People's choice and Meet

The Sun and police organisation were troubled by some members of Kirishima gang. They have completed control over people's heart People aren't afraid of posting the letters or complaints with proofs against the cops. Kirishima and his gang are like a god for them. People's are afraid. Media isn't afraid. The police and Sun organisation were corned by the Kirishima and his gang. Everytime Kirishima come alone take those letters who are in the box and go away. The police organisation has lost his value. People who known that they might be their next target decided to resign from the post. One day the media again receive his invitation for his interview. The day comes . There was so many people from media present. Now then let's start the conference. I only came here to tell you that the peoples who were in our list are resigning from their post. If they do that should we still pursue them or should we leave them because they aren't the part of this. Now then we leave the judgement to yo
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