Final Blow

Suddenly, the wasteland was suddenly filled with the thunderous sounds of approaching helicopters. Amelia and Logan's eyes darted in every direction, searching for the source of the sound. The presence of helicopters was an anomaly in this barren land, and it immediately caught the attention of the survivors in the survival base.

Perplexed, they wondered who could be flying the helicopters, as they were a luxury afforded only by the powerful Jaden Federation. Before they could make any sense of it, seven heavily armed helicopters bearing the insignia of the Jaden Federation appeared on the horizon, hurtling towards the survival base at breakneck speed.

Amelia and Logan's faces lit up with recognition, but the other survivors were thrown into dismay. They knew that the hordes of zombies that lurked in the wasteland were now much closer to their base, and they were ill-prepared to face them.

In a frenzy, the survivors and the Warband retreated to the safety of the underground bunker in the survival base. Fear gripped them all as they awaited the impending danger, wondering what the Jaden Federation's arrival could mean for them and their chances of survival.

"We should go!!" Logan yelled, helping Amelia by the hand and trying to drag her with him into the survival base.

"I'm going nowhere, I'm seeing this through!" Amelia said as she wriggled free from Logan's grip, her eyes fixed on the helicopters on the horizon.

Logan was startled by Amelia's declaration, and he was torn between fleeing for his life and staying with her.

Amelia was not the type to wish for death; her reason for staying behind was to ensure that the Jaden Federation killed the Roshan King, or she would have to do it herself.

Amelia was confident in her abilities, she knew she could have a chance to defeat the Roshan King if she transformed into her Zombie form as her strength would increase in ten folds.

She was confident not killing the Roshan King would mean the death of every inhabitant in the survival base.

Logan's heart began pounding and was scared to death when the Helicopters came fully visible in the sky and hover a few expanse above them.

The Roshan King let out another racious growl that spewed dust everywhere. When they heard the Roshan King growl, the Zombies immediately stopped running and returned to the Roshan King.

These Zombies were so well-organized that they heeded the Roshan King's command and quickly huddled around it, forming some sort of defence around the Roshan King to shield it from any attack from the Jaden Helicopters.

"Swoosh!! Swoosh!! Swoosh!!" Jaden Helicopters dropping armed Torpedoes on the Roshan King.

The torpedoes flew with tremendous speed, striking the Zombies who had gathered around the Roshan with deadly precision. In an instant, there was a deafening explosion that shattered the eerie silence, obliterating some of the Zombies who had been covering the Roshan King where the torpedoes hit.

As if in a well-coordinated military maneuver, the Zombies swiftly sprang into action, covering the exposed part of the Roshan King that had been left vulnerable after the first wave of Zombies guarding the area were obliterated by the torpedo explosion.

The ferocity of the attack was palpable, yet the Zombies displayed remarkable tactical skill in their attempt to protect their leader. Like a phalanx formation in ancient warfare, they moved with precision and efficiency, acting as a single entity to safeguard the Roshan King.

Amelia and Logan crouched behind an armored vehicle, their eyes fixed on the brutal battle unfolding before them. Logan's voice shook with fear as he whispered, "We shouldn't be here. We need to retreat."

Amelia's eyes narrowed, and she rolled them impatiently. She was unfazed by Logan's suggestion and remained fixed on the scene in front of them.

The fight intensified as hordes of mutated zombies attacked the Jaden helicopters, causing chaos and destruction. Some zombies were quickly taken down by the helicopters' mounted guns, but others managed to breach the aircraft, resulting in a few crashing and exploding in mid-air.

Logan watched in horror as the zombies appeared to be gaining the upper hand. The number of helicopters dwindled to just two, and it was evident they would not last much longer. The zombies were ferocious, with mutated features such as enormous saber teeth and razor-sharp claws, making them almost invincible.

As Amelia observed the situation, she knew that intervention was necessary to prevent a complete disaster. She contemplated shifting into her zombie form to assist in the fight, but she hesitated when she glanced at Logan, who was visibly trembling with fear.

Aware that no one was watching, Amelia made a quick decision. She would explain everything to Logan later.

Amelia was about to commence the shape-shifting process when an eloquent sound caught her attention. She turned her head in the direction of the sound and was stunned to see a colossal aircraft approaching, which appeared to be a warplane with a hull of nearly a one-kilometer radius. Logan too, was gobsmacked at the sight of the massive aircraft standing at a distance.

As a survivor, Logan knew that the Jaden Federation had breached the barrier of EMP radiation damages, but he had never imagined that the Federation could construct something of this size. He wondered how long it would have taken them to build such a massive aircraft and began to ponder the existence of another powerful faction, unknown to him and any other survivors.

Amelia and Logan both understood that the appearance of the aircraft was not going to bode well for them. However, before they could make a decision, the pilot of the aircraft spoke through a device on board, and his voice boomed throughout the area.

"This is Operation Red. Any survivors in the vicinity must evacuate immediately!" The pilot repeated his message several times before falling silent.

The urgency in the pilot's voice left Amelia and Logan in no doubt that they needed to move quickly. They had no idea what Operation Red was or what it entailed, but they knew that staying in the area was not an option.

The last remaining helicopters exploded in midair, and the massive spacecraft began to move towards the Roshan King, who still had thousands of Zombies serving as shields around it. Logan, without being told, realized what was about to happen and quickly turned to Amelia, expressing his concern.

"We are in grave danger if we don't leave this place soon," Logan's face was filled with fear as he pointed at the spacecraft's weapon locks. "The spacecraft is about to launch a powerful attack on the Roshan, and we'll be caught within the waves of the attack if we don't leave here immediately."

His heart pounding hard, Logan had already made the decision to flee if Amelia continued to refuse to stay. He awaited her response anxiously, knowing that they had to act fast.

Amelia sighed deeply, her gaze locked onto Logan, who remained motionless. Logan knew her eyes would soon roll at him, as they had done many times before in the short time they had known each other.

"We must make our way to the underground bunker. Let's move!" Amelia said firmly, standing up and preparing to leave.

They both ran as fast as their legs could carry them towards the survival base. Logan's eyes remained fixed on the massive spacecraft, praying that it wouldn't shoot at the Alpha before they arrived at the bunker.

In a matter of minutes, they reached the bunker, but their relief was short-lived when they realized that the door was already locked, leaving them with no way to get inside.

After a few seconds, both of them emerged at the bunker door, only to discover that it was locked from the inside, leaving them with no means of entry. Logan glanced at Amelia and then looked towards the aircraft, which now seemed to be a great distance away.

Amelia lifted her head, running her fingers through her long hair before swiftly tying it up with a stick she picked on the floor. The bunker entrance loomed before them, towering nearly seven feet tall and stretching for a few kilometers into the ground.

In an impulsive move, Amelia delivered a powerful kick to the steel door, resulting in a resounding "bang." However, her triumph was short-lived as she immediately felt a wave of pain shooting through her leg. She couldn't help but groan as she held her injured limb. When she noticed Logan's gaze fixed on her, she quickly pretended to be in less pain than she actually was and relaxed her grip on her leg.

Amelia expected Logan to crack a joke about her failed attempt at kicking the steel door or perhaps urge her to stop, but to her disappointment, he simply said, "Try again." His casual response earned him a stern look from Amelia, who rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Oh no, don't you dare roll those eyes at me again, or you'll regret it, you punk!" objected Logan, his patience wearing thin. From the moment they had met, Amelia's habit of rolling her eyes had been getting on his nerves.

In the distance, the enormous aircraft emitted a piercing whir, signaling an imminent attack on the Roshan King, whose thunderous roar could still be heard from afar. Amelia and Logan exchanged glances, fully aware that their only chance of survival was to gain access to the bunker.

With determination, they both hurled themselves at the bunker gate. Amelia unsheathed her saber sword, delivering powerful strikes in an attempt to break through the sturdy steel door.


They were both drenched in sweat and panting profusely after several attempts to break into the bunker. Amelia clutched her knees and finally gave up, turning her head to look at Logan, who continued to throw himself at the door and ended up injuring his rib.

"I guess this is it," Amelia said as she sat at the front of the bunker, her legs folded and her head buried between her knees.

"No, no, I can't die this way. I still have so much..." Logan's sentence was interrupted by Amelia.

"Just stop!!! It's over!" Amelia cut off Logan's words, raising her head to see his tear-streaked face.

Amelia wanted to laugh at Logan's near tears, but she knew the situation was too dire for jokes. She twitched her head and briefly scratched it with her hand before returning it to her lap.

"Let's just appreciate the calmness before death, or perhaps we won't die yet!" Amelia spoke up, her gaze fixed on the Survival base gate, which was a long distance away.

It was evening, and the sun could be seen descending past the horizon, casting an ominous mood in the atmosphere.

Logan slapped his hand against his forehead, his lips smacking together repeatedly as he slowly sat down beside Amelia.

Amelia kept her eyes on Logan and watched him sit. "You don't have to be so sad. At least you're not dying alone!"

Logan shot Amelia a cold look, anger flashing in his eyes, though he couldn't bring himself to respond. The overwhelming thought of death consumed him, leaving him unable to find words to counter Amelia's statement and thought, ["There is no good or bad about dying beside a person or not."]

Both of them kept their gaze fixed on the horizon, where they could still make out the imposing aircraft. They knew that the impending weapon's wave, set to be unleashed upon the Roshan King, would wipe out everyone in its path. The pilot's warning to evacuate echoed in their minds. Even if they somehow managed to survive the wave, they would inevitably fall victim to the relentless Jaden armies, just as they had on previous occasions.

"I can't believe this is how I'm going to die. I have so much to my name, and it's disheartening to think that all my hard work will be in vain," Logan lamented.

Amelia directed her gaze towards Logan, listening intently as he spoke. She couldn't help but feel a sense of pity for him, yet she was equally perplexed by the sight of Logan, whose reputation as a formidable warrior had made even the Jaden Federation wary. It was strange to see him afraid of death.

"I have a confession to make," Logan declared, drawing Amelia's attention. The solemnity in his voice made it clear that whatever he was about to reveal held immense significance to him.

"What is it exactly?" Amelia inquired, giving Logan her undivided attention. Time was limited, and they had to make the most of it by being there for each other.

Logan was filled with remorse, causing him to stammer and speak incoherently.

"Tell me anything you want!" Amelia interjected, her words rushed in an attempt to alleviate the tension. "We only have each other now, and there may not be another chance to say anything later." Amelia was eager to hear whatever Logan had to say, even though she knew it was not her place to pry. She always strived to support the man she loved, even if his feelings for her might not be the same.

"I really like you!"

"What?" Amelia's eyes widened in surprise, startled by Logan's sudden confession. She quickly asked, thinking she may not have heard correctly.

Logan stood up, his gaze fixed on Amelia, summoning his courage. "I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you. I wished that you could be the woman I cherish for a lifetime, someone I wouldn't have to..."

Before Logan could finish his sentence, the Jaden aircraft launched its attack on the Roshan King.

"Swoosh, swoosh!" Logan's words were cut off as a mushroom explosion erupted in the distance.

Amelia and Logan turned their gaze towards the expanding blast, rendered speechless and unsure of what to do next as the shockwave approached them with lightning speed.

Amelia felt a pang of disappointment as the long-awaited moment of confession was overshadowed by the impending threat of the explosion wave that could claim both her and Logan's lives.

Without hesitation, Amelia sprang to her feet, throwing herself into a tight embrace with Logan. He was taken aback by her sudden action, but the sadness in his eyes mirrored her own, and he held her tightly in return.

The explosion waves were closing in on them rapidly. With a quick pivot, Amelia positioned herself between Logan and the approaching blast, shielding him with her back. Logan was astonished by her selfless act, but before he could react, the wave crashed into them, causing a drastic transformation in Amelia as she morphed into her Zombie form.

As the force of the explosion wave struck, reducing the Survival base to rubble, Amelia and Logan were hurled a great distance away, leaving only the lone Underground bunker standing amidst the desolate wasteland.

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