Author's "Thank you" note

*I don't even know where to start! Umm… My brain feels like a marshmallow. I slept for hours after updating the remaining chapters. But I am just so freaking happy for all the comments and the review I woke up to.

*Book two wasn't a stable plan, and I had barely a paragraph for the entire book plot which was scary from the very beginning. So, seeing how far this book came and hearing you guys say that you like it, makes me speechless in a good way.

*I am this crazy overthinking person, and if it was left with me, I would have assumed "Living as a billionaire" as the worst and given up on it.

 But you guys, you all made this book happen with the constant comments, gems, reviews, and purchases of the chapters.

*Usually, I'm always shocked when I see the insane amount of gems this book gets in a day and I'm like, "They love it?!" So from the bottom and top of my heart, I say, "Thank you."

" Living as a billionaire" exists because of you all, not just me. 

*Also, I appreciate all my readers, but Mulan and Marj, I have seen all of you guys' numerous "Thank you, author." comments. And I need you two to know just how freaking happy and acknowledge those comments made me feel all the time. You two are the best.

*I read the suggestion in the comments, but as I said, my brain feels like a marshmallow, and once I stop feeling like I can not remember my first and last name, I will come up with my final decision.

*For now, take care, you super amazing individuals, and stay safe.


Author Rever.

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