Chapter 473- The Cowardly God Race And The Vile Devil Race

Ling Tian was in the sky scanning the crowd of disciples down below.

His heart was filled with both anger and frustration.

Soon, his gaze stopped on a figure that was trying to blend into the crowd as much as possible.

But despite the hood hiding their appearance, Ling Tian knew exactly who this person was.

In a fit of rage and worry, he bolted toward this person.

On the ground, Li Shen looked at Yang Su and asked.

“Yang Su, what do you mean, is that person your older brother?”

Everyone in the group heard this and they all turned to look at Yang Su.

Yang Su nodded and said.

“He looks slightly different, but I’m sure that’s him.”

While Xian was smiling off to the side, Mu Fan glanced at Yang Su’s brother in the air and scowled.

“His hair is ever redder than yours, how revolting.”

Jun frowned and elbowed Mu Fan to shut up.

As Yang Su continued to look at his brother he started to become more agitated.

He was skeptical of Xian’s words before but now that he saw his brother he was overcom
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