The two suns
The two suns
Author: Skii senpai
Team red and green

Tokyo city is a dream city for countryside folk like me said yotaro. While wandering the Tokyo he was so excited. The reason he came to Tokyo for an interview. The world wasn't the same as it was 20 years ago he said. Supernatural powers are common in the world. But my power can't be used to help people. It's the power of destruction he added. He went to bank to withdraw some money.                                      

After he enter the bank a group of thiefs entered the bank. Green thiefs someone shouts. Everyone Trimble with fear. Of course the reason they come to stole the money. There where 5 of them. Yotaro thought that he can defeat them one by one. He was waiting for the chance. After some time he attack with his power of destruction. The power yotaro has is he can control the flames. He attack one of them. He thought he had done it but he failed. Because the one who was attacked had control over water which means the worst opponent for him. He panicked and then he try to attacked another one but he wasn't able to do that and then a cage come from above. The remaining thief's Also came to party. He knew he screwed.                  

The green gang decides to take him to their base because the police can came up at any time and they don't want to increase the matter. They release him from cage and then knot his hands. When they come out from bank another gang was waiting for them. Yotaro thought that they are the police and he run towards them. Before he knew it they started to attack. The green team help him and then they started to run. They don't have time to waste. The green team have 5 members at that time and yotaro. Everyone splits and the one who orders the remaining four take yotaro with him. After running he finally able to get lost because they Six where attacking only the one who was with yotaro. After that he blinds yotaro and then take him to their base.                                                              

After reaching the base they put him under the cage and they went somewhere. After that yotaro tried to get free but wasn't able to. After some time they came back and then they offer him to include him in their gang because of his power of destruction.They told him that they won't kill him even if he refuses to join. He give the answer in an instant that he won't be joining their gang.                                                                        

After that they again blindfold him so he won't tell anyone about the place. Of course they told him if he went to police then they cant guarantee his life. He agreed with them and then he release. After some time his photo appeared in the police and they publish it with bounty of yen 10000. He panicked and then rushed to where he was release by the green gang.                                                                                              

As he ran where the green gang release him. After that we wasn't able to understand what to do so he waited for them outside. After that they came from somewhere and then they take him to their base without blindfold his eyes. After reaching the base their were nearly 30-40 people. After that Yotaro and those 5 people went to a room to had a talk. Before someone speak something those five start laughing as they know that he is gonna come without a doubt. He understand that's why they let him go. After talking some time the boss again offer him for the job. This time he can't declined his offer instantly. He told them that he needed time to think. They leave him alone for some time.                                                                

After thinking he decided to help the gang and he accepts his offer. After that he went to the boss and told him that he will work for him but he has some conditions. and if they didn't agree they will let him stay until the uproar calm down. He thought they won't accept it . After hearing those conditions they again laugh furiously. After laughing they agreed to his conditions. The conditions was that he need the double money which he was gonna get from the job for.                                                      

After that they introduced themselves. The one with cage said my name is Fred. Another one said my name is Yuro. The one who has a great physical body said his name is mitobe. And the one who has a superpower because of which he cant use his power named herself Yuki. After that the boss names himself as kirishima and they let him see there faces. They remove the masks and make him one of them. Now they trained him while doing the jobs which underworld men does. At a night when they went to robe a jewelry shop they came in touch with another group and the new member who was yotaro start to attack them. The remaining told him to calm down because they are from our gang. After that they remove the mask and then had a chat. After that they told yotaro that if he came in contact with these people again then he should run opposite side form them because they are the ones who kept an eye on the group who attacked them at the bank. He didn't ask them at that time but now he cant ignore that.                      

After reaching the base he asked them about the people who attacked them in the bank incident. After that the boss started to tell him everything. He starts there are 2 underworld gangs in Tokyo. Both known as The 2 moons. After that he told him to keep his distance from them. After agreeing with him he went to his room. He was thinking about why did he came to the Tokyo and what is he doing and went to bed.

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