The Reborn of System Player

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The Reborn of System Player

By: Its.viiinarum OngoingSystem

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After being killed at the last level, Lucius suddenly woke up and found the recovery system in his body. Lucius restarts the game from the lowest level, then becomes the 'chosen one' who is taken to the Central Control Tower. Ever since arriving at the Central Control Tower, one fact was known: all players were guinea pigs of virtual game worlds created by the elite. Lucius must find a way to escape the virtual game world and destroy the system that will make the virtual game world a reality. How to free himself and all the players from the virtual game world that trapped them? How did Lucius' way and journey destroy the 'main' system in the real world? Under the rule of Dominic, the general manager—the virtual game character controller, their lives are at stake. *** [SYSTEM HAS OFFICIALLY ACTIVE] [WELCOME TO THE CENTER OF THE TOWER, PLAYERS 018! YOU ARE CHOSEN TO BE PART OF THE GAME!] [YOU NEED TO COMPLETE GAME CASES AND COLLECT POINTS LEVELS, STAT, AND SKILLS] [5%... 15%... 35%.... 47%... 67%... 77%... 89%... 100%] [SYNCHRONIZATION COMPLETED!] [YOU HAVE ENTERED A NEW CHAPTER OF THE GAME]

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Chapter 1. The Battle Final
Atop the highest hill that almost no one managed to reach, a man tightly gripped a chain of blue flames. His breathing is irregular. A pair of eyes looked sharp and straight at a huge creature a few meters in front of him. There are only a few steps left. That man, Emanuell Lucius, would finally get to his peak. Round after round. Level after level. Years of living in the goddamn game that Lucius had no idea where he was. Lucius didn't know what form the god who was in control of all these games would take. The god who created all the chaos that humans had to endure in the end. Is he really a real god, or… someone with great power who thinks of himself as a god? Lucius didn't care about that question anymore. The most important thing now for him was how to make this huge creature, which was now looking at him viciously, die. Lucius had sworn he would finish the last round today even though his body felt like it was being torn apart. 'KRRRR...' The large creature whose entire
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Chapter 2. Reincarnation of Lucius
[BODY SYNC STARTED] [PLEASE WAIT FOR A WHILE] [10%... 18%... 25%... 33%... 55%... 69%... 88%... 100%...] [YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY RECOVERED YOUR BODY TO COMPLETE A NEW CHAPTER OF THE GAME!] [BODY RECOVERY POTION ITEM HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY USED!] Lucius questioned many confusing things in his life. Including the current situation. As his eyes opened slowly, Lucius caught sight of a clear sky and a glimpse of the rooftops. Slowly but surely Lucius' ears heard the roar of a vehicle. For some reason, Lucius even felt that everything was so foreign, like the state of a newborn baby. What's this? Had he just finished hibernating long enough? Lucius groaned, holding his temples. "Argh... why does my head... hurt so much?" Lucius's eyes opened more and more fully. Slowly, Lucius got up and changed his position to sit. "Hey, is he crazy?" "Why is he sleeping on the side road?" "He doesn't have a home?" "Silly human. Just like a homeless person." "At least he can rent a hotel or fi
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Chapter 3. First Memories of Stage One Game
Events, monster creatures, missions and chapters, as well as arenas of gameplay are the same. All the memories had gathered clearly in Lucius's brain. Lucius has another piece of memory that hasn't been fully collected: before this incident, it was him who faced the monster creature in the last round, but he didn't win the fight. Then why did Lucius come back alive now? Is the body recovery potion of his choosing Unfortunately, Lucius could not clearly remember what the creature looked like. Lucius also remembered how to fight this centipede monster creature. In the first round, everyone will be busy running around looking for a safe zone in this city arena. As is now happening. People were running here and there in fear and confusion. Panicked screams could be heard from everywhere—which actually provoked the centipede monster creature to make even more strange sounds. "Lucius, let's run!" Kaylee intended to pull one of Lucius' hands. "Wait." Lucius withdrew his hand, stopping
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Chapter 4. The System: When A Winner of First Stage Got Famous
[Stat Points have been added] [Congratulation! You got +4 points for dexterity and +7 for body defense] [Congratulation! You got new skill 'Self Protection Ability' and additional +7 points!] [View detailed information on your new Stat Point] Lucius pressed his choice of stat point information. Then on the system's blue screen status window in front of his face, a caption appeared. [STAT POINT INFO] [HP: 1000/1000] [MP: 100/5000] [AGL: 14/150] [INT: 10/150] [DFN: 17/150] [MTL: 10/150] After reading the information caption, Lucius curved a small smile. His guess was right about something hidden in the centipede monster's body. "Woah. Where did you learn that?" Kaylee, who was sitting beside Lucius, looked at Lucius unexpectedly. Lucius' breathing was irregular as he sat against the wall. He rested his strength after the short battle just now. "I'm just trying not to see from one point of view," Lucius answered, so calm amidst his tiredness. Kaylee smiled faintly. "That'
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Chapter 5. Which Team Soldier?
The town had been quiet and calm since the battle with the Centipede Beast two hours ago.Lucius and Kaylee decided to go to a tavern some distance away. The surroundings of the tavern never reached the Centipede Monster. Therefore, here, the condition is much safer.Lucius and Kaylee chose to sit in one of the corner seats by the wall. Directly facing the window so Lucius could look out of the tavern.Compared to the city arena where he had fought against the Centipede Monster, this city arena was much tidier. Lucius thought it was fun to find a place where there weren't any bodies lying around.There's also no trace of a gruesome fight left."Excuse me, sir, miss, what would you like to order?"Lucius flinched slightly. But he refrained from looking at the waiter and pulled the hood of his jacket even tighter. He pretended to act like someone was sick, clasping his arms folded across his chest.After the video incident of his fight was spread, Lucius did not want to show his face. H
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Chapter 6. Lucius & Some Selected People
Lucius had not yet had time to digest the events that were unfolding.Before Lucius really understood the meaning of the quest sentence that had just appeared, suddenly someone knocked on his desk twice.Lucius and Kaylee's attention was raised. Both of them looked up, realizing that someone who had come to their table was the waiter who had delivered their order earlier.The waiter's face had turned flat, much different than when delivering food. He immediately grabbed Lucius' hand to make Lucius stand up."Hey, why are you grabbing my hand?" asked Lucius. Not harsh but firm.The maid removed the apron she was wearing, showing a name tag.Lucius read the description of the name tag on the maid's body.[Colonel John Attreas]"Colonel?" asked Lucius between surprise and confusion.John Attreas nodded his head. "You got the message?" he asked.Lucius was even more confused. He saw another man whose body was more robust approaching Kaylee. The man was wearing army clothes, had a serious
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Chapter 7. Control Center: That's Six General Manager?
[WELCOME TO CONTROL CENTER, PLAYERS! WE WELCOME YOUR ARRIVAL WITH A LOT OF LOVE]Lucius didn't understand what was going on.After he was forced to agree to the army men's invitation, Lucius and Kaylee were taken to a magnificent building. The shape of the building from the outside is like a stadium. The difference is that this building is not open like a stadium, but is closed but with a soaring roof.From the lobby floor, anyone can see the second floor to the fourth floor. While the fifth floor onwards was closed off, it couldn't be seen from below.Lucius and Kaylee were just passing through the lobby floor. The elevator they took moved to the twelfth floor. Then came the view of the wide room. When going inside, this room has two open floors.The second floor divider of this room is hip-high glass for an adult. On the right Lucius could see about five people in predominantly black suits with a bit of white trim at some points.On the left Lucius saw about six people in suits pred
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Chapter 8. An Official System Getting Started
TOWER CENTER.[SYSTEM HAS OFFICIALLY ACTIVE]Lucius was slightly surprised as the system's blue screen lit up in front of his face. But the shock only lasted for a moment.[WELCOME TO THE CENTER OF THE TOWER,PLAYERS 018! YOU ARE CHOSEN TO BE PART OF THE GAME!]The greeting came from the sound of the system's blue screen echoing in front of Lucius' face.Now, Lucius and Kaylee along with a bunch of other humans are already in the tower building. Its height soared almost to the sky so that Lucius was repeatedly amazed.If I recall, this tower had indeed been visited by Lucius during the first round of the game. But Lucius had reached the highest level in a long span of time. So Lucius had slightly forgotten how it felt to see and step on the floor of this tower.[YOU NEED TO COMPLETE GAME CASES AND COLLECT POINTS LEVELS, STAT, AND SKILLS][TAP FOR INFORMATION DETAILS]Lucius' forehead creased in astonishment. He read the description written on the system blue screen status window box.
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Chapter 9. Scorpions and Black Crabs Monster's
Looking for the Key to Open the Door to the Second Floor of the Central Tower Building.Simple quests. Maybe that's what the people around Lucius and Kaylee thought. Lucius noticed very clearly from the reactions of the other players after they got the quest.Unfortunately for Lucius, quests like this were prone to traps.There was no slightest clue for where the key to the door to the second floor of the Central Tower building.There was no notification what monsters they would face.No one knows, behind the fortress walls that surround these five buildings, what traps or dangers are hidden.And, after all, looking for one small object among five large buildings is like looking for a needle in a haystack.Lucius reread the keyword on the skill needed to do this quest: knowledge of logic.'The time when I ran this first round, I was too fool to realize the keyword was in the skills required,' Lucius said to himself.Lucius' grin curved. In the not too distant future, Lucius must solve
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Chapter 10. Against The Monster
A tense situation ensued when the players scrambled to climb the fort's walls.Ever since Lucius had given Kaylee instructions to speed up the wall-climbing movement, the two of them focused their gazes on the door. The color of the door is vague. That's why Lucius hoped that no other players would quickly notice.'In a minute,' Lucius said to himself. 'Come on, Lucius, catch the clock!'Beneath the players, the piles of scorpions and black crabs were already growing. Nearly half of the castle walls were covered in creatures that were piling up on each other."Hey, you two! Where are you going?!" A player, a mature man around thirty years of age, called out to Lucius.Lucius turned to the grown man. His face grimaced as he held his own weight. He hesitated to answer the man's question."You, young man! Are you trying to win alone?!" The grown man spat out curt words. His tone almost sounded like swearing.On the other hand, Lucius and Kaylee looked at each other. They both didn't know
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