Louisa went to the hotel and met with Jakes as they talked for the last time.

Jakes made it clear that he had confirmed news from the Brooks mansion that Reuben and Annabelle were going out on a date the following day.

He, however, stated that they did not know exactly where and when they were planning to go.

Louisa rejoiced with the news as she knew they were getting closer to victory.

Jakes told her he had the vans ready, and they also knew where they would be sending Annabelle after they had gotten hold of her.

He had a private ship that was on the shores of the seas, waiting for him.

He planned on going back home with Annabelle on the ship instead of air.

He was doing that for his own safety, at least,until things went calm.

After about thirty minutes of talking with Louisa, they finally dispersed, and Louisa went back home to prepare for the day ahead.

It was a careful and nice plan they had laid out there, and they were sure it was going
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