Chapter 3537
Alex burst into tears when she saw the Phoenix Empress.

She was still protecting Phoenix firmly at the final moment of her life...

“Honey! Dorothy... They are dead! They are all dead!”

He pulled his hair out, completely unable to accept such a result.

He did not know how long he used the last move, but it seemed like a century had passed outside the Phanes Realm. ‘There is no one left. What’s the point of living when I am the only one left?’

He held Dorothy with one hand and Phoenix with the other hand, whereas Shelly was lying next to his feet.

He shed tears and bawled sorrowfully.

Just then, a ray of light flashed.

A crystal-clear stone suddenly exploded at the scene, and someone popped out... It was Grand Emperor Rowan who was drenched in blood. He did not die. He was still alive.

Looking at him, Alex cried louder.

Immediately afterward, an even louder cry sounded around him.

Grand Emperor Rowan was crying.

Nothing was more painful in this world than having his beloved o
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