Undead Attack 2

The towering turrets hung ominously from the walls, their formidable presence a stark reminder of the constant threat that loomed outside the survival base's gates. These powerful weapons could have been the key to the base's defense in times of crisis, but their potential remained untapped. The base was plagued by poverty, forced to prioritize the basic needs of its inhabitants over costly energy units to power the turrets.

As the attack drew closer, the base's defenders prepared themselves for the inevitable onslaught. A formidable force of heavily-armed survivors stood resolute at the gate, their weapons at the ready. Others perched atop the tall fence and wall, scanning the horizon for signs of their enemy. With every passing moment, the tension mounted.

In the midst of this chaos stood Amelia, her lightsaber sword slung casually across her back. She was a formidable warrior, and her mere presence instilled a sense of confidence in the base's defenders. But even she was taken aback by the sudden cry that rang out from one of the survivors with binoculars.

"Dust at the East!"

Amelia's heart quickened as she realized the significance of the cry. Dust could only mean one thing: the approaching enemy was not human. The survivors had faced many challenges in the wasteland, but nothing could compare to the horrors of the zombie hordes.

With a firm voice, Amelia rallied her troops. "Stay in your positions!" she commanded. It was clear that many of the defenders were inexperienced, but they would have to hold the line if they hoped to survive the coming onslaught.

As the sun beat down on the sandy wasteland, the zombies drew nearer. Their ragged forms were a stark contrast to the sleek armor of the defenders, but their sheer numbers more than made up for their lack of finesse. The defenders braced themselves for the fight of their lives, knowing that the fate of the survival base hung in the balance.

It was a sunny day. The Zombies were most likely not at their full potential and were weak.

With bated breath, a survivor stood atop the tall fence surrounding the survival base, his binoculars trained on the approaching cloud of dust. As the haze cleared, he made out the unmistakable shape of an endless sea of Zombies, their countless forms stretching to the horizon. The survivor was paralyzed with fear, his fingers tightening on the binoculars until they slipped from his grasp and clattered to the ground below.

Another survivor, quick to investigate the sudden commotion, picked up the binoculars and peered through them. His eyes widened in terror as he confirmed what the first survivor had seen: a massive horde of Zombies, outnumbering the defenders and sure to overrun the base.

The news spread like wildfire among the survivors, sending shockwaves of fear and despair through their ranks. They were no match for such a relentless swarm, and many felt the urge to flee. Amelia, their leader, knew that morale had taken a devastating hit, and that the survival of the base was in jeopardy.

Despite her experience with other bases falling to the relentless attacks of the zombie hordes, Amelia couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for the doomed survivors. She was resigned to the grim fate that awaited them, but she was not concerned for her own safety. As a shapeshifter, she knew she had a way to escape the impending disaster.

As some of the survivors began to abandon their posts and flee to the underground bunker, another voice rang out from the distance, loud and audacious.

"A huge Warband at the horizon!"

Amelia's heart skipped a beat. The only Warband on the wasteland belonged to Logan, a formidable warrior with whom she had a complicated feeling. Could it be possible that he had arrived to aid them in their time of need?

A broad grin spread across Amelia's face as she muttered under her breath.

"He's arrived!"

As the survivors watched in terror, a wave of relief washed over them as they saw help on the horizon. But despite this glimmer of hope, they still lacked the courage to face the onslaught of the relentless zombie horde. The truth was clear: Logan's Warband would have to battle the zombies alone, without the aid of the fearful inhabitants of Survival base 02.

Logan's Warband was unlike any other. They were a force to be reckoned with, honed and sharpened through brutal training and ruled with an iron fist by the formidable Logan. He was a commander who inspired fear and respect in equal measure, and any cowardly survivor in his Warband was swiftly eliminated.

As the two opposing forces clashed, Amelia climbed to the top of the Survival base fence to observe the battle. It was then that she caught her first glimpse of Logan in action, and she felt a rush of adrenaline surge through her body. She was instantly smitten by this handsome, powerful figure, whose swift sword strikes sent zombie heads flying through the air.

But Amelia's infatuation with Logan clouded her judgment. Her ego got the better of her, and she was determined to make herself noticed by the commander. In her haste, she called out for the gates to be opened and drew her lightsaber sword from its sheath.

The other survivors were understandably hesitant to follow Amelia's lead, knowing full well the dangers of facing such a formidable zombie horde. They knew that if it weren't for Logan and his Warband, they would have been dead long ago. But Amelia was blinded by her infatuation and refused to back down.

In her anger and frustration, Amelia launched herself from the fence, her lightsaber sword raised high. It was a brave move, but also a reckless one, as the distance to the ground was treacherous.

The other survivors were stunned into silence by her audacity, watching in awe as Amelia plunged towards the ground, her sword gleaming in the sunlight. It was a breathtaking sight, one that would remain etched in their minds for years to come.

When hunger struck the Survival base, some survivors attempted to flee through the base's gates, to another nearby survival base. They were left with no choice but to jump the fences. Those with good mechanism equipment sometimes drilled holes in the fences, which could take a long time, and were caught before they finished. Those who jump blankly are killed the instant they touch the ground, while others escape with broken bones. Ropes are only used to descend the walls by the wise few who have the resources to make them.

Amelia knew how to play her cards and not just jump off a fence and kill herself. She quickly transformed into a Zombie, landed on the wasteland's sandy ground, and quickly returned to her human form before she could be seen.

Amelia could sense that the radiation in the wasteland had increased due to the large number of Zombies nearby.

The EMP cloud had made the unthinkable possible, transforming almost every human on the planet into a Zombie, and these Zombies emit a radioactive aura that kills everything they come into contact with.

This is why Earth became a deserted wasteland with few trees in areas where Zombies had not yet infiltrated.

It's only a matter of time before Earth turns into a red planet incapable of supporting life. Humans must find a new home somewhere else in the universe, assuming that all humans were not killed before making that decision.

Amelia pushed herself forward, her heart racing with adrenaline as she made her way towards the warzone that had erupted in front of her. She was careful not to overexert herself, knowing that the fight ahead would require every ounce of strength and energy she had. Fighting zombies was not for the faint of heart, and Amelia knew that if she was going to impress Logan, she would need to fight with everything she had.

As she pressed a button on her lightsaber sword, the blade began to charge and emit a powerful red light. This type of sword was a rare and valuable commodity in the wasteland, reserved only for the wealthiest of individuals who could afford the resources necessary to create such a high-tech weapon.

With a fierce determination in her eyes, Amelia charged towards a zombie that had noticed her and was growling menacingly in her direction. Without hesitation, she thrust her lightsaber sword into the zombie's mouth, the blade slicing through flesh and bone with ease. The zombie let out a loud growl before falling lifeless at Amelia's feet.

As she withdrew her sword from the zombie's mouth, blood splashed across her face and she wrinkled her nose at the foul stench that emanated from the zombie's decaying flesh. Undaunted, she pressed forward, beheading every zombie that crossed her path with swift and deadly accuracy.

Amelia's movements were fluid and precise, her attacks so powerful and accurate that she managed to dispatch a large number of zombies in a remarkably short amount of time. As she fought, some of the warband took notice of her, coming to a halt and watching in awe as this lone woman fought with the skill and ferocity of a seasoned warrior.

Despite the chaos and danger that surrounded her, Amelia felt a sense of exhilaration and satisfaction that she had never experienced before. This was what she had been born to do, and nothing was going to stop her.

Logan's senses were on high alert as he found himself surrounded by a horde of zombies. He had faced similar situations before and knew that it was crucial to keep moving and strike with precision if he hoped to survive. A true warrior knew that zombies posed little threat when encountered in small numbers, but their danger increased exponentially when they came in great numbers.

With his sword clenched tightly in his hand, Logan darted in every direction, looking for an opening to strike. His first blow had to count, or he would find himself overwhelmed and quickly overpowered. But just as he was about to make his move, Amelia appeared out of nowhere, moving with such blinding speed that Logan barely had time to register what was happening.

In a matter of seconds, Amelia dispatched the zombies with such ease that it left Logan stunned. He had never seen anyone move with such grace and fluidity, dispatching her enemies with a single, precise blow. Logan was impressed, but more than that, he was captivated. He had always dreamed of finding a warrior woman to stand by his side, and he knew that Amelia was the kind of woman he had been searching for his entire life.

As Amelia continued to fight off the remaining zombies, Logan and his warband stood transfixed, watching her with a mixture of awe and admiration. Logan couldn't help but feel a growing attraction to Amelia, admiring her courage and skill in battle. He knew that he had to meet her and learn more about her, and he hoped that she might one day become the woman by his side.

Logan barked orders at his Warband, urging them to continue the fight as the battle escalated. In the thick of it all, Logan and Amelia fought side by side, their swords moving in unison as they dispatched zombies with ease.

But then, the ground trembled and an ear-splitting growl pierced the air, halting the battle in its tracks. Amelia had never heard anything like it, and even Logan's confidence faltered at the sound.

"It's the Roshan King!" Logan shouted, his voice quivering with fear, as a massive figure emerged from the dust.

Amelia's heart pounded in her chest as she caught her first glimpse of the monstrous Roshan King. Standing nearly five feet tall, it was distinct from the other zombies, with a mutated and tattered appearance caused by the EMP radiation. Its thick exterior body was covered in massive layers of fat, making it impervious to any lethal attacks that might penetrate its defenses.

As the Roshan King advanced, it let out another bone-chilling growl, its eyes blazing red and seemingly on fire. Green saliva dripped from its jaws, and the veins bulging beneath its skin only added to its intimidating presence.

Amelia watched as some of the Warband began to retreat, seeking safety behind Logan and herself.

Logan and Amelia faced the looming threat of the approaching Roshan King, knowing full well that they were no match for the abomination. Despite their fear, they stood their ground, refusing to show weakness in front of each other. Their mutual crush weighed heavily on their minds, and they did not want to appear cowardly in each other's eyes.

As the monstrous creature drew closer, its growling intensified, sending shivers down their spines. Amelia, trembling with fear, occasionally stole a glance at Logan to gauge his reaction. It was clear to Amelia that he was scared, but she could not blame him, for there was no way they could defeat the Roshan King with their current weapons.

Amelia looked back and saw Logan's Warband fleeing towards the survival base, which was a considerable distance away. The thought of running crossed her mind, but her desire to impress Logan kept her rooted to the spot.

As they waited for the inevitable, Amelia's mind wandered, and she found herself fantasizing about Logan. The image of him taking her overwhelmed her, and she was momentarily lost in her thoughts. She thought running would be the best idea and not risk her life because of her desire to be Laid by Logan. But her fantasies resurfaced, and the thought of having a dick in her overwhelmed her, as she had seen many books and comics about them.

#1year and 5months ago...

Once Amelia scoured the abandoned city, she chanced upon a curious establishment that piqued her interest. It was a sex shop, its entrance marked by a towering billboard adorned with vivid illustrations of various sex toys.

Unable to resist the allure of the unknown, Amelia pushed open the shop's creaky door, her zombie form treading quietly on the tiled floor. Her eyes darted hungrily around the shelves, taking in the array of tantalizing items on display.

The shop was long abandoned, evidenced by the thick layer of dust that coated every surface. Undeterred, Amelia brushed the grime aside and began to explore the shelves in earnest.

One by one, she reached out for the enticing sex toys, each one promising to satisfy her primal urges. Her fingers traced the contours of the sleek designs, imagining the pleasure they could bring.

Lost in her own world, Amelia relished the sensation of being able to indulge in her desires without restraint. In this moment, nothing else mattered but the promise of pleasure that lay before her.

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