The Flow of Time
A vision from the distant past, an intrepid detective and her unlikely partner...

A tale of crime and wits, Project Name: Noire


A beige coated woman walked the dimly lit concrete ports of the city, a flashlight in hand as brown eyes scanned her surroundings. The damp docks of Riverside surely stank with seawater, but it was where she was based, and thus she had to live with it.

"Heeeyy~ Found anything, Liz?~" A young woman in a white coat waved at her from the other side of the pier, her childish tone hiding what was undoubtedly the most intelligent mind she had ever come across. "I want to have some fun already~"

Sadistic brat.

With the same annoyed expression she sported ever since her reluctant return to active duty, the detective waved back at the black-haired woman. With her flashlight, Liz motioned the youngest coroner to ever work in this city to her location, her lips parting as if she still had the ability to speak.

"Okaaayyy~ Be right there in a sec!~"

Sighing to herself,
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