The contracted son in-law

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The contracted son in-law

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The story starts with arguments of both female lead and male lead, with their different parents. Ryan Scott, is chosen, much to his surprised, and agrees due to threat from his father, and promises of support, but the night before the wedding, Ryan had a heated argument with his father again, hoping he would change his mind, about threatening him to marry someone he doesn't know, but his argument, held no water, so he goes off to a club to blow off steam. He ends up sleeping with a stranger, not realizing who she is, but in the wedding day, after he woke up late, realizing he missed calls from his friends and father, he rushes to the wedding venue, and is surprised to find the daughter of the Brick family, is not as rumoured, but actually very beautiful and well groomed, despite her disability. in his confusion, Ryan recognizes the woman from the club as the step mother. Lindsay, also realize, the young man is the one her step daughter is to marry. Ryan is torn between his mistake the night before and his new marriage. Lindsay, plans to use the marriage and the young man, for her own gain, putting strain on the relationship between Ryan and his wife. Ryan and Alexander, though not in love with eachother, felt they have a duty, they navigate their new relationship, learning to trust and understand eachother, they uncover Lindsay's schemes and work together, to over come them, strengthening their bond. Ryan becomes a supportive and loving son in-law, providing his worth to his wife and her family. He showed he isn't interested in their money, and was ready to leave it all behind, to keep pursuing his dream, but somehow, the couple finds happiness together, despite the challenges they faced

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41 chapters
The choice, between marrying a stranger and loosing his father's love
Ryan Scott faced yet another disappointment, as he trudged home, from yet another fruitless job interview.Are things ever going to get better for him? he asked, as he kicked off a can on the road side. He had been living off his father's penny salary from being a driver to the wealthiest man in Atlanta. One would have thought that being a personal driver to Damien Brick, he would be wealthy himself, but he is still as broke as Ryan remembers. It was because of his frequent excuses about not having enough to provide for the excesses of his wife, that she had left, seeking for a better life. With a feeling of dejection, He pushed the door, to the cramped three-room apartment, he shared with his father. He was wearing a gloomy face, because of all his disappointments, and he was also expecting such gloom that accompanied their modest living, but to his surprise, his father who was supposed to be at work, driving Damien Brick around town was not only home, but appeared unusually content,
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The heated argument between daughter and father
Alexander found herself in a tense confrontation with her father, vehemently objecting to the idea of marrying a complete stranger.Her father have always been particular about her coming out, but there have never been a time, he spoke of her getting married."I can't marry him, Father", she cried, her eyes brimming with tears. Her father, though not surprised by her reaction, had hoped she would understand his perspective before making a final decision."My dear Alex, I understand your fears, your reluctance to step out into the world. But you must see yourself as you truely are, You are beautiful inside and out", He began, his voice filled with emotion. The silence that followed, led him to continue, hoping his words were sinking in."Your mother, would want nothing more than to see you happy, settled. If you continue to deny yourself this chance, she will never rest in peace, and I will bear that burden. Please my child, reconsider", he implored, his heart breaking at the thought o
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The night before the wedding
Ryan Scott, In his usual nature, had been unable to focus, since his last conversation with his father, His thought consumed him, he hates having a fight with his father, and though it's just been few hours since then, it seem like forever. After much deliberation, he devised a plan, he would confront Damien himself. Clearly talking with his father on the issue isn't working, his father is consumed by the thought of having a wealthy inlaw, therefore, nothing he says, sinks in, but he needed to confront Damien, to understand why he has been chosen to Marry his unwanted Daughter.Going back what the rumors say about her, no one would want to be with someone like that, which is also why, she herself have found it difficult to come out and face the world.Since his father isn't home, he, being determined, headed straight to the mansion, confident that both his father and Damien Brick would be there.When Mr Scott, saw his son approaching the mansion, he feared Ryan had come to reject the
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Sex with a stranger at the club
As he left the Damien's Mansion, Ryan felt the weight of the situation settle on his shoulders like a heavy cloak, suffocating and inescapable. He realized with a sinking feeling that he was in deep trouble, caught in a dilemma, with no easy way out. No matter how much, he tried to rationalize or find a loophole, the reality remained stark and unforgiving. Now he had promised Mr Damien that he would come to the wedding, though he didn't tell him as what. The realization dawned on him slowly, like a dark cloud moving across the sky, casting a shadow over his thoughts and actions.He didn't bother taking a taxi, he wanted to walk, it feels better, walking on the road, clearing his head.He is going to be married in some hours time, to someone he doesn't know, someone perceived as a rejected soul.It was a moment of clarity, where he understood the gravity of his predicament and the harsh consequences that awaited him.Juliana his ex would laugh at him. She had left him because he didn
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The wedding day
Ryan woke up in a haze, unsure of his environment, moving his eyes round his surrounding, he realized he was in a hotel room. But how did he get there? He questioned within himself. He looked down the duvet that served as the only covering on his waist side, and he sees that he was naked. The scent of the mysterious woman, still lingering on him, like an invisible mark of his betrayal.He hated himself already. Due to depression, he had slept with a stranger, a night before his wedding. Even though the marriage is a sham, he would have still loved to stay faithful to his bride, until they were both done with their parts of the deal. He held his head, as though it was going to fall off, due to the hangover of the drinks from last night.Flashes of the night before flooded his mind, and he recoiled on self disgust. "But who was that? He asked himself, referring to the mask woman, but no clue, only her scent, linger, as a constant reminder of his betrayal, to his unknown wife to be.
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a whirlwind of emotions
On what is traditionally considered the happiest day in a man's life, Ryan Scott found himself, enveloped in a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. Standing at the alter, in his impeccable tailored suits, and his hair that have just been done in a hurry, he struggled to maintain composure and avoid glancing backward, as he would have, if he was getting married to someone he proposed to, nit to someone, he is being threatened to marry, despite the palpable joy radiating from his father.It was an expected look, his father, should be very happy, when he had thought his son was not going to show up, and all of a sudden, he shows up, it was his dream, and his wish, but for Ryan Scott, this wasn't what he envisioned for himself; marrying a stranger, was never part of his life's plan.As he anxiously await the arrival of his bride, who was taking too long to show up, as though she hadn't been waiting for him all the while, the events of the previous night weighed heavily on his mind. The
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"I certainly never agreed to be your hired husband".
Ryan Scott, had planned, to depart earlier, with his wife, whom he was just getting to know, that behind her story, she had another side, and the world is about to have something different to write about her, but as the guests began to leave one after the other, with each couple, having something nice to say about the both of them, while they both put up a smile, so the world who doesn't know it is a contracted marriage, think they are happy about the marriage. As they continued to leave, Ryan hesitated. Unsure of where to take her, he noticed she was giving him the disgusted look, the look of a disappointed wife, especially whenever he was talking with people, and she only smiles, when she was sure they were around them, but would quickly change to the opposite, when they are alone.Ryan was already seeing the end of their marriage, even before it starts. Ryan faced the reality of his lack of a home, still residing with his father and unable to secure stable employment. He felt u
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Ready to be the son in-law of the Damien Brick family
Damien Brick observed Ryan Scott storming out of his house In anger. He hurried to intercept him, unsure of what could have tripped him off. He has set everything in place for him to marry his daughter, he couldn't let anything go wrong or out of place now.He was eager to present their new home as a wedding gift, convinced that it would make Ryan very happy."Ryan, my boy", he called out, aiming for an intimate tone amidst the presence of others. Ryan stopped, while waiting for him to get to him."We should get going, Brick. Congratulations once again", someone chimed in, leaving Damien to address his worn out son in-law."Where's the rush? Damien inquired, oblivious to any discord between the bride and groom."I'm out. I married her for you, in front of everyone, and now I'm done. I cannot take the way she speaks to me, or the way she reacts to the situation of things. She didn't want to be married, I don't know why you so badly want her to get married?". Ryan declared bluntly, hin
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"Five years, should suffice".
Damien Brick generously bestowed upon them a mansion in one of the most exclusive government reserved areas. He noticed the joy in Ryan Scott's face, and he was happy too, that at least, he was begining to Calm down. He had been so much on the edge, acting like he was in bondage, as though he was never going to gain anything from the signed deal. Though his choice was taken away from him, Damien still have a special likeness for him, and he was sure, deep down, that Ryan was going to give him what he really wants to see in his daughter.As he watched on him, he realized that Maybe he doesn't know there are loads of benefits that comes with Marrying the princess of the Brick family. He clears his throat, got a bit close to him, close enough to be able to touch his shoulder."Do you like it? He asked the couple, looking at his daughter with a broad smile, but his daughter who was already seated, gave him a strange, angry look, and after she had gotten him to look at her, she hissed
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"You signed a contract, been nice isn't part of the deal".
Ryan woke early and made breakfast, for the both of them, after he was fine eating, he took it to her in bed, but she was still sleeping, and her makeup was off, he could see the scar that have scared her so much, but she still looks pretty, even prettier without the makeup. He stood, admiring her for a while, trying to imagine all she had been through, to make her think so low of herself. He was still admiring her, when she moved in her sleep and her nighty moved to the side, revealing a part of her body, she seem to sense that someone was staring intently at her, and she tries opening her eyes, but in Ryan's quest to act normal, he made to move quickly, but he hits his head against the drawer, and that was when her eyes flung open, and seeing the accident, she almost smiles, but she was also not going to let him go so easily, after staring at her while she sleeps."What are you doing in my room? She questioned, after ensuring that she had covered her body, and was holding tigh
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