The head and the base
Another one of the Sun organisation attacked and brutally murdered the headline in the newspaper next day. But again there was file for which he should be arrested or should be fired for from his job. Media again asked questions Sir what are your reason. This time they attack the another member from your gang and then this time it was people who gathered the information for his crimes. Are you saying the people are lying to us? The head of the sun Organisation will have a meeting tomorrow morning they will answer your questions.

Everyone was waiting for the tomorrow morning. What will be the steps of the organisation on that. The day arrives. The press conference room was ready. The meeting started at 9 o'clock. Now then let's the meeting start. Why are the head of Sun organisation is not here today one journalist ask. He will be joining us through the TV and they will also answer your questions one of them talk. Sir what are your reaction on the ones who killed 3 people's. About that
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