Announcement concerning Book Three

By Monday, "Living as a billionaire" will get marked as "completed." But I have scanned through all of the comments and reviews.

I remember telling my sister that "Living as a billionaire," will be the end of Rome and Catherine's story.

But you guys have given me a change of mind, and right now, I can't tell you all that there is a solid idea for book three because my brain is focused on another novel I'm writing which is not in the same genre as, "Living as a billionaire."

I write a bunch of random, messy up ideas, so my stories usually fall into different categories and audiences.

Back to what I was saying, Mmmh, so yeah, that novel has my attention right now.

But if Book three is something any of you will want to read, then please keep "Living as a billionaire" bookmark, and I will be back with a new announcement concerning Book three name and release date.

Hopefully, it will be soon, but my hands are filled right now, and I don't want to give a date that I can't meet.

But for all you lovely people, I'm going back on my word to my sis and taking the chance of making a book three.

I can already feel the fear. But I will give it my best and hope I come up with a plot that you all will love. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Appreciate you all, 

With care,

Author Rever

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