The King's and The big show
After Michel starts to attack they back to push the enemy attack. Ling was having problem when Michel start attacking. Ling don't panic should one of us came to rescue you? Ask Rob. No I am fine you should control those two. Don't let them come here.

Be careful Rob said. After that they went back to square. Now then should we finish them he asked. Kuroba also agreed to him. There were only 4 of them remaining including the real one. After that Rob went towards Ling to help him and those three regroup again.

What now Ling asked. Let's take our time to decide the strategy. Can I ask you something? Kuroba asked. Go ahead Rob said. Why are you serving him(Seijirou). What do you mean by that? Rob asked. Means what are your reason to serve him? You must have a motive.

About that we don't have any motive. We are serving him because we want the money or respect you can say? Eh, that's your reason. Rob asked what is your reason to follow bid's younger brother. About that because he is strong
Skii senpai

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