Her Adopted Father

As the first rays of morning sun emerged over the horizon, the desolate wasteland revealed a haunting scene. The lifeless bodies of zombies lay scattered around, silent testaments to the fierce battle that had taken place. Among them, the colossal Roshan King's massive form was motionless, a gaping hole in its body and purple blood splattered around.

"Come in, Bravo Two! Life signs detected. Requesting permission to search for possible survivors in the devastated base," a member of the Jaden army said, clad in a sleek white EV suit and armed with a laser-powered gun. With determined steps, she approached the remains of the base's fence.

"Copy that! Permission granted!" came the response over the Jaden army's communication system.

Amelia, still trapped in her zombie guise, slowly regained consciousness. The bright sunlight initially obscured her vision, but as her senses sharpened, she could make out Logan's lifeless form lying a short distance away.

Struggling through the pain coursing through her broken bones from the explosion's force, Amelia mustered the strength to rise. Just as she groaned in agony, thinking her end was near, her attention was abruptly diverted by a Jaden army member who had shifted focus to Logan.

Pointing a laser gun at Amelia's head, the Jaden soldier seemed poised to end her existence. However, to Amelia's surprise, the soldier swiftly redirected her attention to Logan, who lay unconscious with his face pressed against the ground. The soldier approached him, effortlessly lifting his body onto her shoulder.

Amelia, weakened and unable to intervene, could only watch helplessly as the Jaden Army took Logan away. She struggled to form coherent words, her attempts at speaking only resulting in unintelligible stammers.

That was the last Amelia saw of Logan. As she sat beside her adopted father, the Chief of the Survival base, her dreams of being with Logan crumbled before her eyes. The Chief's gaze darted around, surveying the destruction that had befallen the base, muttering, "It will take years to repair all these damages."

After a few moments, the Chief's attention turned to Amelia, noticing her silent contemplation. Concerned, he asked, "Are you alright?" Startled out of her thoughts, Amelia realized that trying to convince the Chief that everything was fine would likely be futile, considering her current state.

Managing to find her voice, Amelia replied, "I'm fine." The Chief's face lit up with a small smile, but it quickly faded as he discerned her true emotions. "You're not fine," he stated, his voice tinged with sadness. "Neither am I. I never thought Logan would be captured by the Federation. This was supposed to be my moment of fortune, a chance to secure abundant resources through Logan. But the Zombies and the Federation ruined it all, leaving me in charge of a devastated base." The Chief's anger surged, his eyes filled with selfishness.

"We need to evacuate all these people to a safer location. This place has become a major obstacle," the Chief added, feeling increasingly uneasy. Amelia's lack of response to his words made him realize just how much he relied on her guidance in managing the survival base, which housed thousands of inhabitants.

"Daughter!" the Chief called out, his voice filled with concern. "Amelia!" he called again, turning to face her. Amelia had indeed heard him, but she struggled to find the words to respond immediately.

As thoughts of Logan flooded her mind once more, Amelia felt a profound sadness. She regretted never having the chance to express her true feelings to him. However, the realization that Logan might still be alive ignited a newfound courage within her. She resolved to rescue him from the clutches of the Federation, fully aware of the challenges that lay ahead. Logan was the person she truly loved, and she couldn't bear the thought of losing him.

Within seconds, Amelia solidified her decision to save Logan. She stood beside the Chief, her gaze fixed on the horizon, and spoke with determination, "I need capable survivors who can form a warband."

"What?!" The Chief was astonished, as the truth was that he had always harbored a fear of anything associated with war. "Why would you need a warband? We should be focusing on rebuilding the base with workers, not forming a warband!" he exclaimed.

Amelia approached the Chief, who remained seated, and said, "I'm going to save Logan, and I'm going to need all the help I can get from you."

"You can't be serious! Please tell me you're joking," the Chief exclaimed, attempting to conceal his genuine concern behind a forced smile. He eagerly awaited Amelia's response, half-expecting her to reveal that her previous statement was all a jest.

Amelia stood before the Chief, her expression unwavering, and met his gaze without a word.

"Are you really serious?" the Chief muttered, his smile fading gradually as doubt filled his voice.

"Father, I need your help in assembling a reliable squad. That's why I'm telling you this. I should have left long before all of you emerged from that bunker," Amelia said, her tone firm.

The Chief let out a sigh. "While I may not be your biological father, you've treated me as one, calling me 'Father' on occasion. It always made me happy because it meant you trusted me enough to listen to what you had to say. And now, I hope you can listen to me just this once, without putting yourself in danger. You're the most dependable person I have here. If you leave, this place will descend into chaos and deteriorate further than it already has," he said, tears welling up in his eyes. Despite the differences between them, he genuinely loved Amelia as if she were his own child.

Amelia remained resolute in her decision, refusing to back down. She sat beside the Chief, who had begun to weep.

"No need to cry, you dummy!" Amelia said, gently shrugging the Chief's shoulder, trying to offer some comfort amidst the tears.

"You not going?" the Chief asked, lifting his head and meeting Amelia's gaze, his smile straining through tears.

"I hope you understand my words. I plead with you to grant me permission, and I promise to return to you unharmed, never to leave your side again!" Amelia declared, placing her hand on the Chief's, their eyes locked in understanding.

"I will hold you to that promise. You are a precious daughter whom I cannot bear to lose," the Chief replied, his voice filled with emotion.

Amelia swiftly rose from her seat as the Chief finished speaking, sensing the urgency of the situation. She knew that if she lingered, the conversation would only prolong, and time was of the essence. The Jaden Federation posed a grave threat to Logan's life, with a death bounty already placed on his head.

With determination in her stride, Amelia walked away, prepared to embark on her mission. The Chief watched her departure, a mixture of pride, love, and worry etched on his face.

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