Chapter 5505
Meanwhile, in the old town district of Aurous Hill.

The Ackers’ originally eye-catching convoy had dispersed before entering the old town district, making it less eye-catching. However, all vehicles were still closely guarding the vehicle that Charlie’s grandmother and uncle were riding in from all directions.

Helen and Sophie had already had breakfast in the old mansion that Charlie’s parents used to live in.

Sophie was already dressed up smartly, and she picked up her handbag and said to Helen, “Mom, I’m going to Aurous University of Finance and Economics.”

Helen nodded and said, “Drive safely on the road. Will you be coming back for lunch?”

Sophie said, “I won’t be coming back at noon. Autumn and I will have lunch together at the cafeteria at Aurous University of Finance and Economics.”

As one of the people in charge of Ito-Schulz Ocean Shipping Group, Sophie had been going to Aurous University of Finance and Economics with Autumn every day recently to look for Yolden for ma
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