ Ok” he replied simply

“ So you want your wife to be the heir to your property or not?? ” the caller asked again.

He grinned wickedly before his reply

“ I don't think so,” Reuben said and the call dropped.

He heaved a heavy sigh and left the premises of the hotel on his motorbike

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