The System Lordships Son-Inlaw

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The System Lordships Son-Inlaw

By: Waveno OngoingSystem

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Lucas is a hardworking toilet cleaner who did everything to satisfy his wife's selfish needs while being ridiculed and abused by his evil inlaws that saw him like a disease, although things change for him when his wife accepts the marriage proposal of a billionaire and he is planned for death but is saved by a system Force that gives his a second chance! Hence this time with he has Powers... He is going to make everyone who hurt him bow at the feet's of his wrath. Read Now <3

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  • Clemence Stevenson


    I really Enjoyed this Novel

    2024-06-26 20:53:35
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Chapter 01
Masquerades ran through the streets, as Lucas wondered what celebration provoked such a public announcement. The Masquerades were in white, this meant that a man had proposed marriage and her family had approved of it. Music Blasted through the air. Lucas was a hardworking toilet washer and he did this terrible work to please his wife and inlaws who knew he was a big loser! As soon as he entered his wife's Mansion where he also stayed, he could see many gifts, some cars, some Jewelries, antique paintings and unique sculptures worth millions of dollars that he knew. This caused him to understand that the supposed marriage proposal was happening In his home? “In my house?” He asked himself at a loss of words as his concerns went on if his son and wife were inside and Safe. But what dissatisfied him the most was the information he got from his child's school and that stated that Alexandra, his only son, was dismissed till parents pledge visitation otherwise the school would sue.
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Chapter 02
He looked at his wife in Disdain! "Tell me it's a joke." Lucas asked in disbelief because it would mean that she spent their family savings of over $550,000 Dollars, which He had been saving for years now for the family bills. "I was in lust because you're actually really good in bed, but I have had enough of your pauperness, I will marry a man as rich as me." whispers insults to him and it was then he understood. He realized It was because he had nothing! He had no Money to be Precise. "Please, this isn't you." He tried to convince her as he pulled her in for a kiss, but then she landed him a very dirty slap that caused his nose to bleed like a broken water tap. But wasn't done with him. Not Yet! "Take that you pig!" She splashed her drink over his face before spitting over his face as well, like he was some sort of dirt in her front. She looked at him Irritated. Her husband had suddenly turned a poor good for nothing nobody that she now Distastes. "I said let me go! You l
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Chapter 03
Alexandras safety Worried him the Most. "Have you seen what's happening on the News!?" The house-keeper, Brenda said entering our conversation. She picked up the remote and tuned to the news channel, switching off our talks. "Back again on Channels News Tv, a School bus driver has just lost his life, as the bus has been Hijacked by hooded assassin's, although the police have managed to save most of the students." The newscaster paused. "Hence… It breaks my heart that the police say there's still a Minor trapped in the bus, believed to be the main victim the kidnappers wanted." The newscaster kept talking and Lucas's mouth fell open. "Oh my god... Your son Alexandra." The house-keeper exclaimed in fear. "Isn't Alexandra your son?" Sermon asks lucas who nodded a Yes at him. Sermon carried a disturbed look. Lucas begins to get a panic attack. "That's the same bus from Alexandras School." He said with his blood vibrating. Lucas rushed for 's car Keys over the stool but 's Mum gr
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Chapter 04
Lucas choked badly as he ran out of air and lost consciousness."Hosts Found, system Activated." A voice says in his head as a blasting Ray fires out from his eyes, with a force pushing him out of the sea."Ahh!" He coughed out painfully as he throw out water looking around his environment before he See's a cute Robotic creature walking to him."Wait what!?" He said as he rushed away watching as they creature enters his mind, and leaves at the same time, yet still running towards him."What are you?" Lucas asked as he picked up a stick pointing it at the Robotic creature that vanishes."I'm called System, I have no name." It replied to him with a masculine voice."But You're in my head Why, what really are you?" Lucas asked feeling like he was running mad."I am called System, a classified technological being who is now part of you... I will guide you on how to use your powers to play real life games that you have always failed so if you need me... say System." His mind replied to him
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Chapter 05
Alexandra fingers finally came to a stop as he realized that he couldn't see... Tears followed from the little boys eyes as even the bullets fired at him were hurting him pretty bad."Daddy! there's a bullet inside me, it hurts so much." Alexandra cried in pain as his fingers twitched while he stroked them over his fathers face."Someone please help!" Lucas shouted as he began to massage Alexandra but then they got separated by the doctors in a split second."Please stay outside, it's for his safety." The doctor assures Lucas as he locks him outside the glass door, Whilst attending to the little child.Lucas was outside, staring at the doctor's who attended to Alexandra to recover him."Please doctor, if there's any favour you can do for me now is go save my son, he wanted to tell me something before he went blank and turned unconscious, please save his life." Lucas cried.Lucas said as he fell to his knees panicked.“Please Alexandra, you can't leave Papa, I have nothing else to love
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Chapter 06
Lucas is forced to call his Friend who invites him over afterwards.He tries not to pay much attention but Lorana was Lustful for Lucas.They had being a thing in the past and she wanted him to have her, because she never got the chance but the good thing was that she was also working for Bella sermon Daolin as their official lawyer.In this case, she was trying to ease his depression.Lorana kept staring at Lucas in a seductive manner.Her eyes glued to his chiselled jawline and ripped out body which thrilled her inner cores, making her wet instantly for him.Her car finally comes to a stop at a Mansion - Her own Mansion.Lorana was well to do also and had made many fortunes in her career as a Lawyer.Lucas felt a reluctance to follow her in as Lorana kept clinging to him but he allowed everything to flow till they both were in her house which was indeed a high class.Lorana holds Lucas's hand, taking him to a couch not so far from where Lucas stood.Her change of behaviour was noti
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Chapter 07
He grabs Lorana like a beast!Penetrating through her pussy with Lorana's moans Rushing out through the windows.Lucas began to see through her memories.Lorana had a dark plan."Baby, it's too good." Lorana cries."You like it huh?" Lucas asked Lorana, whose body had turned all Pink to his intrusion.Lucas still had his testosterone levels biting on him to savage Lorana but Whilsts this happens he stole her evil secrets."Fuck!" Lorana cried as her hair flew through the air Whilsts Lucas's hands got a hold of her both laps, putting her slightly over the couch as his huge dick banged its way through her.With every hit he went in... Her stomach swole showing his dick print through her."Gosh! I'm cumming again." Lorana moans as Lucas's fingers squeezed themselves over her butt.Lorana kept her eyes staring at him.Staring at the handsome man she was now beginning to have feelings for.She was falling in love with him."I love you." Lucas hears Lorana say as she stared cold blooded rig
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Chapter 08
Lucas falls to his Knees."HAá!" He cries out Broken.Before he looks at his son's grave."Haba!" He screams his son's pet name holding his grave as tears pierced through his eyes in pain."Why!?" He yelled, feeling like he was stabbed."I let them to kill my only son!" A Broken Lucas screams as he packs the sand over his son's grave... Tightly in his palms."What did my son do?" He asked in tears."What did I do so wrong to adopt an innocent orphan to be my son?" He screams in agony, while holding some flowers that Doctor Benita had handed over to him Earlier."So I adopted him... For him to get killed?" Lucas Cries as he places his head over his son's grave.He dips his face into the white gravel stones over the grave ground soaking it with his tears, as the stones stabbed themselves to his soft face."You were careless and stupid not to know your wife's affairs, not to know Sermon had your family planned all along like a game." The voice in Lucas's head torments him even more as hi
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Chapter 09
Lucas activates his Powers.In seconds he had reached there.Although Benita's Memories flooded through his head like a storm.Concerning his son's death!The administration of the hospital was paid by an unknown person not to treat Harbert.Doctor Benita found this out after learning that Lucas was brought to the hospital earlier and no doctors were given order to attend to him even so he had bullets inside him and was an urgent situation.She also tried to attend to the boy but was restricted not until Lucas barged into the hospital and the Doctors, including her who were scared not to lose their jobs were encouraged to help out even so they were threatened and warned not to.All those Doctors including herself were fired by the administration headquarters, and the son's treatment records at the hospital were cleared, with new Doctors hired to work there in replacement.Over twenty innocent doctors were fired because they were against letting an innocent Harbert die, so Lucas knew w
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Chapter 10
Lucas's returns Mr. Brin with a Smile.Mr. Brin Daolin stared at Lucas awkwardly as he had little suspicions that Lucas saw him.Although Lucas acted losts to his looks.So Brin Daolin didn't think much of it."Enough of this public Nuisance, how can you be so careless Ciara?" Madam Elina - Ciaras grandmother says as soon as she comes out ordering the rest of the family to get in.The old vibrant lady enters the house back whilsts an appreciative Ciara leaves Brins and grabs Lucas by his wrists, before taking him into her family chambers, giving Lucas a room opposite hers.She takes some time off and changes her clothes whilst Lucas does the same, using his powers outside her room, till she finally walks out of her room, looking more gorgeous than ever."I don't know how to thank you but please appreciate this room opposite mine, somehow I feel I was pushed by someone and somehow I feel it was as a result of my carelessness, so please accept this room so you can work even better prote
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