The Consortium's Heir

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The Consortium's Heir

By: Benjamin_Jnr CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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🏆[No.2 "The Leading Star" of "The Legendary Urban Man" Contest]🏆 Darius Reid, an average university student is always looked down upon by the society. Just when he thought his life would take a turn for the worst, a phone call and a sudden inheritance changes his life. From now on, he is no longer an average university student. He is Darius Reid, the only heir to the Reid Consortium!

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"The Consortium's Heir" by Benjamin_Jnr, uncover the tale of Leo, a man caught in the whirlwind of power struggles and family legacy. Delve into a saga spanning 1006 enthralling chapters, chronicling the life of an heir destined for greatness. As you journey through their trials, relationships, and ambitions, you'll be captivated by their evolution.


This masterpiece has garnered a staggering 1.2M views and boasts an exceptional 9.9-star rating, earned through the admiration of 199 devoted readers. Seize the opportunity to experience the enthralling tale of "The Consortium's Heir."

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  • Cici Aremanita


    Cool Bro, let's also visit the Reincarnation of the Warrior, Thanks.

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  • Rosemarie Wright


    I loved reading the story. I’m only on chapter 130. It seems there is no end as it keeps getting updated. Either I pay a million or take 2 years using the bonus point to finish reading it.

    2024-02-07 05:43:29
  • Cresencia Cleofe Cruz


    I Love It, keep It up.

    2024-01-02 00:03:40
  • Megabyte


    Great novel keep it up brother

    2023-11-11 16:11:16
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    Very nice novel

    2023-10-26 15:25:07
  • Isabel Lopez


    Where is book 1?

    2023-10-17 23:31:00
  • Dorothy


    Update it

    2023-10-10 15:20:40
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    Why have there been no updates for a while now?

    2023-10-06 23:40:17
  • Isaac Kakisa Mulol


    excellent writing

    2023-09-21 13:01:43
  • Boateng


    Is it a movie please I will love to watch it

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  • Orlando Aquino


    So far so good..

    2023-08-03 07:02:07
  • Yaz Novela


    very good novel

    2023-07-28 20:11:55
  • Ambe Coates


    Nice but need more chapters please

    2023-07-24 08:03:15
  • Carl


    Great read. As expected of a great author.

    2023-07-21 13:43:48


    This book is highly recommend and got me hooked,it inspired me to push on writing my first book.:-)

    2023-07-20 16:32:49
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Latest Chapter
1161 chapters
Chapter 1
It was ten o’clock at night at the male dormitory building in the university campus. Four boys were lying on their dormitory beds talking to each other and having fun. Suddenly, the door to their dormitory room opened and a person rushed in.“Hey guys! Come take a look at this! David Lesley is proposing to Sarah Ginn! It’s being broadcasted on the school account on Groove!” He said, waving the phone in his hands.Immediately, three of the four boys who were having fun rushed towards the newcomer and sat around him, eager to know the outcome of the proposal.As to the reason for their eagerness, it was very simple. Sarah Ginn was widely acknowledged as one of the campus top beauties. Although she didn’t make it into the top 5 in the list of beauties in the campus, she was still among the top 10.David Lesley, the person who was proposing to Sarah Ginn was widely known around the whole Kingston University. He was tall, handsome and most importantly very wealthy. He came from a wealthy b
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Chapter 2
Darius heart was filled with pain as he walked towards the Sky Golden Hotel. He couldn’t believe that someone he loved and put his whole heart for could betray him like this. He had loved Sarah with his whole heart, and he thought she loved him as well. He needed to find out what went wrong with their relationship. After walking for 30 minutes, Darius finally got to the Sky Golden Hotel. As a 7-star hotel, the building was very luxurious and imposing. Everything about it screamed wealth and Darius found his self intimidated by the opulence of the building. He was still admiring the building when he saw Sarah and David walking out of the luxurious building. Darius felt his heart tugging painfully when he saw David putting his arm across Sarah’s shoulders. He was very angry at David and wanted to punch him right in the face. He however controlled himself. He was here to ask for answers, not to fight or make a scene. Darius took a deep breath before walking over to where the two of the
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Chapter 3
“You’re breaking up with me?” Darius asked, still unable to believe what he just heard. “Yes Darius, I am breaking up with you. This relationship is over.” Sarah said without an ounce of emotion evident in her voice. “As you can see, I am now in a relationship with a wealthy and handsome man who can take care of me. I wish you all the best Darius.” Sarah said with a tone of finality. She had broken off whatever relationship they shared with each other completely and made her stance clear. Unknown to Darius and Sarah, the stream was still being broadcasted, so this little episode was known to the whole student body watching the stream. The comment section was blowing up. “What does this mean? Breaking up? Does this mean that Sarah was in a relationship with someone before?” “I doubt that. Look at the person outfit. I bet that they don’t even cost up to $30. How can such a person be in a relationship with Sarah Ginn?” “You’re right. Wait, Isn’t that Darius Reid?” “Darius Reid? Wh
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Chapter 4
Meanwhile, after David and Sarah left, Darius was handed over to the police by the security staff. They cuffed him and put him in their car before taking him to the police station. On the ride to the police station, Darius was silent all through. His mind was still occupied with thoughts of the break up he just went through. There was no longer any doubt in him. Sarah had ended their relationship. It was all over now. When they got to the police station, Darius alighted from the vehicle with a blank stare on his face. They guided him to a room in the police station and told him to seat down. After five minutes, a policeman came into the room. “Darius Reid. Am I correct?” Darius nodded his head. He didn’t feel like speaking. “You are charged with three offenses for your behavior this night. You are charged for assault and battery, disruption of business, and violence.” Darius eyes widened. He didn’t know that he was charged with so many offenses! “To pay for your crimes, you hav
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Chapter 5
Darius walked without aim for over an hour. After such a long walk, he was tired. The fatigue from the fight, the break up with Sarah, and his detention at the police station finally caught up with him.He looked around his surroundings and saw that he was now at an empty park. The moon shone brightly on the park, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Darius checked the time and saw it was past twelve o’clock in the morning. He sat down on a bench and closed his eyes.The day’s events started running through his mind and a myriad of emotions ran through his heart. Darius had never actually regretted being poor in his life, but he regretted being poor today. How cool would it be if he had an abundance of wealth? If it were so, no one would be able to look down on him anymore. He wouldn’t lose Sarah to someone like David. Besides if he was very rich, beautiful women would be the least of his problems.He sighed. It was just wishful thinking. He wasn’t special neither did he have an
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Chapter 6
“Are you sure you don’t have the wrong person?” Darius asked in a skeptical tone. He was completely puzzled as to why a wealthy person would act so respectful and call him 'Young Master Reid'.“Of course not, Young Master Reid.” The man answered with a tone of certainty. He had searched for a long time and finally found the young master here. There was no way he could mistake him for another person.Darius looked at the man again. At first he had thought the phone call was a kidnapping case, and later chalked it off to a prank. However, it seemed that he was far from the truth. There was really a wealthy man who was calling him young master Reid.“Please come with me, young master Reid. My master has been waiting to meet you for a long time now.”Darius looked at the middle aged man again. Everything was happening so fast for him. It hadn’t been even a day yet since his break up with Sarah and now someone he had never seen was here claiming that an unknown master wanted to see him.Da
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Chapter 7
Darius stepped inside the room and entered what seemed to be a study. There was a huge and neat mahogany desk in the room and behind the desk sat an old man. There were some documents littered on the table, and it seemed that the old man was going through them before Bruce knocked on the door. Darius always expected the master to be someone who was high and haughty with plenty of beautiful ladies hanging around his arm. After all, he knew that the person behind this kind of wealth was far from being a simple person. However, his imagination was a little too wild and completely off the mark. The master was no high and haughty person, but a simple old man. He was the kind of person you’ll feel obligated to help to cross the busy roads on the street. As Darius was staring at the master, the master was also doing the same. He narrowed his eyes and adjusted his glasses a few times as if studying Darius like a specimen. After a few seconds of studying Darius he turned to Bruce who had ju
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Chapter 8
"It's time for you, Darius Reid, to put that life behind you and claim your proper place as the Reid Consortium's heir."Darius struggled to make sense of what his grandfather said. He was still yet to overcome the shock of finding the identity of his parents, yet his grandfather had dropped another bomb on him. He wondered how many times he would be surprised before he would be able to take a break. “The Reid Consortium’s heir?” Darius asked. “Yes, you are the Reid Consortium’s heir.” Darius grandfather answered. Darius was shocked once again. As a student of Business Management, he naturally understood what a consortium was. It was safe to say that anyone who claimed to own a consortium was immensely wealthy! What was a consortium? You only qualified to say you owned a consortium when you had more than 50% shares in all the affiliated businesses involved! Darius looked at his grandfather differently. This revelation explained why everything here was so luxurious and why his gra
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Chapter 9
Darius woke up after a long and refreshing sleep. He had taken a very long time to shower, admiring the luxurious and exquisite decorations in the bathroom, as well as the beautiful bathtub and full wall mirror. After taking his long shower, he draped a white bathrobe around his body and laid on the king sized bed. He was unable to appreciate the softness of the bed as he was very tired. He fell asleep almost seconds later, completely spent. Darius got up from the bed and walked towards the window. He pulled the expensive black curtains and looked outside the window from his room. Luckily today was a Saturday so there were no lectures or classes being held at the university. Darius looked at entirety of the Reid mansion from his window. He hadn’t seen it well at night, but seeing it now reminded him of the wealth that his family had. Darius recalled everything that had happened yesterday night. His whole world literally turned upside down. From being bailed for being unable to pay $
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Chapter 10
Darius was still reminiscing about his relationship and breakup with Sarah when his grandfather spoke up again. “Darius, you don’t have a car yet. Do you?” His grandfather asked. Darius didn’t respond, but the corners of his eyes were twitching madly. Of course he did not have a car! How was he supposed to afford a car when he was as poor as a church rat?! James Reid smiled with warmth when he saw his grandson’s eyebrows twitching. It reminded him so much of his son. His son Tristan Reid eyebrows would always twitch when he was annoyed. “Well that won’t do. You have to live like a Reid now. Bruce, take him to the garage and let him select two cars of his choice. Customize the cars to his taste and deliver them to him as soon as possible.” James stated authoritatively. “Yes Master James.” Bruce answered, bowing lightly. He turned to Darius who had his mouth open like a gaping fish before speaking. “Young Master Reid, this way please.” Darius sighed. From receiving a card worth $
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