Chapter 3531
However, the suction was disrupted.

People who flew up fell back down.

The sensation that everyone was about to float away vanished as well.

Soon, the audience witnessed an incomparably amazing scene.

In a nearby world, a massive dragon was being pulled. It roared and resisted but to no avail. It finally plunged into the grimstone, where it was instantly ground into flesh and blood… Those flesh and blood fell from the grimstone but seemed to fall into some strange channel. They vanished.

Then, there were more living things.

Due to the distance, the average person could not see those small living creatures unless they cultivated their eyes with spiritual power to a certain level. However, a large number of creatures were sucked into the grimstone and ground into flesh and blood.

There was no shortage of powerful and mighty individuals among them.

Even mortals could see the situation clearly with the naked eye.

Agatha hovered in the air, and her expression solemn.

This was an e
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