The brothers fighting and real culprit

To be honest I don't want to face him in that form you know. Mitobe started speaking. Even we were scared and move to two to three meters behind. You can't even think about how much evil aura that was. I haven't seen that after that. Mitobe added.

So do you ask him about that aura. Sorry but we couldn't even talk to him for 3 to 4 days I can't think I have been that scared before. Mitobe added. On the other hand the battle has be started and Seijirou was using every of his trump card to beat his brother.

It was a fight between the beast. No one will be able to survive that fierce battle. But they were able to move as they wanted. It's like two gods have been sent from the sky to fight. I will tell you how to kill your brother Seijirou said. I don't need that I have killed my father already he replied. You b****rd he screams.

No matter what you do you can't kill me big brother Kirishima spoke. You don't need to worry about that more ever If I was you I would be w

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