The beast and fear

As they were going inner and inner of the base Daichi asked. Boss do you think he (Lev ) can win against the member of kirishima. I don't think so? Seijirou said. He is strong, so strong it might be hard for Lev to. Let's see what happened and he went dipper.

The ones who were waiting them Mitobe and Yuro. Daichi and Max told them to go ahead. Daichi and Max were with each other since childhood. So they have an upper hand because of that. Seijirou and remaining ones went ahead. Now then it's two on two now then should we start. Yuro asked them. Let's start the fight.

Mitobe we t ahead and Yuro was waiting behind. They were attacking Mitobe ahead of because was fighting with fist and was hard to beat. After that they started their attack were with more accuracy. Now it was hard for Mitobe now to counter-attack.

They were completely obsessed by him, they totally forgot about Yuro. He gets a chance and broke a hand of Daichi. Now they have more chances of winning.

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