Modest Amelia

The shelves in the store had clearly been looted before, possibly during the early days of the EMP when the zombies weren't as ferocious due to the scarcity of items on the shop shelves. However, what caught her attention was the book section located in the far corner of the store.

She helped herself to a comic book and gradually transformed back into her human form, taking a torch from her pouch to illuminate the pages. After finding a good hiding spot behind the shop counter, she settled in to read. Holding the comic book in her left hand and the torch in her right, she flipped through the pages, engrossed in the story.

As she read, she came across a surprising topic that the comic book delved into, namely BDSM. Puzzled by why anyone would endure pain to fulfill their sexual desires, she continued reading until she suddenly felt the urge to touch herself. However, she quickly stopped when she heard a noise at the door, causing her to become alert and on guard.

#present Day...

"I think we should leave right now," Amelia whispered urgently into Logan's ear. He, too, was already on edge due to their perilous situation and heaving a sigh of relief, he replied, "Yes, we should probably run."

Without wasting any more time, they both took off at a sprint, their long hair trailing behind them as they made a beeline for the survival base located at a considerable distance away. The Roshan King let out a deafening growl that threw dust all over the place, prompting the surrounding zombies to leap forward and give chase to Amelia and Logan.

Upon hearing the loud growl, the pair turned back to look and were horrified to see thousands of zombies hot on their heels. Despite their best efforts, they realized that the zombies, who were faster, would soon catch up to them. Meanwhile, the Warband had arrived at the survival base gates and began to assault the gate in an attempt to gain entry, but the inhabitants refused to open the gate out of fear.

As the Warbands pressed on, a large wave of Zombies approached, causing the inhabitants to panic at the thought of opening the gates for the attackers. While the zombies behind them were easy prey, it was the Roshan King, who was much slower but more terrifying, that worried Amelia and Logan the most.

The pair continued running, Amelia feeling increasingly anxious while struggling to keep up with Logan's fast pace. In the distance, they could see the Warbands gathering at the front of the survival base. As they drew closer, a sense of foreboding washed over them as they realized they were running towards a dead end and would likely be killed by the Roshan King if it caught up to them.

Though the zombies behind them were numerous, it was the slow-moving but ever-present threat of the Roshan King that sent shivers down their spines.

Logan's voice was barely audible over the gusts of wind as he muttered, "We're going to die!" Amelia looked at him, perplexed, as she couldn't discern his words amidst the howling wind.

They both hurried towards the gate, their feet pounding against the ground. As they reached the back of the Warband, they could see the remnants of their latest attack on the wooden gates of the survival base. The Warband had inflicted considerable damage, leaving visible holes that signaled imminent destruction of the gates.

Despite Logan's fame and reputation, his present state revealed a deep-seated fear of the Roshan, which also gripped Amelia. She couldn't help but feel restless as they stood beside each other, trembling in anticipation of the inevitable attack.

Amelia realized that she had underestimated the sheer terror that the Roshan could instill in anyone, regardless of their stature. Logan's display of cowardice, once unimaginable to her, was now a stark reminder of the danger that loomed over them.

The tension in the air was palpable, as the Warband continued to hammer the gates relentlessly.

Amelia sighed with discomfort as the realization sank in that there was no way out. They were surrounded by zombies, and no help was coming. Her eyes turned pale, not from fear of her own death, but from the impending demise of her companions. However, Amelia still had a chance to be saved as she could shapeshift and blend in with the approaching undead.

"We should turn and fight!" Amelia said, tapping Logan on the shoulder who was looking the other way. She was doing everything she could to ensure Logan's and everyone else's safety, knowing that if they fought, there could still be a chance of survival for all of them.

Logan quickly turned to face Amelia, and his gaze gradually shifted to the Zombies who were only a few steps away. "I regret coming here. I regret...."

Amelia became irritated at seeing Logan Lament like a baby and suddenly delivered a powerful punch to Logan's stomach, cutting off Logan's word. She knew it was not the best diplomatic approach and she was definitely going to regret that later, but it was the best thing she could do because it was starting to irritate her to see the man she'd always imagined as a hero cowering like a child.

Logan clenched his stomach and cried out in agony, drawing the attention of the Warband that was attempting to break down the gate behind them.

They were all taken aback when they saw a woman beating up Logan. However, Amelia's cold expression startled the Warband, and they quickly turned their attention to breaking down the gate.

"You either fight like a warrior, which you were, or die like a chicken," Amelia said, drawing Logan up by his hair.

Logan was still clutching his stomach and writhing in anguish, humiliated by the fact that he had been beaten by a woman in front of his warband. The way Amelia had held him by the hair only added to his embarrassment.

Despite his anger, Logan didn't dare attack Amelia. He had developed feelings for her, and he didn't want to ruin any chance of winning her over.

"Why did you do that?" Logan protested, still trying to catch his breath and push his long hair out of his face. His once-handsome locks now appeared tattered and unkempt due to the long-distance run they had just undertaken, fleeing from the Roshan King.

Before Amelia could respond to Logan's question, the gate of the survival base crashed down with a deafening sound. The warband rushed towards the base, pushing each other out of the way in their haste to enter. Some even fell to the sandy wasteland ground but quickly got back up and made their way inside.

Logan moved a few paces towards the gate of the survival base, still feeling the pain in his stomach. As he looked back, he saw Amelia standing her ground, with a resentful expression on her face.

Logan was at a loss for words. He couldn't comprehend why Amelia was still standing amidst the massive horde of zombies, which were now closing in. The deafening thumping of their feet could be heard as they moved at breakneck speed, their eyes fixated on their prey.

"You're just going to stay there and die!?" Logan exclaimed, his face contorted in a mixture of concern and frustration.

Amelia snorted in response and took a few steps closer to him. "We all die eventually, whether we choose to run for safety or stand and fight. I had no idea you were such a coward!" Her words were laced with a hint of disappointment, as if Logan's reaction had somehow betrayed her.

Logan felt a sharp pang in his chest and moved close to Amelia. He understood all too well what Amelia was trying to say. Perhaps it was better to die with honor than to live a life of fear and cowardice. But was it worth it, facing a certain death in the face of overwhelming odds?

Logan was a man with a reputation. He was known as "The Devil" among those who crossed his path. But, Logan wished that people could see beyond his menacing nickname and discover the true essence of who he was. A fighter at heart, he had a knack for building sturdy machinery that was essential for survival in the post-apocalyptic world.

As the world had been reduced to ruins and chaos after the electromagnetic pulse (EMP), Logan's mechanical abilities had proved invaluable. He crafted vehicles from scratch and sold them to various survival bases, earning him an abundance of food and resources. In a world where the EMP had rendered all other electric-powered vehicles obsolete, Logan's machinery became highly coveted possessions.

Despite the tumultuous times, humanity had continued to evolve. However, the EMP had suddenly thrust civilization back to the Stone Age, wiping out all technological advancements. It was a time of great struggle and survival, but Logan had persevered and eventually established himself as a prosperous merchant.

With his newfound wealth, Logan began to build a Warband for himself. He recruited willing survivors who were desperate for food and shelter, gradually assembling a formidable group of fighters.

Over time, Logan's Warband grew to become a formidable force in the wasteland, with hundreds of men under his command. They were skilled at running errands and gathering resources, which allowed Logan to double his own supplies. His reputation also grew, as he became known for his generosity in providing resources to any survival base in need.

When the Jaden Federation threatened one of the bases Logan had helped, he stepped up to defend it. It was during this battle that he earned the infamous nickname "The Devil." His Warband proved to be the only true threat to the Jaden Federation in the wasteland, causing them to put a bounty on Logan's head for being responsible for the deaths of the majority of their military forces.

Logan's mechanical expertise proved to be an invaluable asset in his battles. He was able to identify a critical flaw in the Jaden army's military suits, which rendered them vulnerable to all forms of attack, including bullets. By simply directing his sword towards a specific point beneath the suit, Logan was able to cause the entire system to fail, resulting in an explosion.

News of Logan's bravery quickly spread throughout the wasteland, and his reputation soared to new heights. He became known as "The Devil," feared by his enemies and respected by his allies. Despite the bounty on his head, Logan continued to fight for what he believed in, using his skills and resources to protect the innocent and stand up against tyranny.

Logan, along with his Warband, had repeatedly sabotaged numerous operations of the Jaden Federation in recent years. Despite the Federation's exhaustive efforts to apprehend him, Logan's mechanism abilities remained a baffling enigma. In an effort to halt Logan's disruptive activities, the Jaden Federation decided to place a bounty on his head, promising free Federation citizenship and lifelong food security to anyone who could capture or kill him.

The tempting offer prompted a group of survivors to attempt an assassination of Logan. However, despite their best efforts, Logan's impenetrable Warband thwarted their attack, as no one had ever succeeded in taking down Logan's formidable defense system.

Amelia's contemplation on Logan's character was betrayed in her thoughts. Logan was not merely a warrior but rather an ordinary survivor who had adeptly mastered mechanism to carve out a unique place for himself in the post-apocalyptic world.


Logan's attention was abruptly diverted from Amelia as he heard a peculiar noise emanating from behind him. He swiveled his head to investigate the source and was greeted with the sight of a heavily armored vehicle. The vehicle, devoid of any electronic components, was operated solely by manual force, resulting in a cacophony of rattling and cracking sounds as it lumbered across the sandy terrain.

Amelia, however, seemed unperturbed by the sudden appearance of the vehicle and continued forward, walking past Logan as if he wasn't there. Logan couldn't help but chuckle at Amelia's boldness, finding her actions charmingly unconventional given the norms of their harsh Wasteland existence. After all, Logan was used to being surrounded by an abundance of women who were eager to gain his attention.

As Amelia strode past Logan, she made an effort to entice him with her seductive gait. Logan couldn't help but watch her with amusement, his smirk deepening as she made her way towards the armored vehicle.

Upon reaching the vehicle, Amelia was met by a survivor who emerged from within it. The survivor stood atop the vehicle, prompting Amelia to crane her neck to meet their gaze.

"Focus on the Roshan, I'll handle the zombies!" Amelia commanded the survivor, casting a fleeting glance back towards Logan to ensure he was within earshot. She seemed to be attempting to portray Logan as a coward, hoping to assert her dominance over him in some way.

Despite Amelia's attempt at domination, Logan remained unfazed, content in his own self-assuredness. He observed the interaction between Amelia and the survivor with detached interest, wondering what other surprises their tumultuous Wasteland existence had in store for them.

Logan heard Amelia's words loud and clear as she stood beside the Armored vehicle. However, he chose to feign ignorance. Deep down, he was uneasy about leaving Amelia to face the danger alone. He attempted to strike up a conversation with her, letting her know that he would be fighting alongside her.

Amelia remained confident in her plan and waited for Logan to make the right move. When Logan posed the rhetorical question, "Are you really going out there alone?" Amelia knew that her plan had worked. She watched as Logan avoided eye contact with her, clearly feeling like a coward.

Fuming with anger, Amelia swerved away from Logan and walked to the other side of the Armored vehicle. Her heart, however, held a crush on Logan, making her hide her true feelings. As she stood there, Logan chortled and walked towards her, brushing his hair off his face.

"You're not going to ignore me forever; we have to fight this together!" he said with a bold smirk on his face.

In response, Amelia tried to play the role of a forgiving girlfriend, shrugging her shoulders and attempting to suppress any resentment she felt towards him. She had predicted that Logan would come to his senses and want to fight the Zombies alongside her. Logan, on the other hand, wasn't pleading to join the fight because he needed her consent; he simply wanted to be clear with Amelia and ensure that there was no lingering animosity between them.

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