Somewhere in the corridors of the Imperial Palace, the first prince named Fu Wei was running at full speeds to a particular room. Several maidservants yelped in surprise as he rushed by.

Coming to a skating stop in front of a golden door, Fu Wei open it and entered.

Immediately after he entered, all sorts of sounds came rushing into his ears, evident that the room was soundproof.

Aside from hearing people talking and the footsteps of people walking around the room, the most prominent one Fu Wei heard was the sound of a baby screaming his head off.

After entering the room, Fu Wei looked in the direction of the baby's cries and saw the old midwife standing over his little brother with a blob of water conjured from a spell hovering over her index finger.

"What's with the second prince? Is he already hungry? It's not even been long since he was born."

The midwife standing over the second prince said in a perplexed tone. Meanwhile, said prince was all red in the face from his screaming, even throwing in arm and leg movements in his tantrum.

Fu Wei closed the door behind him and made his way through the servants who were carrying bloody sheets and basins of water.

They all looked towards him, but seeing who it was they only smiled and went back to tend to the paled face woman on the bed.

Fu Wei only took a glance at the woman on the bed, before he made his way to the table-like structure that held his brother.

Despite his screaming and flaying, the midwife had still managed to clean him up enough to wrap a blanket around him.

Before Fu Wei could get any closer to look at his brother, the midwife swept him up and carried him off to the woman on the bed.

Fu Wei's expression became slightly annoyed.

"Crown prince you have to wait, lady Ying hasn't met her son yet." said the midwife as she went to the bedside of the woman called lady Ying.

Despite her disheveled hair and deathly pale face, the woman's beauty could not go unnoticed. As a matter of fact, even the Empress herself would be slightly inferior to her when she's in her top condition.

Fu Wei not having anything to do, only sat on a chair off to the side kicking his legs, while having an impatient look on his face.

Over at the bed, the baby had stopped his crying when he was handed over the smiling woman.

After a moment of cooing and rocking, the woman name lady Ying began to cough a little.

The midwife who was next to her said, "Lady Ying don't force yourself, even though the delivery was successful, your body is still weak from the exertion."

As she said that, she gently took the baby from her.

Lady Ying was slightly reluctant, but she could only nod her head.

"Don't worry, the second prince will be in the room next door, when you've recovered you'll have all the time to be with him then."

Lady Ying again nodded at the midwife's words.

Then, the midwife began walking to the exit with the second prince.

Seeing this, Fu Wei jumped up and followed her out. Just like the midwife said, she went to the room next door that was already prepared for the second prince.

A baby bed was situated in the middle of the room, with child-like drawings sprawled across the walls of the room.

After placing the second prince into the small bed, she turned to the Fu Wei and said, "Now Crown prince you should be careful with your brother, don't pick him up least you drop him and cause an injury."

Fu Wei nodded his head at the midwife.

Despite being the crown prince, he didn't dare be disrespectful to this old woman.

He didn't know what position she held in the Imperial Court, but when all the ministers and court officials speak with her, their deference wasn't any lower than when they were speaking to his father.

Even his father, the Emperor, spoke to her with slight respect in his voice.

After Fu Wei nodded, the old midwife turned to leave.

Fu Wei watched as the door close with a slight smile on his lips. He stood there and waited for a moment.

When he was sure she was gone, his slight smile fell from his lips, as he turned to his brother who was in the crib.

The demeanor he once had of a naïve and immature child was completely gone. His cold and somewhat emotionless eyes bore down at the newly born second prince.

For a ten-year-old to have such a cold and detached look in his eyes was actually frightening to see. His immature features also didn't make things look any better, he just stood there staring down at his brother.

After a while, his voice that sounded nothing like before echoed in the room.

"Why couldn't you have been a girl?"

As the question left his lips the only reaction the second prince had was to stare at his older brother.

Fu Wei then bent down over the crib and place his hand on his brother's belly, his cold and emotionless demeanor suddenly vanish like it was only an illusion, and then a warm smile started to spread across his lips.

"And the worst thing of all, people are saying that you were born with the blessings of the heavens, isn't that just ridiculous?"

Fu Wei began to slide his hand slowly upwards towards his brother's throat.

Despite Fu Wei's hand being a small, ten-year-old hand, he was still able to wrap it around his brother's neck.

The second prince showed no reaction at this, though as a baby who was just born, he couldn't possibly know what was happening.

With the warm smile still on his face, Fu Wei continued to speak.

"If it turns out that your talent is greater than mine, father might just take away my title as the Crown prince and give it to you."

Killing intent flashed across Fu Wei's eyes as he said, "That title belongs to me, and only me. If you ever surpass me in cultivation in the future, I'll have you killed."

As Fu Wei spoke, his hand slightly tighten around his brother's neck, but before he could squeeze down any harder to do any real damage, he heard footsteps echoing outside of the door.

Fu Wei released his brother's neck and quickly rose, but his brother who hadn't reacted at all, suddenly grabbed onto his index finger before he could fully pull back his hand.

Fu Wei suddenly felt something entering through his finger from his brother's small palms. That something he felt caused pain to shoot through his entire right arm. He grunted and immediately try to pull his finger from his brother's grasp, but to his astonishment, his brother's grip remained firmly clamped onto his finger and he was lifted slightly off of his back from his pulling.

The footsteps came closer and Fu Wei began to panic a little.

"Let go you freak."

He growled out and was about to pull harder, but before he could, he stared with wide eyes at his baby brother as a golden aura suddenly appeared around his entire body.

Within a flash, it condensed onto his little palms and entered his index finger.

Fu Wei almost let out a scream from the pain coming from his arm. That pain suddenly moved from his right arm to the middle of his forehead, causing him to bite down on his lips. What followed, was a plum blossom with six petals appearing between his eyebrows.

Each petal was different in color, one was golden, another one was pink, the third was red, the fourth was violet, the fifth was azure, and the last one was black.

After glowing for a second they faded away from sight.

The grip on Fu Wei's finger was released, as the door was pushed open.

Unbelievably, Fu Wei was quick enough to compose himself before the old midwife came in.

"Alright Crown prince, visiting time is over, it's time for the second prince to get some rest."

A sad expression appeared on Fu Wei's face before he reluctantly said, "Fine"

He then began walking towards the door with a downcast expression. He went to leave the room, but not before turning around to look at his baby brother.

He was standing up in the small crib staring straight at him. The weird thing was, since entering the room he hadn't reacted or made a single noise, he was just staring at Fu Wei like he was now.

The voice of the midwife suddenly sounded out, "Oh look at you! Already standing despite just being born, what a strange child you are."

"More like a freak."

Fu Wei thought to himself as he closed the door behind him with his left arm. His right arm was still in a bit of pain, confirming that what had just happened wasn't his imagination.


In most reincarnation novels, it usually always starts from the mc's perspective. So I thought why don't I change things a bit and show it from someone else's perspective.

You as the readers would have the knowledge that he was reincarnated, but seeing everything unfold from someone else's POV would make things more interesting. 

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