One man Army and the killer one

The police were having the a great security around that post box. They were so impatient to catch the gang member of the Kirishima's gang. They were hiding now then It doesn't matter who comes we will catch them at any cost understand Mr. Larsen said. Yes sir his subordinates shout. They thought that two of three people from that gang will come to collect the letter but only one gang member shows up and it was none other than the boss himself. He comes because he know that they want to show the world that police can't do anything about them if anyone who can stop them will be the Sun organisation he wants their full attention that's why he came. After seeing him the police was not sure what to do. The reporters were trying to talk to him but no one was giving attention to the police officers. He picks all the letters and then decide to go to his base without doing anything. What are you waiting for the head of the department asked his colleagues. Attack with everything you got he repl
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